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review 2018-10-08 02:54
great book and great characters
A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas - Terry Spear

Aidan was a gray wolf shifter as well as a doctor who needed new wolves to test. He was searching for a cure for the lupus garou’s reduced longevity. He must now wait until after the Christmas holiday. Maybe his twin brother  Rafe was right. Perhaps joining Rafe and his family early would give Aidan the break he needed and he would gain new insight into what was happening to their kind. Aidan was worried he'd fail in his mission when so many people were counting on him. The concern among the wolf shifters was that if something in their environment or genetics had caused them to live shorter lives , their lives may continue shorten and they would eventually age quicker than humans. Aidan was known to be obsessed and a workaholic. Ted and Mike were Aidan’s bodyguards his brother had hired to protect and guard  Aidan and they were surprised to see him out of the lab so early that day. Then Aidan got a call from Everett Johnson from a wolf pack in Montana. The Seattle pack would not let test their blood they didn’t even allow any other wolves near their territory just their own pack. Everett called to let them know an older wolf had been shunned for no good reason by the pack leader after losing his mate. If he could find the wolf-Nick he might let Aidan take a sample. Dr Holly Gray was going looking for Nick alone as she previously couldn't find him. Aidan had stooped a little boy who was a shifter from the store he was being kidnapped but Aidan stopped the woman even after she hit in the head with her purse that had a gun in it. But He still help on to the woman and she was arrested. Holly and her sister had the little boy- Joey with them when he got away from them.  Holly hadn’t met another male wolf she was instantly attracted to until she met Aidan. Holly met with Aidan and Ted and Mike and her brother-Greg was with her and they spotted Nick but it was too late to go to him. They would try again the next morning.

I loved this book -again the author did an absolutely great job. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved Aidan and Holly together and how they interacted. I loved that Aidan and his brother Rafe were willing to help any wolf who needed help if they could. I was glad Ronald was changing his way as well as Jared I loved how Rafe was so protective of Aidan. I loved the plot and pace of this book. Happily I can find nothing to criticize in this book.I love the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.  

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review 2018-09-28 20:02
Audiobook Review: Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover (The Romano Brothers #3) by Leslie North (Author), Connor Brown (Narrator)
 Italian Billionaire's Determined Lover - Leslie North



Stella and Leonardo are a firework. They set off sparks at first meeting, but the actual burst takes a bit more time. Stella and Leonardo bring a tension that is palpable and a fire that is consuming to their tango of heated words, battered hearts and strong personalities. They bring out the best in each other at the worst of times.

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review 2018-09-14 14:59
In the Heir by Ruth Cardello
In the Heir (Westerly Billionaire Series Book 1) - Ruth Cardello

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. This was my first experience with Ruth Cardello's writing and I am very happy that it turned out to be a positive one. I actually won a copy of the second book from the series but decided that I wanted to start at the beginning which turned out to be a very good choice. I ended up listening to the book in only a couple of days because I was having such a good time with it.

I went into this book expecting a romance and it did deliver on that expectation but I was surprised that the story surrounding the Westerly family would be such an important element in the story. When Delinda Westerly offers an early inheritance to the first grandchild who marries and invites the rest of the family, Spencer and his friend, Alisha, make plans to walk down the aisle. They are not in love but are great friends so they see no problem with the arrangement.

Brett meets Alisha through Spencer and can't get her out of his mind. Alisha isn't afraid to stand up to the anyone and does just that when it can protect those that she cares about. When everything falls apart, Brett is the one who is there for Alisha and I loved watching their connection to each other grow. I thought that these two characters worked really well together and I liked how they seemed to bring out the best of each other. 

Terri Clark Linden did a great job with this book. I thought that she handled a pretty diverse cast of characters very well and brought a lot of emotion to the story. I have listened to her work several times and have always found her narration to be very pleasant to listen to.

I would recommend this book to romance fans. I thought that this story was really compelling and filled with wonderful characters. I plan to read much more from Ruth Cardello in the future.

Initial Thoughts
I really liked this romance. Brett and Alisha were both fantastic characters that I wanted to see work things out. They were both so giving and really cared about the people they were close to. The family drama in this one was pretty complex with a lot of side characters experiencing a lot of pain along with Brett and Alisha. I thought that the narration was very well done and added to the enjoyment of the story.

Book source: Kindle Unlimited

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review 2018-08-18 19:53
Billionaire Unchallenged: Carter (The Billionaire's Obsession #13) by J.S. Scott
Billionaire Unchallenged: Carter - J.S. Scott


Brynn and Carter are perfectly imperfect. They know how to put on a show for the world, but not how to be true to themselves. Billionaire Unchallenged is a masquerade. A hiding of the heart's desires, but a feast of sensual delight. Scott takes us beyond the jerk that tried to break up Jett and Ruby. Carter is full of love to give, yet afraid to let anyone get too close. Brynn wants to be happy, but is afraid of what that means. From the first eye link to the ensuing heartache, Carter and Brynn had me hooked on falling in love. J. S. Scott is not afraid of showing that in love, we have to expose ourselves to the pain in order to get to a happy ending. 

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review 2018-08-17 03:44
Billionaire Biker (Billionaires #23) by Claire Adams
Billionaire Biker - Claire Adams


There's a fine line between love and lust. Will Drew identify the difference before he misses out on the greatest gift of his life? Adams takes it up a notch with Billionaire Biker. Drew's just trying to do the right thing. This bad boy made a promise to change his ways and set up shop running the family business. She's working to keep her head above water and her heart out of trouble. For Cat being a single mother is a tough job, but she wouldn't trade it for the world. When a photo shoot puts her heart on the line, will her heart be able to fend off the blow. Alpha meets firecracker and sparks fly. Doesn't get much plainer than that.

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