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text 2014-06-10 17:33
What To Read Along With On Such a Full Sea From My ebook Haul?
Lusia's Long Journey Home: A Young Girl's Memoir of Surviving the Holocaust - Lucy Lipiner
Lengths - Steph Campbell,Liz Reinhardt
The Girl in the Wall - Daphne Benedis-Grab
The Lady Astronaut of Mars: A Tor.Com Original - Mary Robinette Kowal
Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart

I've read 34 out of 352 pages of On Such A Full Sea

... and it's taken me WAY too many days.


The language is beautiful, but I find myself needing to reread almost every sentence because on the first read I'm missing the point, because the sound of the words is so overwhelmingly perfect, I cannot help but letting it wash over me.


I need to find something easier to read when I need a break from this one, which I find myself needing every hour or so.  My most recent ebook haul is the above. 


I think I'm leaning towards The Girl in the Wall, I've seen some good things about it.  Oh, and my edition of Lengths, has a MUCH more beautiful cover.

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review 2014-03-01 12:00
Good Gods
Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart

Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart is a light, fun, and cute read that has the gods and goddesses of Olympus doing what they do best, pulling the strings of us humans down on Earth. The gods have become bored and decide to have host competitions to gain favours and boasting rights for the millennia. It is Dita's (aka Aphrodite) turn to host her competitions of love and first up is Apollo. They each choose a player and while Dita tries to get them together, Apollo tries to keep them apart.


There are some things I really liked about this book: it came with its own playlist (Smashing Pumpkins, Fleetwood Mac, and The Smiths to name a few), the Earth couple of Dean and Lex, all the mythology, and the plot/premise is a lot of fun. There were also some things I did not like. Other than Dean and Lex, I did not care about the other characters at all. They were very superficial and not as developed as I would have liked. Perhaps the development comes though the series since this is just book one. I would definitely read the others to see how it goes. I also felt like some of the sex scenes were added in because this is a romance and not because they actually took the story anywhere. If you are looking for a fun beach read, this is it, but if you are looking for a super interesting and earth-shattering book about life on Olympus, this is not.

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review 2013-10-04 00:00
Deer in Headlights
Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart What can I say about Deer in Headlights that hasn't already been said? What I ask you?
I can tell you that it was an amazing read, full of steam, drama, and laughs! I can tell you that Staci's writing is great. I can tell you that her characters are likable! Yes I can! Deer in Headlights was a great spin on mythology, that made it fun and modern! I can't wait to move on to Snake in the Grass!
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review 2013-09-27 15:05
Deer in Headlights (Good Gods, #1)
Deer in Headlights (Good Gods, #1) - Staci Hart Edith Hamilton’s Greek gods are back, and they’ve brought all their glorious tomfoolery with them. Forget the toga-wearing residents of mount Olympus you think you know, they’ve kept up with the times and are living communally in a Manhattan high-rise. No more antiquated names for them either, now they sport hipster-ish new nicknames like Dita, Heff and Perry. Some things never change though; the Gods still screw with human lives for amusement. Dear in Headlights takes the archetypal girl afraid of love and the bad-boy musician and throws in an interesting dash of ambrosia. To stave off boredom, Aphrodite and Apollo enter in to a competition. Aphrodite has to get Lex and Dean to fall in love while Apollo tries to keep them apart. This book is really two stories in one: the story of the Gods and the story of Lex and Dean with the occasional God-like observation thrown in. What makes a romance novel great is the conflict and tension arising from the relationship of the main characters. When the story depends on two characters falling in love, the reasons given need to be believable. Unfortunately, the falling in love phase of this book was weak. In the real world song lyrics and common interests may draw us to another person, but they don’t equal love (I hope not anyway). Normally, an unbelievable relationship would kill a romance novel for me, but this book offers such a fresh twist on the genre that I almost didn’t notice. With an automaton puppy named Bisoux, vinyl records, rock stars, tons of pop culture references and really old-fashioned vendettas, this book was a witty frolic from the first page to the last.
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review 2013-08-15 00:00
Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart Have you ever wondered what the Greek gods would be like if they had to deal with the modern world and how they might act? If you have then Deer in Headlights is definitely one to check out. It’s a fun and quick story with an interesting twist on some really old gods.The gods of Olympus get bored and they enjoy competition, so when it’s Aphrodite’s turn to put up a challenge Apollo jumps at the chance. They have a really deep feud and I really enjoyed getting to see the flashbacks of just how the rift came to be. I loved the way Hart went about giving each god a personality and life stemming from the myths we already know. One of the best things about the Greek gods is how human they were capable of being and I think Hart really capitalized on that feeling, giving them a new more modern life in Olympus. She fleshed out the relationships we only get glimpses at in myths, like Persephone and Hades, and we get to see just how everyone interacts under such close quarters. It’s a great blend of new and old.The story between Lex and Dean is pretty good too and there is plenty of tension as they circle around each other. While it’s not the strongest romance out there it was really enjoyable to see them deal with their attraction and to see how the gods chose to influence their choices.As someone who adores mythology I appreciated all of the work she put into it and I think even those who have little knowledge about Greek mythology can easily settle into this one. It’s quirky and fun, and I think it’s perfect for anyone looking for a lighter paranormal romance.
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