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review 2017-03-27 05:33
The Food of Love - Amanda Prowse

A three and a half star rating.
A normal, happy family or is it? That's what it looks like from the outside. Mum, Freya, dad, Lockie and their two teenagers Charlotte and Lexie. All is going well until Lexie becomes anorexic. A harrowing story with plenty of detail of what happens, what it is like to have share a house with someone suffering from this illness. The reader almost feels they are living there too as there is so much information about what goes on. I realise we are meant to sympathise with everyone but this family was really annoying - so many pages where one of them was "shouting" (even before their troubles began), "yelling", "screaming", "screeching" and banging things around. Freya who thinks she knows best about everything, even more than the experts, refusing to listen to anyone else when she should have got a grip. This book is a definite eye opener to an awful situation that you wouldn't want anyone to have to go through, so this book is worth reading for that alone.

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review 2017-03-27 00:35
Lasting Kind Of Love - Jen A. Durand

Lasting Kind of Love by Jen A. Durand
Luca is back in town from serving in the military because his father is dying. He brings him to doctor and hospital appointments for chemo and helps him around the house.
The neighbors were helping, even Olisa and her young son who come to visit. She and Lucas were going to be married til he left to join the military. They had dated and she went off the deep end after he left and ended up pregnant with another man's baby.
The story goes back in time to when they were dating and then forward to the present. Great to understand their relationship over the years as they chat on the computer often.
Struggles Luca and his dad Peter have as they never really agree on much and Luca is still trying to get his approval at everything he does.
Olisa is a strong woman and has had a hard life also but due to the color of their skin. Other twists and turns as other secrets are revealed.
Love Olisa's career choice and the fact she rasies her son by herself and helps whoever needs her.
Hot spicy sex scenes. Love the romance in this book. Excerpt from Two Millionaires is also included. Listing of author's works by series are cataloged at the beginning of this story. Some have a synopsis listed.
I received this from the author via Goodreads and this is my honest review.

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text 2017-03-25 18:08
Aliens Love Dinopants
Aliens Love Dinopants (The Underpants Books) - Claire Freedman,Ben Cort
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review 2017-03-25 17:47
A welcome return for an old friend
Love Like Blood: A Novel (Tom Thorne) - Mark Billingham

It's a great big welcome back to that Merle Haggard, country lovin' detective, Tom Thorne. In one particular chapter there is a great and memorable moment when D I Tom Thorne is driving down the road singing at the top of his voice..."The late great Merle Haggard provided the accompaniment on the drive to a retail park in Wembley and Thorne sang along to Silver Wings with rather more gusto than he managed in the school hall the day before....." After the rather poor "Die of Shame" where we were first introduced to DI Nicola Tanner, and Thorne had a very minor cameo role in the final chapter, (the only good part of that book) it's a day of rejoicing to have TT back to his investigating best...we forgive him that he enjoys the company of country music and reluctantly accepts the approach of middle age...here he is back doing what he does best solving crime and crime does not come more topical that Mark Billingham's  Love like Blood.


DI Nicola Tanner has been investigating a series of what appear to be honour killings when her partner Susan is murdered. Turning to her good friend Tom Thorne she persuades him to help her uncover the truth behind the killings within the Muslim community, contracted out to hired assassins. Reading this book it is a pleasure to catch up on the old familiar faces especially the heavily tattooed  Phil Hendricks, police pathologist,  who is arguably Thorne's only real friend and together they enjoy good beer and watching football. He is in a relationship with social worker Helen and her young son Alfie but I can't help feeling that there is little future between them. The sex they share is passable...."Neither of them, had they been inclined to talk honestly about it, would have claimed it was the best sex they ever had.." and Helen still misses Paul, her previous partner, who was tragically killed and in one poignant moment she reveals her true feelings towards Thorne....."I'm happy really. You need to know that. But I want to be honest with you, and if I could go back and stop him being killed, I would. I'd do anything to have Paul alive again"....


So for fans of Mark Billingham, "Love Like Blood" will not disappoint, it's like putting on a well worn pair of comfy shoes! The subject matter is very well chosen and of the moment, the police investigation of the finest, the characterization and familiarity of the "cast" most welcome, and the perpetrators Muldoon and Riaz evil and well suited to the task of hired assassins. I only hope that when we next encounter DI Thorne that he has resolved his differences with the lovely Helen, but sadly I fear this relationship is doomed! Many thanks to the publishers Little Brown for supply me with a gratis copy in return for an honest review and that is what I have written.

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text 2017-03-25 16:46
Chrysanthemum - Kevin Henkes

Lexile Level: 460L


This book is about a little mouse with a unique name. She loves her name, but the children at school make fun of her. She gets upset, but her parents tell her she perfect and there is no reason to get upset. She embraces her name. I would use this book to teach children that everyone is different and that is okay. Different it good. 

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