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review 2018-09-21 12:49
Borrower of the Night
Borrower of the Night - Elizabeth Peters

Dr. Vicky Bliss is a strong, intelligent woman, who learned very young that because she was smarter than the boys in her class they felt threatened by her. When she blossomed into womanhood, it just got worse for her. "She collected degrees like other women collected engagement rings." was the quote that I remembered the best. When she is hired to be a teacher at an exclusive school in the mid-west, she meets Tony, another teacher who is not threatened by her looks or intelligence. He proposes to her frequently. It is then that he feels that the only way she will accept him is if he is able to "control" her. One night, while waiting for him to finish his work, she starts reading a book in the pile of books and her imagination is started and they individually plan a trip to Germany to find the missing piece of art. 


The book was interesting and fun to listen to (in the car while driving) and fun to read when I was at home. It provided some history and other information and showed the relationship between Vicky and Tony and the changes it makes throughout the trip. 

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review 2018-09-19 02:50
Color Me, Murder
Color Me Murder - Krista Davis

This is a new series by Krista Davis. It is set in Washington, DC and Florrie is the manager of the bookstore and makes adult coloring books. She is on good terms with the owner of the bookstore and when he asks her to move into his carriage house, she is happy to do so. Then all that could go wrong does go wrong. The nephew of the owner starts causing trouble for everyone and tells Florrie that he will one day be the owner and she will be gone. The owner is not happy with his behavior and tells her so. The next day, Florrie finds his body in the bootleggers hiding place and then begins to hunt for the person who really did this. 


I did enjoy this story and look forward to the next book. It was different from some others and introduces us to many of the things that are part of the DC area, bootleggers hiding places, tunnels for runaway slaves and just trouble that some of the older families have in their lives. 


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review 2018-09-16 00:40
A Knit Before Dying
A Knit before Dying - Sadie Hartwell

Josie is still in the town and running her knit shop, that her uncle gave her. She continues to live with her uncle, taking care of him, bringing him food from the g.s. The only place that is like a local store, gas station and restaurant. She is friends with Lauren, who is the only employee and cooks like a dream. Josie encourages her to leave Dougie and move into her own place. Josie also tries to help her friend, Mitch, keep an eye on his grandfather, as her great-uncle and his grandfather are feuding and had never hurt each other, just done some damage here or there, that they were able to fix. 


Josie is curious about a missing woman, Bea. Bea had been in the WAVES and was a radio operator. Her place is being converted into a small brewery that will cater to tourists. Josie had also fallen in love with the doilies that she had created years ago. 


She is also trying to maintain control of her property when a man is murdered in the shop she rented to an antique dealer and his partner. 


The story was interesting and since it was not an audiobook I read it a little here and there until I finished it. 

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review 2018-09-16 00:16
A Hiss Before Dying
A Hiss Before Dying: A Mrs. Murphy Mystery - Rita Mae Brown

Issues with this book:

1. Breast Cancer run in April - usually held in October as that is the pink ribbon month.

2. Have surgery and starts doing weighted lifting before 6 weeks have passed. 

3. All the radiation treatments so close together (I have a friend who just did these). 


On the whole, the book was fun, but I had so many issues that I had to just ignore them and let the book move on. I felt like the book was going over 6 to 8 weeks, but it was all taking place in 8 days. It just was not a good timeline. I liked that it dealt with cancer and the aftermath, but in order to move the book along, she shortened how long everything took and made it hard to believe that they were dealing with one of their own battling cancer. 


The story was okay but was unrealistic for the timeline. 

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review 2018-09-14 21:19
Dyeing Up Loose Ends
Dyeing Up Loose Ends - Maggie Sefton

The 16th book has moved ahead 4 years, to baby Jack is 4 years old and the rest of the kids either 5 or going on 4. My issue with this book was Carl, the dog. The dog acts still as young and as active 13 to 14 years later and Carl was not a puppy when she brought him to Ft. Connor, CO. So he should be showing his age. 


She is still helping the police when someone is found dead outside the Knit shop and cafe. She pays attention to the information provided by those around her and then shares it with Burt so that they can find the person who murdered the victim. 


It was a fun book and it was good to see how the families had changed and life had changed for all the friends. These books can be read out of order and then this book looked back on the past books so anyone who has not read any of the others doesn't need to unless they want to. 


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