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review 2017-08-10 02:08
A WINTER SCANDAL by Candace Camp
A Winter Scandal - Candace Camp

A baby is found in the manger in the church where Thea's brother is vicar. She goes after the man she thinks is the baby's father who turns out is not but she's involved in the mystery of who left the baby and why. As she gets to know Lord Morecombe she throws conventions to the wind as does he. They may both think they are focused on the baby but, as anyone with a pair of eyes sees, they are more interested in each other. The baby brings out sides to them that they would never have discovered by following convention.

I liked this story. I liked Thea and Gabriel. They make a good couple. She does not let him mow her over and he discovers there is more to a woman than companionship in bed. The mystery is good as Gabriel must unravel the past and realize his mistakes. I plan on reading the rest of the series.

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review 2017-03-28 13:15
A Perfect Gentleman
A Perfect Gentleman: A Novel - Candace Camp

' A Perfect Gentleman' by Candace Camp is the story of Graeme and Abby.  
Ms. Camp is one of my favorite authors so as soon as I saw her name with this book I had to have it.
So happy to say that this book did not disappoint!  I could not put the book down so I ended up reading it until the early hours of the morning....still worth the book-hangover!
Graeme and Abby story actually started about 10 years ago when they were married.  Graeme was pretty much blackmailed in to marring Abby by her father.  Abby knew her father was very controlling and a harsh business man but did not have a clue what her father was doing to Graeme.  So right after the wedding Graeme made it clear that he did not want her nor is she every to hold his heart.  That he is in love with someone else. Graeme also told her some of what her father had done.  Graeme then walked out.  Well Abby being a young 18 year old was heart broken and she up and left London.  Abby headed back to NY to make a life for herself.  Now 10 years later she is back in London and Graeme isn't happy about it.  He at first tries to talk her into leaving and going back but it does not work.  Abby has chanced a lot in physical and internal appears which has made it hard for Graeme to resist her. But when Abby starts to get notes telling her there is more going on to her marriage 10 years ago than she knows so goes forward to find out...which puts her in danger. Can Graeme get past his feeling he thought he had for Abby and move forward with the new feelings that are coming out?  Can he help keep Abby safe when someone is out to hurt her?
This was another great story by Ms. Camp!
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Perfect-Gentleman-Novel-Candace-Camp-ebook/dp/B01HMXRXL6/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1489946202&sr=1-2&keywords=a+perfect+gentleman
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review 2016-07-20 06:23
Enraptured - Candace Camp Enraptured - Candace Camp

Violet’s mentor had been her Uncle Lionel. But Violet’s uncle had died and she was now on her way to the Earl of Mardorin to try to be given the chance to take her uncle’s place as the antiquarian before others got the chance to go after the position. Only Lionel had accepted Violet’s abilities. Then the carriage Violet was in was stopped by thieves but Coll came to Violet’s rescue and ran the men off who had stopped the carriage. Violet did not offer even a thank you was actually rude. Coll would have been happy with a thank you then decided to take a kiss for a thank you, then he toke another. Violet was shocked then ashamed she responded to Coll Violet is from England and Coll is Scottish from the Highlands. Coll manages his brother in laws estate who is the Earl that  Violet is trying to see. The ruins are on his estate. There is a rumor of lost treasure hidden on the estate or the estate across the loch [ lake]. The rumors of hidden treasure are putting Violet in danger Coll is determined to keep Violet safe. Attracted to each other but Violet says she is not going to slip again as when Coll claimed his payment. But also Coll has no desire to travel the world and Violet wants to go wherever the ruins are being found.

I didn’t love this but I didn’t hate this story. I loved the character of Coll He is really a sweetie as far as I am concerned. Violet kinda irritated me but I also understand she is independent but that doesn’t mean you have to be rude. The uncle may have let her do mostly anything she wanted to. But she does eventually loosen up with Coll and learns to Coll. I did like the ins and outs of this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.

