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review 2014-02-15 23:35
Fair Game
Fair Game - Patricia Briggs

Charles is struggling with how brutal his role as Bram's axe-man is, now that people know werewolves exist. Anna, noticing disturbing changes in Charles' state of mind, brings her concern to Bram who harshly brushes her off. Unfortunately, everyone seems to think that Anna is bitching because she can't handle what Charles does anymore. After Bram finally recognizes that Charles is struggling, he decides to send Charles and Anna out to solve a spree of serial murders. Bram and Anna both hope that giving Charles this opportunity to help people rather than act as an executioner will help him overcome whatever he's struggling with.


Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this one as much as others in the series, but it was still a great addition. My main problem stemmed from the fact that too much time had passed in Anna and Charles' world. In second book, Hunting Ground, Anna was still struggling with her place in Charles' life and with her past. At the end of the second book, there were still a lot of emotional issues that Anna needed to overcome and I looked forward to watching her do that in future books. However, as Fair Game opens, it looks like Anna has solved all those issues. Suddenly she's confident enough to not only face-off with Bram (the alpha) but to argue with him while he's in a rage. I was thrown by this because it's a huge difference from Anna in the first two books. In Hunting Ground she couldn't even sit in a room with alpha wolves, but now she can stand her ground against one of the most powerful ones out there? This huge leap in Anna's progress really made it feel like I somehow missed a short story or novel before this book that would explain where this new confidence came from.

Aside from the sudden change in Anna's mental state, I really loved the storyline here. Seeing her and Charles' relationship flipped from what it was in previous books, with Anna acting as the rock and Charles the emotionally unstable one, was really great. I loved the feeling of equality and balance it added to their relationship. The side-characters were also intriguing here, especially in regards to the ending. Seriously, that ending was pretty bad-ass and I can't wait to see what Briggs does with the fall-out from it in future books.

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review 2014-01-20 01:09
Fate's Edge
Fate's Edge - Ilona Andrews

Kaldar is sent on a mission by the Edge's version of the FBI to retrieve a magical weapon that was stolen. His search leads him to ex-conman Audrey Callahan, who he promptly blackmails/guilt's into helping him.


I have a thing for thief heroes, so I really adored Kaldar. My only problem with Fates Edge was the inclusion of the children, George and Jack. While they weren't annoying, I just got bored when POV would switch to them and whatever they were doing. I also would've liked more relationship development between Kaldar and Audrey, as it seemed that Audrey's decision to be with Kaldar sprang up suddenly towards the end. Other than that, this was a really fun romp.

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review 2014-01-15 02:17
Bayou Moon
Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews

Cherise Mar's parents have gone missing which leaves her in charge of the family. In a race to get back home, Cherise runs into the wolf shifter William. William is working undercover to track down a vicious killer called Spider who is searching for something. William has been hired to find whatever Spider is looking for and turn it over to the Mirror. (The Mirror is basically a magical CIA.) William and Cherise's paths intersect more than either first imagined as Spider has set his eyes on something that the Mar family owns.

I really loved Bayou Moon. The atmosphere was excellent and one that I really adore in stories. It felt like hardcore Cajun country bayous. Very swampy, remote, and muddy.


Also, Andrews always does a great job writing shifters in her stories. It's nice how she manages to thread specific animal natures into their personalities. (Such as William's distaste for being fenced in by so much water.) As for Cherise, she was pretty bad ass. Intelligent and bit a ruthless, she knew how to take care of herself and those relying on her. I'll definitely be reading the rest of this series.

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review 2014-01-11 02:40
Fantastic Suspenseful Read
The Last Twilight: A Dirk & Steele Novel - Marjorie M. Liu

The Last Twilight was an action packed thriller that had me sitting at the edge of my seat several times.

Rikki is a virus hunter doing work in the Congo, who unknowingly becomes the target of two different men needing her expertise. Both want her alive and are willing to go to extreme measures to ensure that she's taken captive.

Rikki was a pretty kick ass character. She's emotionally and psychically scarred which has caused her to take a rather jaded outlook on life, but despite her pragmatic approach to things, you can tell she's a compassionate person. Also, despite being the only human in a cast of supernaturals, Rikki is highly resourceful and can hold her own when things start to get dangerous. I always adore the heroines in Liu's books, because they're always well rounded characters who can kick a little butt.

Because of the threat to Rikki, her boss has hired Dirke & Steele to protect her. Amiri, a cheetah shifter, and Eddie, a guy who can light things on fire with his mind, are dispatched for the job. Amiri and Rikki both have some interesting pasts and as they get to know each other, you can see exactly why a connection between them forms. They know how to relate to the other and it's wonderful to see a relationship in a romance where you completely understand why the two characters are drawn to each other.

One of the other things that made this story so compelling for me was the Congo setting. The majority of the action is our heroes running for their lives through the jungle from two different pursuers. The atmosphere of the Congo really added to the suspense, because they were isolated with no way of contacting anyone who might be able to help. The jungle also added a level of creepiness in the "forest has eyes" kind of way. I just loved it.

My only regret is that I haven't read the series in order. I was all over the place with these books, reading the ones that sounded the most interesting to me first. So, while the Dirke & Steel series can be read as stand-alones, I would recommend reading them in order because there's a story arc that runs through the whole series. Unfortunately, some of the nuances of that arc were lost on me because of the way I've been reading the books.

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review 2014-01-08 01:46
Cry Wolf
Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

Brigg's Alpha and Omega series is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. The slowly evolving relationship between Anna and Charles is just so touching.


Anna, the heroine, was heavily abused by her previous pack. Even after being rescued by the merrick and his son, Charles, she's extremely leery around other werewolves. This includes Charles, who is her mate. Charles, for his part, is trying his best to make Anna comfortable and to earn her trust. However, a spurt of recent attacks near their home forces them into an investigation and hunt.

I adore that the romantic relationship in this story doesn't hinge on a love triangle and instead focuses on Charles and Anna dealing with their own personal demons. Also, the main plot surrounding mysterious attacks and the couple hunting the perpetrator through the snowy woods was just awesome. If you like Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series you'll love this one.

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