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Discussion: Educational Posts
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created by: La Crimson Femme
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Since we aren't private yet. We won't cross post our educational yet. I will reference the link to my website which requires a validation age to be over 18.

Does anyone have a specific tool or scene they want to learn about?
Yeah, not being private puts a damper on things. ;)
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I have to say BA's educational posts are the best, most informative, I've come across. Easy to understand, some pictures, some humor, (thinking of your significant other, BA), never prurient. The ones I've read were things she has experienced or witnessed personally, so you get her perspective & feelings. Will be glad when you can take the group private & you can copy all the work you did on these from GR to BL.
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Aw thanks, Sandi! I try. It know what it is like to wonder if something you read on the internet or books is fact or fiction. Reality or fantasy - how does one know and do it safely? I'm blessed with a group around me who likes to educate. So it helps. :) I don't mess up too much and when I do, it's a good teaching experience to all others ... what not to do. ^_^
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