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review 2015-07-24 23:43
Now we're talking!
Break You - Claire Farrell

Where the last two books lacked momentum and action, this one has all that. The first two books didn't accumulate a lot of stars, 3 and 3,5, but this book on the other hand, has taken a major jump up the scale.


You know when you start reading a book, and you get that feeling where you just have to read a little longer before you put it down? The last two books (again) didn't have that. To put it short: they were slow. Very slow.


Dev is still evolving, and all the questions left from "Make You" still stands. Will Base join the hunters? When will "the Big Bad" turn up? Who will live, and who will die?


This is a well executed book, my only regret being that the end felt a little rushed. That said: if you can get through the first two books, this one is well worth your time. I loved the Ava Delaney series, and in this book the author presents some of the same writing skills as she did back then (I haven't gotten aroung to read "Lost souls" yet, but I will!).


Right now it's actually sad to see the story ends. Now, when it finally turned out to be so well written! Anyways, three books is enough for the storyline, so I guess it's a good thing she didn't try to squeeze out another one, just to keep it going. :)

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review 2015-07-24 12:30
Better than the first one..!
Make You - Claire Farrell

3,5 stars.
I’m sorry to say that this one follows the same recipe as the first installment: No twists and turns, and close to no mystery. A couple chapters in, and you can probably predict who the antagonists are. The whole book is quite predictable. One difference though: this book ends with a sort of cliffhanger – good! There are also more action in this book (on all levels), even if it takes it time getting there. Overall I liked this better than the first book, and I will be reading the third and last one. Meaning: even though I’m critical, I won’t say it’s a waste of time, or that you shouldn’t read it. I’m just saying the author can do better (”Ava Delaney”). Oh, and she really needs to write where the story takes place. Dublin, Ireland. Mentioned in one sentence in book one..

Dev no longer tries to maintain the ”Queen Bitch” attitude, and that’s one of the greatest things about this book. You can clearly see how she has changed from the first book, and how she struggles to live a normal life. Of course there is no such thing for Devlin O’Mara, and deep down she knows it, no matter how hard she tries to tell herself otherwise.

Girls are going missing, the police are getting nowhere, and somehow they’re all connected to Dev. Sully can’t be back. He’s dead. She saw Base kill him. Yet her house is marked with a red x, and people are behaving suspiciously close to the same way they did when Sully was around.

The ending is actually quite good. It’s almost worth reading the whole book just for that. Off to read the third and final book in this series!

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review 2015-07-23 13:30
It's OK, but she can do better
Stake You - Claire Farrell

I can’t really decide what to think of this book. I believe the closest I’ll get is ”it’s OK”.

Despite what some others have mentioned in their reviews, I actually like the main character, with all her obvious flaws.
Devlin O’Mara is called ”the Queen Bitch”, a role she has worked hard to claim and maintain. With her life being the way it is, she needs to be a bitch to survive. Taking care of her alcoholic mother, battling demons from the past, and always keeping people at arms length. That’s what she does. And underneath this all, is a lost girl. A girl longing for normal.

One day a new kid arrives at school. A creep, and a weirdo. An Edward Cullen wannabe, wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket indoors, all day. Normal is no longer an opition.

The story evolves around Devs closest friends and family, and of course the new guy, which she really can’t stand. So far, so good.

And this is where I start having issues with the story. I love the characters and how they are depicted. I love the fact that there is no romanticizing the mythical creatures. And I hate that it takes forever for things to start happening. There are no twists and turns. You don’t have to read for long before you know who is who, and what is going to happen. That in itself isn’t so bad. I can survivet hat, even though I’d like a bit more mystery to the story. The problem is that you have to read two thirds of the book before the protagonists are done talking, and the real action begins. From here on the book is actually quite good. I just wish it didn’t take forever to reach ”the top”.

A major fan of the ”Ava Delaney”-series (which I’m about to re-read), I have to say: this was falling short. I know the author can do better! That said: I hate quitting and read the rest of the series. Not a waste of time, but not the best books I’ve read either. It was OK, plain and simple. Oh, and she needs to tell her readers where the story is taking place! Dublin, Ireland. Mentioned in one sentence, quite a few pages into the book..

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review 2015-01-05 05:53
A gripping tale
Verity - Claire Farrell

Felling like a werewolf novel to read, I picked Verity out of many I had waiting. What a pick, not only did it drag me into the story, I didn't want to put it down... it was 3am & I was tempted to pull an all nighter. This is book one and is a great start in a four book series, about Perdy, Amelia & Nathan.

Thank you Claire, you wrote a truely gripping story & I have added the rest of the series and your works on my TBR list.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-07-06 16:52
Tempt by Claire Farrell
Tempt - Claire Farrell,Lynn O'Dell

Third book in this series and it is heating up.  Ava has finally decided she needs to know about just what she is. Going to her grandmother gave her more information but gave her even more reason to avoid her one family member.


Finding out she is Nephilim who has been tainted by vampire poison makes her a very different critter in the world of paranormals. She can see shadows around some people that seem to be demons trying to possess humans and others.  Bringing this up to an Angel who is tending bar had a different reaction than she had expected.


She has managed to break the tie of the succubus to her friend Carl but he is in dire straits. She needs to help him but is recruited to deal with the Beast, who is now terrorizing Liverpool.


Realizing that the vampires want the Beast to figure out how to make more leaves our heroine with a dilemma.  Kill the beast and possibly start a war between the paranormals of Ireland and England or let the beast live and deal with more just like her.


While she is in Liverpool she is dumped in the care of a set of odd twins who slowly tell her of the child slavery courts and so much more. This series is heating up and the twins help Ava realize that she can't just sit back and react, she needs to start acting. I can't wait to read the next book in this very good series.

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