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review 2018-08-13 20:02
Sweet Heat at Bayside - Addison Cole

Sweet Heat at Bayside is the perfect book about love, friendship, and family.     Never is there a doubt that these Bayside friends and family will protect, love, and help you with whatever you need.    Most of the time you do not even need to ask, they just do it and instinctively know what is needed at any given time, even if it is to leave a person alone to figure things out themselves.       The heat part of the story is my favorite.  Addison Cole writes a clean and steamy story.    She leaves some of the story to the readers imagination but leads them right to the edge before letting them go.    


While this is part of a series it can be read easily as a stand-alone story.   Each book is its own complete story with the characters from other books just checking in to let the reader know what is going on with them.   The past characters are just as fun to read about as the characters that the book is actually focused it.   You learn about babies, weddings, and anything else that is happening.    


Sweet Heat at Bayside tells the story of Drake and Serena.    They have been friends since childhood, best friends for many years, and have worked together for 4 years.    Circling each other, feeling the heat between them, but never acting on it is how their relationship has been.    The timing just never seemed right to move their relationship to the next level.    Yet, with Serena moving to Boston for a new job it is time for Drake to let his feelings out and oh was it wonderful.   There was no easing into it, no doubt of feelings, and no going slow.    Drake just jumped right in, took what he wanted and Serena loved every minute of it.    


As I am a big Addison Cole fan, I thought I knew what to expect.    She managed to surprise me with how much control Drake kept when it came to pushing Serena in their relationship.    He could have asked her to stay, asked her to move back, and Serena probably would have but he respected her so much that he never did.   He let her spread her wings, find her way, and supported her with each step.  


Pick up this book and the rest of Addison’s books.   They are sweet with heat.   They have amazing friendships and wonderful relationships.

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review 2018-08-02 17:46
AudioBook Review: Embraced at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #8) by Addison Cole (Author), Maxine Mitchell (Narrator), Joe Arden (Narrator)
Embraced at Seaside - Joe Arden,Addison Cole,Maxine Mitchell


AudioBook Review: Embraced at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #8) by Addison Cole (Author), Maxine Mitchell (Narrator), Joe Arden (Narrator) 

Addison Cole tackles some of realities most emotional moments with her own brand of sweetness and common sense. Embraced at Seaside takes aim at conquering fears. Jana looks like she has control of her life, but is unwilling to let her emotions get in the way of real life. Hunter has just right blend of teddy bear and bulldozer to knock her off her game, but can he force her to make room for him in her heart? The words I know by heart, but Mitchell and Arden took me beyond the words and into the feelings that pack an even more powerful punch.

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review 2018-07-28 16:01
Hearts at Seaside - Addison Cole

AUDIOBOOK NOTE…   Melissa Moran is a newer narrator to me but I am a huge fan of Addison Cole.  With Addison Cole’s words and Melissa Moran’s voice this is the perfect audiobook.    I could feel the story coming to life as I listened.   The characters were real and their emotions came through in the words. 


Sweet with Heat is the perfect description for this book.    Jenna is hooked, for many many years on Pete.    Pete is hooked on Jenna for just as long.    Why haven’t they got together???    Jenna gets shy around Pete leaving him to believe he just might be too much for Jenna to handle.    That sentence cannot be farther from the truth.    They belong together. No doubts.  No questions.  


I loved how Jenna went after a construction worker to make Pete jealous.   That construction worker ended up being sweet, attentive, smart, and almost perfect for Jenna.  The only problem with Charlie is that he wasn’t Pete.    For anyone else he would have been the perfect man.    I liked that Addison Cole did not make Charlie a hunky, brainless, boring guy.   She made him a guy that would be perfect for the Seaside Girls.     All of that being said, I LOVE Pete’s reaction. 


Both Jenna and Pete have known each other for what seems like forever yet there are things that they still have to learn about each other.     Pete’s dad is a functioning alcoholic and he has been keeping that a secret from almost everyone.     Opening up about that to Jenna was a tough scene, which was handled with so much care that I had no doubt that together Jenna and Pete could find the answer to save Pete’s dad and not make it an issue in their relationship.      Jenna’s mom is also a “problem” but more like an embarrassment to Jenna.    Jenna is worried that her mom will show up and embarrass her in front of Pete and the Seaside crew.      By the end of the story I had no worries that they could handle anything thrown at them.



While each book in this series is a standalone story, it is fun to see the characters from previous books make appearance and catch up with what is happening in their lives.    The next book is Amy’s story with Tony and I can’t wait!


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review 2018-07-20 14:19
Sweet Passions at Bayside - Addison Cole

Emery’s best friend moves away and she makes the hard decision to start her yoga business over and join her.  She starts on her way and has to detour to Dean’s house, which is wonderful since they’ve been talking to each other nightly since they met at Christmas time.    Instant sparks, heat, and attraction.   There is no doubt that there is something between them but Emery has rules against dating friends.    I LOVE that Dean decides rules shmules… he doesn’t follow her rules and pushes her to go against her own rules and date him.     The three outings (they were not dates) were so original, so loving, so fun, and so amazing that I was jealous that no one ever made that effort for me.    These outings also gave her a glimpse into his life, his family, and his career while allowing her to open up letting him in little by little.    


Oh my… these characters are so wonderful.   They are not perfect, they are real, they have feelings, and they are friends of mine.  With each Love in Bloom book that I pick up I am excited to see what happens, to see what characters are introduced, and to see what characters come back into the series so that I can catch up with their lives.        Their relationships with each other are so real and full of feeling that I can feel the love between them.   They are more like families then friends and there is never a doubt that they have each other’s backs.    



Addison Cole writes this series so that the characters and settings are familiar but each book is its own story.   There is an ending to each book and each book starts with a new couple to explore.    The series can be read in any order and are wonderful no matter where you start your reading.    I can guarantee that once you start reading you will not be able to stop.

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review 2018-07-20 14:14
Sweet Love at Bayside - Addison Cole

Oh My Goodness…another winner from Addison Cole.    The writing of this book is wonderful, sweet, sexy, and perfect.     The amazing friendship, the beautiful setting, and the oh so sexy Rick Savage make this a book that I could not put down.     I was so into this story that I read it early in the morning, middle of the afternoon, and late at night.   I just could not put it down.   


There is enough heat in the story to make the reader blush yet leave the juiciest part up to their imagination.    I loved the teases at Rick and Desiree’s relationship and how they were managing to become a hot steamy couple.   The idea that the better their relationship was meant the better the friends were fed gave glimpses at the heat that happens between them.  


Lizzie made me laugh, while she had an extremely small part of in the story she was the one who set it all in motion.   She sent cryptic notes to both her daughters making them rush to the family home in Cape Cod.   Then she ran leaving them with a mess and Cosmos.        While she will never earn a mother of the year award she did make Desiree and Violet come together after years of being apart and she inadvertently got Rick and Desiree to meet each other again.  


Addison Cole is so talented and I am so excited to continue this series.    If you are looking for a sweet friendship, heated relationship, and a wonderful story this is the book for you.

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