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video 2017-10-29 14:30
Il peso dell'aria e le sue conseguenze - Ricardo Tronconi
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review 2017-09-07 15:11
good story and characters
Exes - A Second Chance Billionaire Romance Novel - Aria Hawthorne

Harvey Zale is a billionaire determined to get on with his life after his divorce from Alma. he is texting/sexting Contessa and is getting into this new online relationship even though he hasn’t met Contessa.  Alma is Harvey's ex and she is determined to move on and has her own person she is texting.sexting. Here she can be more daring. Alma had left Harvey a year ago as she felt his whole focus was on money  and she felt ignored and they had grown apart and she wanted nothing to do with Harvey now. Harvey was stunned when Alma divorces him and he lets Alma know he wants her back  Neither knew they were actually texting each other. Harvey and Alma’s paths cross again for work. Harvey is a real estate tycoon and Alma is an antique  expert specializes in antique glass. Alma gets a call from a friend that someone was going to destroy a waterfront property that is rumored to have a Tiffany stained glass window which would be priceless. Alma stops the property from being bulldozed down and she finds out the property is Harvey’s . Alma and Harvey fight over this new real estate flipping as she feel she needs to examine the window to see if it is in fact the glass it is believed to be. Alma finds she still loves Harvey.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I really liked how harvey reacted to Alma. I loved the plot. But this did drag for me at times. I chuckled at times while reading this. I loved the relationship between Harvey and Alma both online and off. I loved the relationship between Alma and her younger sister Conchita. I also really liked the relationship between Enrique and Harvey even after the divorce. I will say I sometimes got frustrated with Harvey or Alma or both. I really liked harvey and Alma together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend

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review 2017-08-06 17:18
Good series start
Sin Eater - Samantha LaFantasie,Alesha Escobar,iFlow Creative

I'm always on the lookout for a good Urban Fantasy series and was quite impressed with Sin Eater. As with most books in the genre, we get wizards, vampires, and a bit of telepathy. What sets this one apart, and is a unique and interesting idea, is the sin eater angle. 

The writing style and opening scene quickly drew me in and the fast pace and twists kept me turning pages. Aria is a strong, likable character that you genuinely want to root for. In fact, the book is full of great characters - some likable, some not so much (kind of the point, right?). I really liked Harry and his cast of characters, and I look forward to seeing more of him in future books.

I also like that the current conflict is resolved by the end of the book. There are, of course, still unanswered questions and more trouble on the horizon, but we aren't left with a huge cliffhanger to stew over. 

I can't talk about an Urban Fantasy without mentioning world-building, which is excellent in this first in the series. Characters are introduced and developed, and we learn exactly what a sin eater does and why, as well as their place among other supernaturals in the Aria Knight world. 

Overall, Sin Eater is a solid start on a promising series and I can easily recommend it to anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy. I, for one, will be anxiously awaiting the next book in the Aria Knight Chronicles.

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review 2017-05-06 01:36
Review: Last Witness by Carys Jones
LAST WITNESS - Carys Jones

Published by: Aria (May 1 2017)


ISBN: 9781786612498


Source: NetGalley


Rating: 3*




Amanda Thorne is on a mission to avenge her husband. Restoring his honour and protecting his legacy will be dangerous, but she will not rest until all those who have hurt her loved-ones have been dealt with.

Her only option is to go undercover in the murky world of the gang kingpin McAllister. So, with her loyal companion Shane by her side, she heads back to Scotland to finish what they started.

McAllister's world is one of seedy nightclubs, drug deals and beautiful women, but he is a hard man to get close to. As Amanda gets deeper and deeper into his dangerous world, what secrets from the past will come back to haunt her, and will she be able to protect the last witness from the truth?



I feel at a bit of a disadvantage as I didn't get the opportunity to read Wrong Number, the prequel to this book, before I started Last Witness. If I had, I think I'd have got to learn more about Will and understood his and Amanda's relationship better; ditto Shane. I think not only would I have enjoyed Last Witness more, but I'd have potentially awarded it a better star rating!

In terms of characters, I found Amanda likeable, if not always believable. I thought some of her actions were questionable at times. especially given her feelings towards McAllister. I just don't think she would have been able to do some of the things she did, given her hatred of him. Shane seems more believable to me.

The plot is good, and I enjoyed the pace of the story. It's gripping and gritty, with quite a lot of romance running through, which gives some light relief. The whole book does feel a little rushed and is only 320 pages long.

Carys Jones has the potential to be a fantastic writer. Maybe I'll enjoy her other books more. I've added them to my TBR so I guess I'll find out soon enough!

Thanks to Aria and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in return for my honest review.


