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review 2018-04-04 16:11
Superhero by Eli Easton 4,5 Star Review
Superhero - Eli Easton

It’s not easy for a young gay artist like Jordan Carson to grow up in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where all anyone seems to care about in middle school and high school are the sports teams. But Jordan was lucky. He met Owen Nelson in the second grade, and they’ve been BFFs ever since. Owen is a big, beautiful blond and their school’s champion wrestler. No one messes with Owen, or with anyone close to him, and he bucks popular opinion by keeping Jordan as his wingman even after Jordan comes out at school.


Their friendship survives, but Jordan’s worst enemy may be himself: he can’t seem to help the fact that he is head-over-heels in love with a hopeless case—his straight friend, Owen. Owen won’t let anything take Jordan’s friendship away, but he never counted on Jordan running off to find a life of his own. Owen will have to face the nature of their relationship if he’s to win Jordan back.




Want to feel better about life? This is a grand little novella and it will make everything better.

I am not a fan of Young Adult and there is sex in this which is .... not my thing with young adults...but I had read the second book in the series first [book:Desperately Seeking Santa|36582719 (like I do) as secondary characters so I had met Jordan and Owen as graduating college seniors so going back in time didn't chuff me,

This is a a wonderful sports romance as well as a loved forever, friends to lovers story. Owen and Jordan love each other. Full stop. It is awesome. 

All the secondary characters are great as are the very realistic conflicts, 

It is a really wonderful, emotionial rich, sweet romance.


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review 2018-02-12 20:49
Well life on the farm is kinda' laid back...said no farmer EVER!!!
Tender Mercies - Eli Easton,Cezary Tulin

'Tender Mercies' is the second book in Eli Easton's series 'Men of Lancaster County' and while the MCs from the first book do make an appearance in this story. 'Tender Mercies' definitely stands on its own and can be read without benefit of the first story but really, why would you want to miss out on reading two lovely and charming stories by Eli Easton...I mean where's the sense in that?


While I liked the first book I do have to admit I enjoyed this one a bit more. Eddie Graber moves to Lancaster County with the dream of starting a rescue center for farm animals...yes, sadly even farm animals can be mistreated and abused. What Eddie doesn't count on is the fact that one of his first rescues isn't going to be a four legged animal but a sweet, hard working Amish farm boy named Samuel Miller. When Samuel's father discovers he's gay he whips Samuel and then hands him a fistful of money before throwing him out and telling him that he has been shunned. Samuel finds his way to a local shelter where an add for farm help leads him to Eddie's rescue center.


it's takes Samuel a bit of doing to convince Eddie that Samuel's the help he needs, but convince him, he does. Sam and Eddie have more than a few things that they need to work through...there's a bit of an age difference and these two men come from very different worlds not to mention that Eddie's a vegan, Sam's not he likes his hamburgers and chicken...I know this seems like a little thing but truly it's not. Add into all this the fact that Eddie really has no idea how to run a farm and while Sam wants to help, he's also afraid of losing his job at the rescue farm. As the days pass Eddie and Samuel grow closer and feelings become stronger. 


Eddie's Rescue Farm was a chance for Eddie to make his dream come true but it as also a chance for him to start over, in spite of his less than auspicious start when his partner...the man he thought was his forever backed out of moving to Lancaster County with him. While Eddie's determination to get his rescue farm up and running falters it never fully dies and it's Sam who offers him the faith and support he needs to keep trying.


While I liked both characters I definitely had a soft spot for Samuel. His quiet strength and determination as he struggled to reshape his world and find his place in it were as much a part of this story as Eddie's journey and Sam and Eddie's romance. The other star of this story are the animals from cows to pot-bellied pigs, ok I admit pot-bellied pigs are not my idea of a pet but that doesn't mean seeing them or any other creature abused or housed in what is sadly less than humane conditions doesn't break my heart and make me more than a little sad and angry and leave me appreciative of all the people who work tirelessly to rescue animals that have been abused and mistreated and show them that there are still good and loving people in this world who will shelter them and keep them safe.


Once again Will Tulin was the narrator for this audio book and while things didn't work so well the first time around I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. Not only did I enjoy the narration for the story in general but Sam's voice for me was spot on and worked really well making me very happy that I decided to give this narrator another listen.



An audio book of 'Tender Mercies' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-01-23 14:22
Helliconia Spring: The First Book in the Helliconia Trilogy (Helliconia Trilogy, Book 1) - Brian W. Aldiss

The central character in this book is the planet Helliconia. The story shows how the primitive civilizations and flora and fauna are influenced by planetary forces with seasons that last thousands of years. Readers must keep in mind that this book is the start of a trilogy or they will not like the ending.

