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A Voracious Reader
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Ok, in addition to the 1 notification per discussion/post, how about a "new" indicator from where we left off. It works well for me over on Goodreads especially if I've been gone awhile. Re: imports of old reviews/books: I prefer not to see those in my newsfeed. Also, if I did that, with the quanti... more »
I prefer one notification showing one or multiple new comments to a discussion, like Goodreads has. So instead of 12 new notifications for Think Thank I could have just 1. more »
Hi all! I'm Carol or you can call me AVR. I'm not as active as I once was due to a slump, but there's hope that I'm slowly crawling my way out of that. Been blogging since 2011 and I read just about anything. And I mean anything. See my Monster Porn Monday posts if you don't believe me. LOL My curre... more »
Yeah, not being private puts a damper on things. ;) more »
Thank you, Sandi. She is adorable and she's at that age where she's squealing and baby babbling while chewing on her fingers and capturing her feet. Such a happy baby, too. :) more »
Thank you! My stepdaugher had a girl in February. She's cute as a button. :) In fact, I think my last Sunday Post on my blog had an updated pic of her. more »
Well, I am a grandmother now. *blink blink* :D more »
Hello! So, just like when I joined GR I never figured out about groups unti I'd been on there awhile. BookLikes has groups? Really? Who knew?! Everyone but me probably. Ah, well. I'm here now and there was much rejoicing. *winks* For those who don't know me, I'm a sweet and innocent grandmotherly... more »
I'm very annoyed my shelves are in some kind of random order instead of alphabetical. Is there an estimated time when this will be fixed? more »
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