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text 2015-08-28 14:12
Favorite books I remember reading as a preteenager aka favorite Dutch books

Before I read the Twilight saga and Harry Potter when that was hype, I only read books in Dutch, written by Dutch authors. Because almost none of you will know any of those books, I wanted to share them with you guys! This where my top 3 favorite auto-buy authors when I was a preteenager:


1. "Hoe overleef ik''-serie by Francine Oomen

These books where in the Netherlands as popular as the Roald Dahl or Pretty Little Liars books you'd read as a preteenager. If I would translate this series I would translate it as a ''How do I survive my teenage years''. All of these books had a different theme, such as ''How do I survive freshman year?",''How do I survive my first kiss?'', ''How do I survive myself?'', ''How do I survive a broken heart'' etc. etc. This was very, very long (about 14 books so I didn't read the last few books) but I remember I getting each books when it by birthday or when it was Christmas. I even got 5 of these books signed (which is a big deal because usually you never get Dutch books signed) and I've met the author as well!


2. Books by Carry Slee

Carry Slee was and is still a very big author and her some of her books do have a movie as well (some of them are still in progress to become a movie, which says a lot!). Her books are like classics for children. Each of them have a big topic like bullying and drugs and how they survive that. Some of her books are also set at a camping so they are a little bit lighter. She was also a auto buy author for me because her books where very touching and different. She has loads of books written as well. My favorites where ''Afblijven'' (message was that you have to stay away from drugs) and ''Spijt'' (people bullied a child and then that child dies so they regret that they did bully him). I've no idea where those two books went (they're still at my house somewhere) but yea.


3. This series by Maren Stoffels

This series is about a girl who goes shoplifting and stuff so she's basically a badass. I didn't read other books by this author, but I do remember and loving this series (I've no idea why though, ha). I've also no idea how this series is called, haha.


And then came that period when I started reading translated books (when I was about 13 or 14 years old) like Harry Potter and Twilight. Before I started my blog I almost only read translated books, but after that I started reading English books in English (so I was about 17 years old then) and now I'm 20.


As a child I didn't read that much as I do now, but those where my absolute favorite books.


Do you recognize some of these authors? What books did you read as a preteenager and what where your favorite ones?

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photo 2014-01-25 16:00
Library Haul

Went to the library today, got a whole load of books. Most are Dutch, but I thought people would like to see the big stack of books. :)

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