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review 2018-09-20 04:11
Post apocalypse story without much drama
MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3) - Margaret Atwood

No action. No drama. No tension. No likable characters. 


The story is not going anywhere or letting us in to any secret at all. 


What is the point? 



Related image


I really don't see the point. The imaginary of the story is fine. And the dumbing down for the new humanoids storytelling is cute in the first time. OK with the second, and boring ever since. 


Humans would not stop being engineers just because other humans are not there anymore.  


If I could stop my self from buying this book, I would. It is hard cover copy and it is big and heavy. 


Nice cover design. That's why I should stop shopping books like I shop for clothes. 


Read the first one. Skip the rest. 


3 stars. just for the writing. 


Reading this for Terrifying woman square.


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text 2018-09-19 05:35
Reading progress update: I've read 201 out of 390 pages.
MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3) - Margaret Atwood

The human has almost be wiped out with just a few humans left. It is from the humans who have done that and this is from the first book.


As a third and concluding book of the series, it is a bit disappointing. 


The humanoids are there with genetic design to be child like We know that already. The human Toby and human Zeb are there also. 


The writing is good. The problem is, nothing really happen so far. The humans are like those who have survived a extinction event. They just survived and not much else. There is no tension, or action. The story was told to these child like humanoids because like children, they want a simple story before bedtime. 


Image result for What is the point?


After 200 pages, still not finding it. 


Reading this for the Terrifying woman square 


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review 2018-08-28 22:25
The Heart Goes Last
The Heart Goes Last - Margaret Atwood
They lost almost everything when the economy went belly up and now they lived in their car. Stan was getting tired of the situation while Charmaine tried to remain positive although her new working conditions at the Pixel Dust bar, were less than ideal. When Charmaine saw the commercial for the Positron Project, she knew this was their way out.
The Positron Project was a serious commitment and as the couple was put through a screening process and a waiting period, Stan’s brother tried to warn him about the dangers in his future. Charmaine already had made up her mind though.
The project. Who thinks of these things? As I read about this idea, I had to wonder about this author and how she came up with this idea. Then, I thought about the individuals who had signed up for this type of society, freely without any pressure. Life on the outside must have been pretty miserable for them. Did they really know what lies ahead for their future?
The project runs on a monthly cycle. One month an individual or a couple would live in a house and they would be treated as civilians. At the end of the month, they would go to their lockers and change their clothes. Putting on their prisoner apparel, they would now become prisoners for a month and live in another section of the project. This same exchange would occur with individuals who were prisoners last month, only they would now be putting on civilian clothes and they now would be living in the houses that the civilians just left. It’s an exchange program. The same people live in the same house only in different times, cleaning up after themselves before they leave. These individuals are to never, ever see who they share their houses with.
If you think about the tone within the project, things have to be running pretty smoothly. As a resident, you experience both ends of the spectrum.
For Charmaine and Stan, they were enjoying the project. Life seemed easier, they both had jobs and knew what was expected of them but of course, they hit a bump as Stan makes a discovery. The novel got pretty interesting then as it was one twist after another until I wasn’t sure what the heck was happening. There’s this master plan, I know there had to be, but who was in charge and what was the purpose?
I felt like an investigator, leaping around, keeping track of all the dirt I was uncovering. By the time the whole plan was ironed out, I was shaking my head. I felt like I had been bounced around in a pinball machine during that second half of the novel. That was crazy. I liked parts of it as I felt it was very creative and interesting and there were other parts that I thought were confusing and rushed.
It is after I have finished this novel that I am told that this is part of a series, I don’t know if I will read the others in the series. I’ll need to read the synopsis but I think I should have read the first book to help me understand this book better.


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review 2018-08-24 22:03
POV's and unheard voices
The Penelopiad - Margaret Atwood

For such a short thing, it certainly packed a punch.


Between the unreliable but scathing narrator and the creepy chorus, I found myself running the whole gamut of reactions, from laughter to shudders.


It was an interesting way of taking a stab at all the bits of the Odyssey that make you look askance and wonder.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-08-24 14:12
Reading Anniversaries & First-in-a-Series — May Edition


Originally published at midureads.wordpress.com on August 24, 2018. 






The Gospel of Loki by Joanne Harris


My review said it all but if it didn’t, check out my love for Loki here!





The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood


My review can be found here.







The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milán


Find the review here!






The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan


The Percy Jackson series remains a favorite. Here’s why






Urban Shaman by C. E. Murphy


My review of this series is here.





Agent to the Stars by John Scalzi

Loved the book.


The humor was just my style-the way the Yherajk communicated was a hoot.


What I also liked was that even though the MC was a smartass, he wasn’t made out to be a jaded guy or an agent who took advantage of other people to survive.


I was expecting a romance between Tom and Michell but Miranda was a far better choice.


The book wasn’t too long but just the right length which always wins points with me. Joshua was my favorite character.


Loved how the ending/unveiling was handled, as well as how the whole Holocaust movie was dealt with.

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