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text 2014-11-01 16:07
Page 354 of 506
The Queen's Choice - Cayla Kluver

I'm starting to really hate Shea. She and Anya just escaped from prison, and she decided at the first opportunity to risk being caught by cheating at dice around a bunch of noblemen, and ignored and even got irritable with Anya when she told her to be more careful--and then, once they finally find the person they've spent the entire book looking for, she decided to kick him as hard as she could. . . and then snap and snarl at him just because he's obviously the best character in the book. Is she trying to make sure their quest fails? Because it really, really seems like it.


Also, Zabriel is probably the only person in this book that I like, and it took him 350 pages to show up. *facepalm*

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text 2014-10-28 19:50
Page 129 of 506
The Queen's Choice - Cayla Kluver

I've been looking forward to this book for a long time, and finally got it. . . only to be completely disgusted with the main character in the first 50 pages.


I mean, how stupid and selfish can she be? I'm convinced she's trying to break a record for the most selfish character ever (and she only fails because there are, unfortunately, some characters out there whose only personality is that they're selfish).


She has two choices: accept the crown in place of her either one of her two cousins who can't handle it, or refuse and try to force the better of them onto the throne--when no one has even seen or heard from him in ages, and he is quite possibly dead by now. Which does she choose? The latter. UGH!


Also, her narrative is almost exactly the same as Alera's from Legacy. *sigh* And she's also another princess heir who refuses to just go along with what the current ruler thinks is best for their people. *SIGH*


On the bright side, the Fae's powers are awesome and the writing is beautiful, so yay! It's not all bad, I guess.

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review 2014-08-23 02:12
Elemental Gelade, Volumes 6 & 7
Elemental Gelade, Volume 6 - Mayumi Azuma

There are lots and lots of battles and awesome powers in these two books. Also, I'm starting to really like Rowen now that he's around more--he's probably my second favorite right now, after Ren. I'm sure he'll go back to being useless in Cisqua's shadow, but for the time being he's fairly awesome. These two are my favorite books in the series so far, so I'm glad I've kept reading.


(Why is Wolx on the cover of book 6, though. . .?)

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review 2014-08-22 22:12
Elemental Gelade, Volume 5
Elemental Gelade, Volume 5 - Mayumi Azuma

My opinion of this series never seems to change even though I keep reading. It's good, but has lots of issues. I love Ren, and really like Cou. I also like both Rowen and Kuea now, although Rowen is entirely useless.


Erase Cisqua.

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review 2014-08-22 15:46
Elemental Gelade, Volume 4
Elemental Gelade, Volume 4 - Mayumi Azuma

The fights in this book are awesome :)


Ren and Cou are awesome, too, although the rest of the party still annoys me most of the time (especially Cisqua). There isn't really much else I can say. It's good, and I'll certainly keep reading, but it could be better.


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