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quote 2018-02-09 18:25
(...) zrozumiał z pewną goryczą, że niczego nie mógł oczekiwać po tych uczniach, którzy przyjmowali biernie jego naukę, lecz jedynie po tych, którzy ryzykowali czasami rozsądny sprzeciw.
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photo 2017-10-26 13:54

Great finds at the Book Corner in Philadelphia. 

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quote 2017-06-12 05:27
Był bardzo religijny, uważał, że zawarł z Bogiem tajny pakt, który rozgrzeszał go z nieczynienia dobrze w zamian za modlitwy i pobożność.
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text 2017-01-02 18:23
TBR List, or 7 Owned Books to Read in 2017
Collected Fictions - Jorge Luis Borges,Andrew Hurley
Twilight of the Empire - Simon R. Green
Little, Big - John Crowley
The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Ghost Story - Peter Straub
Carrion Comfort - Dan Simmons

Like most readers, I have a boatload of books I own that I have yet to read. This year, I will read 25 of them. Here are the musts.


1. Collected Fictions - Jorge Luis Borges,Andrew Hurley   Collected Fictions - Jorge Luis Borges  

    I've read a bit of Borges, and have deeply enjoyed it. That's why this is here.


2. Twilight of the Empire - Simon R. Green    Twilight of the Empire - Simon R. Green  


   The Deathstalker series is the only one I have yet to read by Green, and these are the novellas that introduce that universe. I own the whole series, so I should maybe get started, yeah? Besides, Space Opera rocks!


3. Little, Big - John Crowley  Little, Big - John Crowley  

   I've started this a couple of times, and got distracted. Not this year! It's la lyrical beauty that can't be rushed, but I will make the time.


4. The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly  The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly  


    I've read and loved the Gates series, as well as Connolly's second collection, Night Music. I started this one years ago, and will actually follow through this time.


5.  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke  Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke  


    Another one I got distracted during (are we sensing a theme?), this is a serious beast of a book, but I've loved what I've read, and the depiction of Faerie is unique, to say the least.


6.  Ghost Story - Peter Straub  Ghost Story - Peter Straub  


   A genuine horror classic that I've been threatening to read for about a decade. There is no reason I haven't read this yet.


7.  Carrion Comfort - Dan Simmons  Carrion Comfort - Dan Simmons  


   Another big mother(shut yo mouth), this fell into the must list after I read The Terror last year. That one started slow, but was frigging awesome. I'm hoping this one kicks in a little quicker.


There's my seven must-reads from my ridiculous TBR pile, but there's a lot more where those came from. At least 18, some even more imposing.

As imposing, anyway.

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review 2015-11-25 00:00
گفت و گو با بورخس
گفت و گو با بورخس - Jorge Luis Borges,Ri... گفت و گو با بورخس - Jorge Luis Borges,Richard Burgin,کاوه میرعبّاسی ریتا گیبرت: آیا برای نسل جوان پیامی دارید؟
بورخس: نه، این صلاحیت را در خود نمی‌بینم که به سایرین پند و اندرز بدهم. در زندگی شخصی هم وامانده‌ام و به زحمت گلیمم را از آب بیرون کشیده‌ام. از بسیاری جهات، سرگشته بوده‌ام و بارها به بیراهه رفته‌ام.

گفت‌و‌گو با بورخس، ریچارد بورجین، برگردان کاوه میرعباسی
از صفحهٔ ۱۵۶، مصاحبه با ریتا گیبرت ۱۹۶۸
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