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review 2020-06-27 08:19
Liar (Madison Kate #2) by: Tate James
Liar (Madison Kate #2) - Tate James





Liar by Tate James

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't usually gravitate towards danger, yet something inside encouraged me to give Liar a try. James pushes emotions to the limit. Unpredictable turns into hard to put down. From maybe to absolutely, Tate James knows how to deliver breathless.

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review 2020-04-21 05:12
Let Me Stay (425 Madison #17) by: M.K. Moore
Let Me Stay (425 Madison #17) - M.K. Moore




Multi-layered. Complicated. Intriguing. Emotional. There is no one word that can describe Let Me Stay. Brendan and Brynn are drowning in depth. Moore dives deep into the tragic side of love. Family betrayal, dangerous enemies and yearning so deep that the heart may never recover. Although the emotions cut deep, Moore doesn't write victims. She writes characters with the courage to fight back and find the hero/heroine within themselves. Let Me Stay packs a mighty punch.

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text 2020-04-15 06:40
Fix Locks with Madison CT Locksmith Services


Locksmith Services in Madison, CT 


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Madison, CT Commercial Locksmith Services 


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Administrations Offered: 

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Entryway Repair and Installation Services Madison, CT 


The best security on the planet is useless without excellent entryways in which to introduce them. We offer fixes and substitutes for section entryways and door jambs in both private and business properties. 


Despite the condition of your entryway, 24 hours Locksmith services have both the skill and items to convey quick, solid entryway fix and substitution administration at a sensible cost.

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review 2020-04-05 14:29
Stalking Jack
Stalking Jack - Madison Kent

by Madison Kent


I have mixed feelings about this book. The prologue was pure info dump and there were many signs of an amateur writer; shoehorning too many subplot lines into the first chapter, showing a limited knowledge of Victorian convention, dialect, British English or proper use of apostrophes, yet the writing was strangely engaging and I took a liking to the main character, Madeleine, early in the story.


Madeleine Donovan is a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and fancies herself an amateur sleuth. She lost her family in tragedy and in the process of looking for purpose, travels to London. All the papers are full of stories about Jack the Ripper and a group of English ladies whom she meets shipboard become concerned about a niece who has gone wayward in Whitechapel and could be in danger. Madeleine vows to find her, despite the danger.


The premise is actually rather unlikely in Victorian England and the author uses American English for English character's dialogue, but the story itself is engaging and I ignored the occasional cringe and let myself enjoy the story. I think a few words didn't mean what the author thought they meant and the idea of finding bourbon in a 19th century Whitechapel pub just boggles the mind, especially contrasted with an almost encyclopedic history of the nationalities and religions of people who settled in the area shoehorned into a conversation, but I liked the main character and with Alternative History being a popular genre these days, I started treating this as Fantasy and ignored anomalies like decent women casually going out for a drink in a pub in that era.


Of all the things technically wrong with this novel, the thing that bothered me most was the attempt to have lower class characters talk in dialect. It read like something out of the hills of Arkansas rather than anywhere in all the history of England. Old ladies wearing pillbox hats (invented in 1930) in 1888 London pales by comparison. Other dialogue was sometimes stilted too. Yet despite all the historical inaccuracies and other problems, the characters were brought to life skilfully and the plot moved along in a way that kept me interested.


The editorial mistakes increased later in the book, yet the story itself took on relevance, looking into issues of obsession and addiction in a Victorian setting where opium use was rife. Madeleine is a headstrong character and I found it easy to feel sympathy for her, yet she walks into trouble on many levels and I felt needed rescuing from her own impulses.


I actually liked the way the story ended. The explanation of what happened to Jack the Ripper was as plausible as any of the popular theories and there was a wonderfully poetic passage about the way London leaves its mark on a person's soul. Just before the poinsettias all bloom in November English weather (poinsettias are native to Mexico and an old association with Christmas travelled to America when the plants were first cultivated in the U.S. in the early 1900s, long after this story takes place. The tradition never travelled to England and the plants don't survive in under 58 degrees Fahrenheit.)


Apparently there is a series and Madeleine becomes a female detective in her native Chicago, but the ripper's story is finished so I won't be following the other books. Perhaps someone who likes detective stories would enjoy them. Hopefully they'll be set in America where the language and cultural references will fit!

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review 2020-03-21 21:49
Love Under Protection (425 Madison #15) by: Aubree Valentine
Love Under Protection (425 Madison #15) - Aubree Valentine




Valentine dives under the skin and into the heart. Prepare to be swept away. Harley and Raylynn bring out the best in each other at the worst possible time. Raylynn thought that she was happy in her life, until betrayal leads her into treacherous territory. Harley is the hero she never hoped to find. Fearless and sexy make for an addictive combination. Could these passing acquaintances have stumbled onto forever or could their chance for a happy ending have come too late? Sexy with a twist of serious adds to the temptation.

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