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review 2017-06-05 14:26
Cajun Recipes: 101 (for beginners) - Cajun Cookbook and Food (Cajun Cookbooks - Cajun Cooking - Cajun Food - Cajun meals - Cajun Dishes - Cajun specialties) - Clara Taylor

Cajun Recipes: 101 (for beginners) by Clara Taylor
Introduction starts out this book with history and I especially like the meanings of some of the cajun words and phrases I've heard as to what they really mean.
Has chapters for breakfast, lunch and dinner meals.
Recommended books are listed at the end. There is no nutritional information although if you do substitute for your dietary needs the dish may not taste the same.
There are NO pictures but this is a treasure to have the recipes of the area.

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review 2017-06-03 03:14
The Cajun Doctor by Sandra Hill
The Cajun Doctor: A Cajun Novel (Cajun Books) - Sandra Hill

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

This was just an okay read for me. I got off to a pretty rough start with this book and seriously considered giving up on it. I am glad that I stuck with it because the actual romance between Daniel and Samantha was really well done. Once the romance really got going and because the total focus of the book, I really did enjoy it. I actually ended up reading the book pretty quickly once I got over the difficult start.

Daniel and Aaron LeDeux are twins that come to Louisiana to meet their father's family after their mother's death. Daniel is a pediatric oncologist, which is an emotionally draining job for him. After his mother's death and a very difficult case at his work, he decides to leave medicine. They stay in Louisiana and Aaron pushes his twin into buying an old mansion that needs a lot of work.

Samantha is from a very wealthy family but she hasn't always had it easy. She works hard at the family business, Starr Foods, and seems to have it all together. Her ex-husband is always after her for more money despite the fact that he should be making a good living himself as a doctor. After her divorce, she starts to take in animals needing rescued and has quite the interesting menagerie, including a depressed pig and a bird with a dirty mouth.

I really liked Daniel and Samantha together. They just seemed to fit and they had a lot of chemistry. In the past the pair didn't get along very well but they soon figure out that what they each thought of the other wasn't very accurate. I liked how quickly Daniel jumped in to help when Samantha asked. They really seemed to work well as a pair while they were dealing with the larger issue.

There were some things that I really didn't like about the book. I hate to say it but Tante Lulu would have to top my list. I know that her parts of the book were supposed to be funny but I found them to be over the top and ridiculous. She is a very prominent character for the first part of the book and I couldn't stand reading about her. I was so glad when she faded from the story and I started to really enjoy the book. Hundreds of pages went by and then she entered the book again. I didn't think her character took over the story at the end of the book as she did at the beginning. A lot of the conversations in this book are written in the Cajun dialect which I found difficult to read after a while. I simply didn't enjoy reading so many creatively spellings. I am very thankful that Daniel and Samantha didn't have the same strong Cajun accent that some of the other characters had.

I am really not sure if I would recommend this book to others. This book is number 10 in the Cajun series and while it read fine as a stand alone, I do think that readers who know some of the characters from the earlier books will appreciate their appearance much more than I did. I am really not sure if I will be picking up any future books in this series.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Avon Books via Edelweiss.

Initial Thoughts
This was an okay read for me. The main couple in the story were really the highlight of the book but some of the other characters were just too much. I actually came really close to marking this one as a dnf at the beginning just because of how annoying I found some of the other characters. I really didn't care for how much of the book is written in dialect. I understand that they are Cajun but some of the oddly spelled words are just hard to read.

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review 2016-10-28 01:52
Love it!!
Voodoo on the Bayou (A Cajun Magic Mystery Book 1) - Elle James

Voodoo On The Bayou is probably the funniest book I've read from Elle James.  This book is well written with amazing characters that are exactly what this story needs.  Ms James has added plenty of action, drama, humor and sexy bits that will keep you glued to this book from cover to cover.  Craig and Elaine's story is a fast paced romp through the swamp and just plain fun to read.   I loved reading Voodoo On The Bayou and look forward to my next book by Elle James.  Voodoo On The Bayou is book 1 of the Cajun Magic Mystery Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2016-10-09 16:44
Petite Rouge
Petite Rouge: A Cajun Red Riding Hood - Mike Artell,Jim Harris,Mike Artell,Mike Artell

This book would be great for 2nd grade.  It is a Cajun version of the original Little Red Riding Hood.  I would use this to show the class that there are several versions of the classics.  I would have them write their own version of the Little Red Riding  Hood.  They would share them with their classmates.  I think this would be a good thing to put in their writing portfolios.  There is a glossary in the beginning of the book that has words that might not be familiar.  This is very helpful!  I would introduce them before I read the story. 

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review 2016-09-22 14:00
Cajun Vocabulation - Gordon J. Voisin
I picked this book up as part of my research for my own work. I must say, it's clever.

The author has given us dictionaries (English to "French," and "French" to English), slang, animal names, days of the week, etc, along with a phonetic guide. The reason "French" is in quotes, though, is that the Cajun terms are only ever spelled out phonetically. I would like to have seen the correct spelling alongside them (I speak French, and that would have been helpful for me).

The author employs a great deal of humor, particularly in the slang section, and it's worth reading just for that. However, the greater goal is the preservation of a dying dialect ... and this book is a good tool toward that end.
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