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review 2018-11-05 04:07
Steamy read with danger and a little bit of a mystery
Her Desert Doctor - Marie Tuhart
Quick read with a little BDSM but a lot of sparking and emotion. Sara was a strong woman, meant to help others, and it was how she overcame her past. Hassan took too much on, trying to save his country and have a job. He was protective of and drawn to Sara, yet his past almost brought him down. The caring of both these characters made this a good read.

I received a copy of this story through Authors XP, and this is my unsolicited review.


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text 2018-08-14 10:14
Dessert tables to overload your life with sweetness

Sweets and sugary delights are a necessity at any celebration or occasion. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary celebration or wedding reception; no occasion is complete without the presence of sugar coated, syrup dipped desserts that are a symbol of the happiness and joy one should feel on the special day. If you are looking to get the best dessert table Singapore for the guests in such a grand party, then Rainbowly is the best choice you have. It is known that sweetness signifies god and happy times, and with Rainbowly, everyone at the party will have ample of them.


Along with making you happy, Rainbowly is also concerned about your health and is aware of the fact that excess sugar can be harmful. So to balance things out for people who cannot intake much sweets, Rainbowly keeps naturally sweetened items on their dessert table Singapore. These treats are delightful and delicious, and will not taste bland due to lack of artificial sweetening agents. They comprise of various desserts made of strawberries, fruits cream, etc. which will keep a check on the sugar that goes in, and as a result, no harm would be done to your guests’ health and everybody will be able to enjoy the food. 


Rainbowly’s sweets are sure to make anyone who has tasted them experience a dreamy world of sweetness and deliciousness. The numerous desserts at the dessert table Singapore from Rainbowly have an identity of their own and Rainbowly has the reputation of being the provider of the unparalleled taste and healthy services. Keep no one away from sweets, as despite having troubles with sugar; the guest would still be able to enjoy other natural desserts. Make the celebration come more joyous by distributing sweet happiness to everyone.

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text 2018-08-04 12:41
Summer in Germany


My car dashboard thermometer, yesterday at 1:55PM -- the week before, we'd even been up to 39°C ... at 4PM.  (That's 101F and 102F, respectively.)


These are temperatures I know from desert areas ... Phoenix, Tucson, Yuma and pretty much anywhere else in AZ, Death Valley, El Paso, TX; even Los Angeles.  They are NOT normal in Germany.  Or, well, they weren't, until now.  Now scientists tell us this is going to be the new normal by 2050.  I'm beginning to hope I won't actually live to see that.  I love lots of sunshine in summer, but *this* ...?!


Spent the past two weeks alternately drenched in an air conditioning-free modern office building (because who needs air conditioning in summer anyway, right?) -- sitting right on a major boulevard, too, so opening the windows immediately resulted in being drowned in noise -- and working my butt off until late at night, when temps had finally cooled down enough to even make focusing on work possible.


One morning I saw an office worker going by carrying a sixpack of 2l (67,6 fl oz) bottles of mineral water -- until I took the above photo, I'd have considered that the image of this summer ...


Now I'm going to try to catch up with what's been going on on BL in the past two weeks -- a decidedly more enjoyable prospect.  Hope everybody is well and having a good weekend!  (Minus excessive heat.  Or cold, as the case may be ...)

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review 2018-07-17 14:59
Horse Hunts: A Desert Manhunt (Smoke Tree Mystery Series Book 2) - Gary J. George

Horse Hunts: A Desert Manhunt (Smoke Tree Mystery Series Book 2) by Gary J. George
Free from Kindle and I thought I'd enjoy this read but I loved it.
Am not familiar with the area but my husband spent time there so I'd question him about some things, brings us closer as we age.
Starts out with Horse-the sheriff and he's learned of one of his men being shot while one was drving through the center. He and his deputy Andy head out to the area and he finds out all kinds of clues from things he sees and he knows what direction he walked off in.
They also learn Harvey had killed his wife and put her in the back of the trunk. As the book goes on we hear from Harvey's side and why he did things and where he's heading and why.
We also learn of not only the terrain-very good descriptions, detailed and you can picture them in your mind, but we learn of Horse and how he got that name and his life after retuning from the war and before then when he had met his wife while they attended high school.
Love how the local Indian plays a big part in all this and he knows the court system will never be able to dole out the punishment the man deserves so he takes matters into his own hands.
Love that Horse has a wife waiting for him at home and how she takes care of him. Would love to read more from this series and am noting this is one of my favorite for this month. Would love to read more from this series.

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review 2018-07-16 02:50
Desert Rising - Kelley Grant

The world building in this series is pretty good.  The use of an alternate world and the discussion about religion is really good.  Kelley is a fantasy writer who actually seems to really think about the religion that she is using in her world.


However, at no time in the book did I feel that any of the center characters were really in danger.

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