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review 2018-02-04 03:49
Cajun Crazy: A Cajun Novel - Sandra Hill

I had issues with most everyone in this one.


The heroine for her lack of self control/respect with regards to members of the opposite sex from her home state, for her attitude about her mom


The heroine's mom for acting like a dingbat at times (since she was middle aged, her daughter's judgmental assessments of her clothing style was a source of irritation)


The hero, for his attitude towards the heroine, and collectively with his dad, for setting such a poor example for a 5 year old girl.


Said 5 year old for being a demanding little brat wrapped in a bubbly package


Low-lights - the H bursting in on the h and an employee's sting...and being indignant that she was upset about his interference. The H making comments about her love life (he had all the makings of a player, not one to talk)


Highlights? The trial.


It just seems like conversations get skipped in this series in lieu of manipulation. And when the conversations actually are allowed to happen, they always reach an impasse where the only way the couple can be together is with Tante Lulu's manipulations. Just seems like they never really get to figure things out for themselves, and that bugs me. This one kinda underscores that. I don't think the H will be ok with her doing undercover work. I think sooner or later, he'll blow her cover in a misguided attempt to rescue her, and get someone hurt. And all of Tante Lulu's shenanigans are not going to fix that.

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review 2018-01-12 03:13
The Cajun Doctor: A Cajun Novel (Cajun Books) - Sandra Hill

Actually one of the better of the series, which I freely admit is not a favorite.


Highlights - Tante Lulu's interference is minimized. Oh, it's there, but it's overshadowed by a bunch of other crap that force our prospective lovebirds to change their perspective.


Lowlights. Uh...there was a lot of crap that was just kinda rushed through all at once to set the stage for the H/h to actually decide they wanted to get together for real. The h's ex is taken care of permanently, the mob after her stepbrother gets taken down the same day, so there's no reason for her to stay at his place. Which means that she leaves unexpectedly and he has to come to grips with the realization that he wants her there permanently...and vice versa. Now, granted, I like that they got together on their own terms (none of that ridiculous public humiliation routine that usually characterizes books in this series), I just wish all the problems forcing them to cohabit hadn't been deux ex machina'd. I mean; I do read romantic suspense so a plot that somewhat reads like a comedy version of that genre should at least make an attempt to have a little drama beyond the whole "I need to hide" bit and the taking out of the ex (which was quite dramatic, to be sure).


There was also the lack of a real discussion about his not wanting to get involved, which was why she gave him the brush-off just prior to that dramatic bit. She never pointed out that he was the one who wanted a one night stand, you see. OTOH, I suppose their pseudo-discussion while she was in the harem costume (which was Tante Lulu's BTW) about him not doing one night stands was a bit of air clearing.

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review 2017-12-19 09:22
A Cajun Christmas Killing (Cajun Country Mystery, #4)
A Cajun Christmas Killing - Ellen Byron

I wavered between 3.5 and 4 stars for this one, but ultimately I enjoyed the story and was able to lose myself in Louisiana for a few hours and that's enough for a solid 4 stars.


The book got off to a shaky start for me because it begins with someone leaving malicious reviews online for Maggie's parent's B&B.  Now call me eccentric if you'd like, but while I'm all in for a good old fashioned murder mystery, I'm completely turned off by malicious behaviour.  Mean with a motive, I can do; mean for the sake of being mean and I'm out.  Luckily, this thread was a thin and short one and once it was resolved, I enjoyed the story and the characters a lot more.


Byron succeeds with the mystery plot be virtue of making it so chaotic there was no telling who done what.  The resolution was a tad weak, but not amongst the top 50 worst denouements I've ever read.  


My only real complain about the book is that even though it takes place during Christmas and Christmas pops up here and there throughout the story, there's very little Christmas spirit.  But I find this to be true of most "Christmas" stories anymore, so I can't really gripe too much over it.


I'll definitely look forward to another Cajun Mystery.


Book themes for Día de Muertos and All Saint’s Day:  A book that has a primarily black and white cover, or one that has all the colours (ROYGBIV) together on the cover.


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review 2017-11-26 21:42
Cajun Crazy by Sandra Hill
Cajun Crazy: A Cajun Novel - Sandra Hill

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

After catching her boyfriend cheating on her, Simone decides to fall into her mother's guilt trip and goes back home to take care of her after her knee surgery. For a woman with three failed marriages to Cajun to men, her hometown in Louisiana is a dangerous ground zero. 
After Adam's wife dies, he and his daughter move in with his father. As a lawyer and half Cajun, he never has a problem with the ladies. 
Simone and Adam have hot and spicy chemistry but with deep trust issues on both sides, their happily ever after will be a battle.
There was something about a man who could say darlin' in a husky, slow croon that could make any girl melt. 
The eleventh installment in Sandra Hill's Cajun series is chalk full of the wild, fun, and spicy elements we've come to expect. There are numerous previous characters making big appearances here and some character history that would be very helpful to know. You wouldn't need to have read all the stories in the series but a couple would greatly enhance your enjoyment of this book.
Our heroine Simone is a cop who is tough and capable but has a weakness for Cajun men. Her three marriages burned hot but flamed out quickly and with her last boyfriend cheating on her, she is trying to swear off men, specifically Cajun men. I liked Simone with her tough vulnerability.
Our hero Adam stayed in his marriage even after he found out his wife wanted to be in an open relationship because he didn't want to maybe lose his daughter. After his wife dies, he likes to keep things only casual with women. Adam was at turns sexy, strong, and sensitive. 
Cajun Crazy had a fun wild tempo with crazy characters (if you're a reader of the series, you know Tante Lulu steals the show a lot) and antics. So much so, that the romance kind of played second fiddle. Hill has created such a strong world, that the town and characters steal the spotlight. Simone and Adam didn't spend as much time together as I typically like and as a consequence I felt their relationship lacked depth; when the "I love you" statements come, they didn't seem believable.
I also had personal dislike moments with Adam's comments/thinking that his wife was a slut because she wanted an open relationship or because she liked less than conventional bedroom antics. As everyone was of age and consensual, it felt extremely judgmental and a simple not for me or hurt and angry that he felt lied to by his wife would have had Adam coming off better. Adam's thinking occasional spills over on to Simone when he thinks she also sleeps around and again we have quick slut-shaming. It all gave me an uncomfortable and icky feeling. 
The ending had a bit of a meaningless danger moment but the overall story was fast paced and had a plethora of interesting characters to follow along with. The romance was a bit weaker but if you're a frequent reader of the series, you'll greatly enjoy visiting these wild, crazy, and loving Cajuns.
A Cajun playboy who was a devoted single father? The deck was stacked against her. 

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text 2017-11-21 04:07
Reading Update: 10%
Cajun Crazy: A Cajun Novel - Sandra Hill

There was something about a man removing his glasses while he stared at a woman that was beyond sexy, sort of a signal that he was about to get down to serious business.

Naughty business.


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