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review 2014-08-16 21:40
Crazy Love
Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God - Danae Yankoski,Francis Chan

I participated in a summer Bible study reading this book, and both the study was great and the reading was enlightening. The study itself was excellent, because it really helps to have other people to talk to about what's going on and how it impacts me through my identity as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Chan hasn't set out to write a book about Christian theology. Instead, he seeks to probe at the heart of the reader and ask them to search their heart and decide if their life truly shows the love they profess for God. And what does that mean, anyway? When did Following Jesus become a "ticking the boxes" or "going through the motions" exercise, instead of the manifestation of a genuine love relationship with the Savior?

This isn't always the most comfortable book to read. At times, I felt as though I couldn't live up to a standard that radical love for God seems to set. The truth is, I will always fail at that, in my own strength. Good news is God provides the resources for me to live a live of supernatural love. However, that wasn't the point of this book, and Chan clearly states that. Instead, he encourages the reader to seek out a daily, open relationship with God, and to let that impact every part of their life.

I take from this book, that being 'safe' in my walk with God doesn't represent the full dimensions of what being a believer in Jesus can bring to my life. I also ask myself what does my love for Jesus inspire me to do today and how can I tap into that love relationship with him. And from that flows the behavior that reflects my Savior.

Yeah, this is a sucky review. I know it. I'm glad that God loves me even though I don't get it right, most of the time.

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review 2014-02-23 02:26
Devotional Thoughts on the Gospel of John, The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved
The Daily Devotional Series: The Gospel of John - Kristi Burchfiel

I suppose I could only give this one 3.5 stars, because each day's devotional focus is so short. I think that's an advantage for readers who want something really quick, but I think I like a longer reading for my devotionals. Thus, I was a mite disappointed. I do have to say that the Gospel of John cannot fail to inspire believers with the majesty and power of the deity of Jesus, and his profound love for everyone. John called himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved." That man was so tapped into the love that Jesus has for us that the Romans couldn't even kill him when they tried boiling him in oil. That's a lesson for every believer to learn right there. So I was thrilled to get a copy of this devotional for free on Amazon Kindle. I have been specifically meditating on God's love for me (right believing leads to right living), and I already feel it has changed my life profoundly. John's gospel is required reading for believers who are on the same path for that reason stated above. I loved the prayers at the end of each devotion, and they definitely packed a punch for their short length.

So even though I didn't give this one a higher rating, I still feel it is a very worthwhile daily journal for less than a month of study.

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review 2014-02-03 04:06
Helpful Free Devotional for Kindle
Daily Wisdom for Women - January 2014: 2014 Devotional Collection - Inc. Barbour Publishing

This was a nice, one month freebie devotional that I downloaded from Amazon Kindle. I was pretty happy with this overall. There is a daily writing, based on a scripture reference, with a nice prayer at the end. I found each day helpful to me, which I think is the mystery of the Holy Spirit, that each day can have something applicable, no matter what is going on in your life. I thought the prayers were well written, and short and sweet. It's good to have a nice little pre-written prayer if you're not confident in your prayers, even though prayer is just conversation with God, who loves you no matter what. I do have to say the one prayer about being a submissive wife didn't work for me (yeah, I'm not a big believer in that), but otherwise, they were all great.

I can't say anything more other than I recommend this one if you happened to pick it up free.

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review 2014-01-04 02:03
A Good Christmas-themed Devotional
30 Scripture Readings for Christmas - Christopher D. Hudson

This is basically a compilation of scriptures distributed into bite-sized readings over the 31 days of December. Some are more directly focused on the story of the Christ child, and others delve into his majesty and identity as the savior of all humanity and his fulfillment of the ancient prophecies that foretold of God's promise to reunite and redeem humanity through his Son. The scriptures featured are both Old and New Testament and show the unbreakable link between Mosaic Scriptures, and the work of the Prophets (looking forward to the awaited Messiah) and the New Testament, which focuses on the arrival of Jesus the Messiah. It worked very well as a devotional during the very busy month of December. It serves a dual purpose of reminding believers why Christmas has crucial spiritual importance and also as a reminder of our hope in Jesus. It's fairly no frills, but it serves its purpose and the scripture was food to this reader's spirit.

30 Scripture Readings for Christmas was a gem of a free read on Amazon. I could see me reading it again next year. It's great for readers who want to follow the scriptures through the Christmas story in December, but it could work any month, honestly. After all, the promised and fulfilled hope of Christmas can live everyday in our hearts.

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