All in all it is a good start and makes me want to read the next book in the trilogy.

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review 2018-01-06 20:16
How to Walk Like a Man (Howl at the Moon Book 2) Eli Easton Review
How to Walk Like a Man - Eli Easton

Deputy Roman Charsguard survived Afghanistan where he lost his best friend—his K-9 handler James. Roman was a military dog until two years ago when he developed the ability to shift into a human. It’s not easy to learn how to be a man. He found a place to live in Mad Creek, a haven for the secret world of dog shifters. Finding a reason to live has been harder. That is, until a certain human walks into the Mad Creek Sheriff’s office and starts making trouble.

Matt Barclay has the worst luck. First he was shot in a SWAT drug raid, then he was sent as DEA investigator to Mad Creek, a little town in the California mountains. Matt’s job is to keep a lookout for illegal drug farms, but nobody in the town wants him there. And then there’s Roman, Matt’s erstwhile baby-sitter. He’s the hottest guy Matt’s ever seen, even if he is a bit peculiar. If this job doesn’t kill Matt, sexual frustration just might.

The town is counting on Roman to prevent Matt from learning about dog shifters, Matt’s counting on Roman to be his work partner and tell him the truth, and Roman’s trying to navigate love, sex, and a whole lot of messy human emotions. Who knew it was so complicated to walk like a man?



This is a fairly light hearted shifter romance. I like the mythos and the characters. I would like it better if it was a known paranormal world. The conflict of "nobody must know" gets a bit old but it fun.


Roman is wonderful of course. It is cool the way Easton has him settle into his human body.


I like Matt less and would have wanted more time with him after he was out but all in all this is a sweet fun tale with adventure thrown in.

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review 2017-12-30 22:06
I seem to be in the minority here, so really there’s nothing here to see…carry on…
Five Dares - Bret Easton Ellis

Andy and Jake have been friends…best friends for a long time and during that time The Andy & Jake show has kept their friends thoroughly entertained. Andy’s the daredevil. His stunts are daring, nerve wracking and at times downright scary. Jake’s the show’s promoter. He adds the drama and the flare with his dares, his pleading, cajoling whatever it takes to build anticipation of the pending event. Crazy stunts are nothing new for either of these young men…having them go awry is…or at least it was until the day Andy convinced Jake that they could safely hold lit firecrackers in their hands as long as they kept their hands open.


It could have gone so much worse than it did but still after a trip to the local emergency room resulting in a pronouncement of second degree burns on both of their hands, Andy and Jake find themselves having to revise their summer plans leading Andy to come up with the plan that they stay at his family’s summer cottage since they both need help with all of their basic ADLs (activities of daily living) and since Jake’s family doesn’t have the awesome health coverage that Andy’s does it only makes sense, right?


As the summer progresses Andy daredevil streak surfaces in the form of a dare between him and Jake…a dare that while it may bring some relief for the sexual tensions they’re each enduring it could also lead to potential heartbreak for one or maybe even both of them.


From a purely objective viewpoint this really was a cute, friends to lovers, new adult, coming out story. From a subjective viewpoint I could appreciate the writing and the story concept. What I didn’t seem to be able to do was connect with either the story or the characters. I liked the story well enough I just didn’t find myself enchanted with anyone.


I’m not going to sit here and attempt to pick this story apart and expound on all the things that I didn’t like or any of that rhetoric because truthfully, I wouldn’t know what to say. It’s not that this was a bad story or that there were things about it that I didn’t like. It’s just that for me it didn’t have ‘it’, whatever that ‘it’ is that endears a book to us and makes want to crawl inside and live in it…well that wasn’t there for me. There were times when I know things should have been funny or at least mildy amusing for me and they just weren’t.


So maybe this was a case of ‘it’s not you it’s me’ or maybe it was just a case of ‘the right book having the wrong reader or maybe that’s the wrong book with the right reader’. I can’t even say that it was a problem with the narrator because honestly, while the narrator, Tristan Josiah may be a new to me narrator. I thought he did an awesome job with this story. I really enjoyed the voices and looking at it from the perspective of the only the narration I’d have to give this one a solid 4 stars…so no matter how I look at it for me it comes down to the fact that this time around things just didn’t work…that’s it, that’s all.


Would I recommend this book…absolutely a lot of my friends really loved this one and I value their opinions a lot. Don’t get me wrong I value my opinion too but just like not everyone loves what I do…not everyone doesn’t love the same things as I do and there is the fact that overall, I really like Eli Easton’s writing and whether I love them or only like them…I’ve never been sorry that I read one of her stories…definitely a win in my eyes.



A copy of  ‘Five Dares’ was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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