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review 2017-04-17 00:00
Toby and Dalton
Toby and Dalton - Aria Grace,Chris McHar... Toby and Dalton - Aria Grace,Chris McHart 1.5 stars

If you have never read mpreg and want to try, I suggest this novel not be your first one into the subgenre. Please note that there are a lot of spoilers in this review. I usually love mpreg novels and this one has a lot of potential to be an amazing novel but it just didn’t work for me.

As it is now, it was really confusing because the timeline of the story is vague and other lacking details caused further confusion thus prevented this from being an outstanding mpreg [or even non-mpreg] novel. It was like a well written mix of different disjointed arcs and the storyline tying all the awesome ideas together was forgotten so the reader is just lost and trying to figure what the world is going on with the story. This could be an amazing mpreg novel with a great plot if the storyline and events were more cohesive and elaborated.

In the beginning, we find out Toby is a bobcat shifter and an omega, but what is Dalton? It seemed lacking when Dalton suddenly develops erectile issues and then goes into Truly Yours claiming he’s ready to end his membership because of this medical condition. This could’ve been better utilized as his lack of emotional involvement with his dates is impacting his ability to maintain an erection and maybe it was a pivotal moment in his life and sign something needs to change so ergo enter Toby.

They fall into bed on the first date which is somewhat in line with the whole mates-cannot-resist-each-other and the authors does a great job summarizing them growing closer over several dates. I would’ve liked to read more about what they did for a living, if they were part of the same pack or different pack as these would’ve been vital facts to help carry us through the suspense portion of suddenly finding out about omega shifters being murdered. Were these omega shifters part of the same pack? Were they all cat shifters? A little clarity would’ve made it a lot easier to figure out where the story was taking us.

Due to a sudden mention of omegas being murdered, Toby, Dalton and his best friend try to attend a pack meeting and Toby and his best friend are sent away. How are the other omegas being protected? We find out randomly at this point that his best friend either works in the tech field or as a hacker – regardless he has enough skills to be a hacker. I feel like random vital facts are randomly dropped throughout the novel and it’s a struggle to enjoy the novel for all its surprisingly twists and revelations.

Toby get impatient and decides to come back after an unspecified amount of time with a slight baby bum and nausea that conveniently occurs when he is back with Dalton. Upon his return, we read about being under attack by panthers. We find out that omegas can only get impregnated if they are a true mate coupling. How can we get to nearly the halfway point and our couple didn’t even have an inkling they could be mates, nor have the readers learned anything to make them love these two main characters!?

They are back together – yay. Our story isn’t much of a story if they aren’t together... Again, an indeterminate amount of time passes and we read about Dalton withholding sex for fear of hurting Toby and their baby. HOW MUCH TIME has passed since we found out about the panthers!? How much time has passed since Toby returned to Dalton? Why did the panthers attack? The continuation of panthers’ possible attack could be the cohesion into a sequel about his best friend, Jason and his love interest. This withholding of sex situation obviously resolves itself happily.
Chapter 15 is the ONLY chapter in which an amount of time is mentioned – 2 month later and Toby and Dalton has moved to “the compound”. What is the compound? We readers of shifter novels clearly know what a compound could be, but it is very hard to understand without any prior mention of Toby and Dalton being part of the same pack, without any mention of what type of shifter Dalton shifts into, without any mention of what types of shifters the organization Truly Yours caters to. Based on this sudden mention of their compound, a reader can draw the illogical conclusion that Truly Yours caters ONLY to one shifter pack and the shifter pack is huge as neither Toby nor Dalton have ever met, and the compound is like a freaking prison since it was never mentioned before. We do find out that Dalton works with wood because he is working on building the bassinet.

Another thing that bothered me was that the authors wrote “Toby has been so sweet and docile since becoming pregnant.” They slept together on day one. Toby filled out his Truly Yours profile as “passive.” I felt that their sudden mention of his personality like he is usually more assertive was unfounded during his aggressive kneading of dough scene – even if it was supposedly from Dalton’s perspective because hello! They slept together and possibility conceived form their first time. There is NO basis for this sentence and totally ruined an otherwise good scene for me. The scene was awesome but the mention of his sweet docile personality as if it is an effect of his pregnancy was contradicted by their Truly Yours agency sign up scene where Toby didn’t have a clue but to describe himself as “passive”. There were no other scenes endearing us to Toby having an assertive personality outside of “pregnancy hormones.” This seriously could be such an awesome story, but unbelievable how disjointed the plot was.

The ending probably gave the most descriptive mpreg C-section delivery I’ve ever read. Most times the childbirth scene is more about the emotions and not about the room details/ setting up for the surgery. Baby Stella is born and thankfully I no longer have to pull my hair out trying to understand the special plot behind boy meet boy, boy gets pregnant, boy gives birth – special plot and character elaboration/development which would make readers come back for Truly Yours 2, or Truly Yours 3, etc.

A free copy was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.
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