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review 2015-12-18 04:07
Review: Finding Never (book 2)
Finding Never - C.M. Stunich

OMFG!!! What the heck did I read. I loved Never and Ty in book Tasting Never they have spark that just combines into a freaking firework show when them two are together. In this story it was no different. Never is going back home it is time that she gets closure from her past so she can move on with Ty in the future, though what will happen when she returns home. Will she be welcomed? Will she find herself wanting to be with Noah her first true love rather than Ty the one who gets the "new" Never? 

I loved how we got a bit of backstory with Never and her family it was very insightful and we see how she is torn between her past lover and her future lover. We see how she handles her mother as we all know isn't mom of the year. When the big "secret" came out oh you will know what I mean I was literally like what!! Can I get my hands on book three because I need to know what is going to happen now. 

The story line is awesome, the characters just as amazing, the love radiating from Ty and Never is just beyond what you can imagine. 

Never is still as feisty, broken and caring underneath it all. When you get an insight to her family and the past you can't help but feel for the girl and you understand a bit more why she is the way she is. 

Ty is still broken himself but he is great for Never he makes sure she doesn't fall off that cliff that has her there at times. We slowly get to know Ty a bit more and see him open up not only to Never but to the family. 

If you are looking for an amazing New Adult romance and you don't mind the language or some scenes then pick this up.

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review 2015-07-09 22:35
Tasting Never - C.M. Stunich

This was a awesome read. First let me say I love the name Never. Just one of those random names that will stick with you after you have left the story. Ty is a hot character he is damaged and knows it. Never has left her past behind for a reason she finds sex to cure everything and she pushes people away so no one ever truly knows who Never is. When Ty and Never meet it is a rough start, but when they end up at the same place but at the wrong time they end up having a friendship neither thought would happen. These two are so right for each other but so wrong at the same time. We see both Never and Ty go back and forth with one another on more than one occasion and you just know by the end of the book they have got to be together because if they aren't you are going to make sure in your head they are. 

I have to say I really liked the idea of Ty and Never joining a sex group. No not that kind of sex group but one for recovery. They both have skeletons in their closet that are holding them back from finding love and moving forward in their life so for them to join this group I thought was pretty awesome.

Over time we see Never slowly open up especially to her roommate though she still stays to herself it isn't as bad as it was before. So we see her grow in a way. 

There was one scene in the book that I wasn't too happy about and that was the sex scene with Ty. I felt as though he kind of pushed it when they were trying to be sex free for six months. Now it may have been me but I didn't like it.


The book is raw, no holding back on anything. I can't wait to get into book two as I want more of Ty and Never.

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review 2014-12-07 16:07
Tasting Never by C.M. Stunich
Tasting Never - C.M. Stunich
Rick is the kind of guy you can take home to your family, show off, and know that at the end of the day, he'll be there for you. I'm not into guys like Rick. I should be, but I'm not. I think there's something wrong with me. I need a guy like Rick to put me on the straight and narrow, to help me stop doing the things I shouldn't be doing and start doing the things I should.

There's just something about a young woman driven by anger. Never – yes, that's her name – is such a young woman. New Adult is littered with virginal and naïve female characters that are so blissfully ignorant of the world (despite the fact that most of them have been put through hell). Tasting Never is not one of these women. She's had a rough upbringing and are left with herself. With herself, her anger and resentment. Never's biggest fear is to get too close to people. But when Never meets Ty the first time the dislike is mutual, but after being victims in a crime they're left with a connection neither fully understand.

I must say, this was quite a refreshing read. I've grown tired of all the stereotypical characters in New Adult. Tasting Never is decent enough, and offers quite a bit considering its short length. C.M. Stunich manages to create an aura of hope surrounding Never's dark exterior. And Ty, while he's a manwhore, literally, is easy to like. These two broken people find ways to start breaking down the walls they've built up for so long and to face what their lives have come to. Together they take the first tentative steps toward confide in another human being, then learn enough about someone to call them their friend. And, of course, realize love might be something they actually want.

Never Ross wants to be loved.
It's that simple, but it's not that easy.

Yes, Tasting Never was a good read, but it also lacks in certain departments. There are close to no secondary characters. The only one worth mentioning is Never's roommate, Lacey, who is a lesbian crushing on straight girls. But beyond that, there's no real persona behind her name. Apart from the lack of secondary characters, I wished this book had been longer and had some side story. Because while what's in it is good, it's also not really much happening. But yes, Tasting Never is far above the usual books in the New Adult genre with it's good writing and different characters, especially Never.

[My jacket] smells like cigarettes and dangerous boys with broken hearts, like a shield against painful reality.


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review 2014-06-21 00:00
Taboo Unchained
Taboo Unchained - C.M. Stunich Taboo fuckaroo! WANT :P

"The taboo turns me on.

The dirty. The filthy. The nasty.

The man your mother f*cking warned you about – is me.

Hold onto your panties, ladies.

Lucas Carter is here to show you the dark side of the sheets.

***WARNING: This is a dark romance erotica – meaning lots of violence, sex, and emotionally disturbing inner dialogue. However, there is *NO* kidnapping, rape, or other forms of misogyny. Lucas Carter is an anti-hero, but he doesn't disrespect women. The entire book is told in his point of view."


Lucas Carter


please.be.good. That's all.
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review 2014-05-01 18:42
Loving Me, Trusting You - C.M. Stunich

Loving Me, Trusting You is Gaine & Mireya's story. Gaine has been in love with Mireya for the past 7 years but, she's only ever been interested in Austin (who's now with Amy book #1). But now that Austin is with Amy, Gaine is holding out hope that Mireya will now take a chance on him. 

This book is ok. I didn't like it as much as I liked the first book in this series. I found it to be a bit repetitive with the dialogue between Gaine & Mireya. After awhile, I found Mireya to be annoying. Her back and forth over wanting/not wanting Gaine became tiresome. I mean she knew that he was in love with her yet, she continued to play with his emotions. It drove me crazy. At the same time Gaine who's supposed to be this badass biker with tattoo's, became a pussy. I felt like he was so desperate for Mireya that he just kept letting her walk all over him. Even after the many times she told him that she didn't want him & played with his heartstrings, he still chased her like a lost puppy. 

At about the 80% into this book I was getting bored & had enough of the back and forth shit between these 2. I skimmed the last 20% of this book because I was getting bored & was ready for this story to be done. I will say though that the sex between Gaine & Mireya was wicked hot and steamy. Those 2 screw like rabbits. Also, the plot that was there wasn't that bad either. 

I still like this series and will continue to read it. In fact I'm looking forward to the next book and also I'd love to see what happens to Amy's friend Chrissy.

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