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review 2016-05-25 00:00
Indiscreet - Candace Camp historical romance with secrets and lies
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review 2015-11-28 18:28
Pleasured - Candace Camp (Pocket - Mar 2015)
Pleasured (Secrets of the Loch) - Candace Camp

Series: Secrets of the Loch (Book 2)

Damon, the earl of Mardoun, is smitten the moment he meets Meg, the village healer -- but she rejects every advance from the earl, and will have none of him, even if he is the most handsome man she’s ever laid eyes on. But when unforeseen circumstances bring them together, her conviction begins to fade…


Damon’s daughter falls gravely ill, and distraught, he turns to Meg for help. During the course of nursing his beloved daughter back to health, Meg and Damon fall madly in love, but they both know an earl must wed a noble bride. And Meg will be no man’s mistress.


Good book. Meg is the local healer, from a family of women known for their healing abilities. They have also been known for their independence, and Meg is no different. She also looks out for the local people, and is furious over the things she sees happening. 


Damon is part English, part Scot, and has inherited Duncally. He has had an estate manager running things, but has recently arrived, along with his daughter, to spend some time on his property. He is recently widowed, and is taking the time to get to know his daughter again. The first time he sees Meg he is attracted to her, but she wants nothing to do with him, something he isn't accustomed to,


I had a little trouble warming up to Damon at the beginning. From the little that he had heard about Meg, he simply assumed that she would be amenable to his attentions. His first encounter with her had him finding out just how wrong he was. He has also left his estate in the hands of his manager, without paying any real attention to the man's methods, as long as the property was showing a profit. So he had a reputation of being a cold and cruel man who had no problem with throwing people out of their homes just to make room for more sheep. When confronted by Meg, he simply told her the land was his to do with what he wanted. The only redeeming factor I saw at the beginning was his obvious love for his daughter.


The relationship between Damon and Meg was an interesting one. It started out with the attraction that they both felt, but Meg is determined to resist. There's no use getting involved with a man so far above her, and who won't be staying around. I loved how she told him off when he assumed that she would be happy to sleep with him, and Damon's utter confusion over it. They have a couple of encounters where the attraction nearly overpowers her common sense. Plus, she can't reconcile the attraction with the reputation he has for the way he treats the people. She begins to suspect that the reputation is undeserved when he stops his manager from destroying a circle of standing stones, and again when she meets his daughter Lynette. 


When they finally give in to the passion between them, it is amazing for both of them. But Damon does something that makes Meg question his opinion of her, and she reacts quite strongly, putting them at odds yet again. When Meg witnesses another act of cruelty done in Damon's name, she is devastated by the idea that she could be attracted to a man like that. When she confronts him about it, he is at first defensive, but once he finds out the details he is stunned and horrified. I loved the actions that he took then. That began his transformation from the uncaring and oblivious English lord to one who wants to do what is right. But the damage has been done to their fledgling relationship, and Damon has to accept that she wants nothing to do with him.


Meanwhile, Meg has befriended Damon's daughter, Lynette, and they get along really well. Lynette had been overprotected and treated as frail by her mother. Damon's marriage had not been a happy one, and he had stayed away a lot, but that had kept him from getting to know his daughter. With his wife's death, they now have a chance to reconnect, and Damon's attention has caused Lynette's self confidence to bloom. Lynette has also come to love the time she spends with Meg. When Lynette gets really sick, Damon is terrified he'll lose her and begs Meg for her help. I loved seeing the two of them work together to take care of Lynette, and how that put them on the road to repairing their relationship. Once the crisis is past with Lynette, there's nothing else to distract them from the attraction that still burns between them. I loved seeing Damon trying to bury the feelings that are just growing stronger. Meg was also trying to fight her feelings, and finally decides that there is nothing wrong with living her life the way she wants to. As they spend time together taking care of Lynette, those feelings just get stronger.


They've settled into a comfortable pattern when unexpected guests arrive. The sister of Damon's late wife and two of her friends show up, with Violet claiming she wanted to see Lynette. Of course, it's obvious to everyone except Damon that she's really there to try to snag him for herself. There are some very interesting encounters before Damon sees the truth and puts his foot down. But in the meantime, Meg's insecurities reappear, reminding her of the gulf between her and Damon. The question becomes one of whether Damon can convince her that their love is enough to overcome the obstacles.


There has also been a thread running through this book and the previous one about a treasure rumored to be hidden in the area, A local man had brought back gold for the Jacobite rebellion fifty years earlier, but no one knows what happened to it. In the process of Meg trying to find out more about her grandmother, she and Damon discover a clue to the whereabouts of that treasure. During a rather hair raising adventure something of real interest is found, which leads into the next and final book in the trilogy.

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