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BookLikes is a place where people share and organize their reading life. It's a blog platform designed for book lovers. Thanks to BookLikes people can be a part of the unique book community.



Blog is a place where people publish and share their content in various form: texts, reviews, photos, quotes and interesting links. Creating posts is fast and easy thanks to tumblr-like menu and special features designed for book lovers, such as possibility of connecting posts with books or special schemes for reviews. 


Introduced: September 2012



Blog Design Themes








Virtual Bookshelf


Virtual bookshelf enables people to collect and organize all books they have ever read. Users can set different statuses to their books: read, currently reading, planning to read, they can also put them on a wishlist, mark as favourite or private, visible only for them. People can also create their own thematic shelves e.g. fantasy, horrors, romances. BookLikes' virtual bookshelf enables to sort books by the author, date, title or rating. BookLikes’ Shelf is linked with Blog so users can easily move from the given book to its review published on Blog. People may also browse other users bookshelves. 


Introduced: June 2011



Multi Shelves

Multi-Purpose Bookshelf

Shelf Linked with Blog

Books on Your Shelves & Feature Requests









Timeline is a graphical representation of users’ reading life put in a chronological order. It shows bookshelf updates, published posts and reviews according to publishing dates. Users can choose which information they want to share with others on their timeline. 


Introduced: September 2012



Put Your Reading Life on Timeline














Dashboard is a main view for BookLikes users. It's a regularly updated list of posts where people can like, share or comment posts published by other users. Each dashboard is personalized and based on users' interests and activity of their followings. 


Introduced: Septemebr 2012



Dashboard - A Place Where All Bookish Things Happen








Book Search


Book search is the structured tool that lets people search through eight language catalogs of books. Via book search people can put books on Shelf, create a post or go straight to a book page. Book search is also used during writing a post where they can connect up to seven books to any kind of post. This solution enables fast and easy bookish posts writing without the necessity of book covers copy/paste or inserting URLs. 


Introduced: September 2012



Discovering New Books Lands

Write About Many Books in One Post






Book Import


Thanks to the Book Import function people can import books, ratings and reviews from other reading services (e.g.: Goodreads, LibraryThing) to BookLikes profile. Books with rating stars will be put on users’ Shelves and texts will be published on Blog with ratings and in Review scheme. 


Introduced: December 2012



Move Your Books - Book Import is On







Affiliate Programs


People can use their own bookstores' affiliate IDs so they could earn money on their site just by doing what they love - reading books and writing about it.


Introduced: March 2013



Your Affiliate Programs, Partners and Bookstores

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