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review 2019-06-17 17:54
Another short but fun listen...
Mummy Dearest - Josh Lanyon, Sean Crisden

narrated by Sean Crisden another one of my favorite narrators. It's been a while since I enjoyed a Josh Lanyon story and I really enjoyed this one so for me it was an easy choice to enjoy this story again while I was organizing some of my computer files. 'Mummy Dearest' was slated to be the first book in Josh Lanyon's 'XOXO' series and while nothing more has been released since this one, 'Mummy Dearest' is able to stand on it's own as an enjoyable short story.


With Sean Crisden as always providing an enjoyable narration that adds depth and interest to the characters and the story this one works really well as an entertaining and enjoyable way to pass an afternoon and if you like a touch of humor in your stories this one hits the mark in that department as well.


Definitely recommended for a short, fun listen when you've got a couple of hours to fill.

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review 2019-06-17 17:20
It's been quite a while...
Clockwork Tangerine - Rhys Ford,Greg Tremblay

...since I read this story and revisiting it through the narrations of Greg Tremblay was as always purely delightful. This one's short at just over 2 hours but if you like steampunk and a slow burn with just a bit of steamy smexy times check it out. It's an enjoyable way to pass a bit of time. Definitely recommended.

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review 2019-06-11 23:53
Anyone who knows me will tell you...I'm a Rhys Ford fan...
Ramen Assassin (Ramen Assassin #1) - Rhys Ford

So no big secret there and needless to say when 'Ramen Assassin' was offered up for review I wanted it...again no big secret there. I've read pretty much every word that Ms Ford has committed to paper...virtual, figurative and audio. I've read the 'Sinners', Cole McGinnis, '415 Ink.', 'Murder & Mayhem', 'Hellsinger', 'Halfmoon Bay' and on and on...Rhys Ford writes it and I read it and so far this has worked really, really well for me and this has not changed.


'Ramen Assassin' is the first book in a new series by Ms. Ford where were are introduced to Trey a 28 year old who's life so far has been a roller coaster of highs and lows as his career as a child actor gave him years of success that was quickly followed by a roller coaster rid of drug and alcohol abuse, numerous stays in a variety of rehab centers. Trey's life is the stuff of soap operas because along with his personal collection of bad life choices he's got the family that not only put the 'fun' in dys'fun'ctional but they sucked it right  back out again as well. After his last stint in rehab Trey swore that he was going to get his act together and he's stuck to his promise to himself and that's how he came to be on Kuro Jenkins' radar.


Kuro's the sexy owner of the local Ramen shop that Trey likes to frequent and jog past when the devil on his shoulder becomes too much to deal with and Trey feels the need to wear himself out with running so that he's too tired to chase the need...the addiction that courses through his veins calling to him...tempting him. When he can't stand it anymore Trey runs and when he can Kuro watches and he may lust after the sexy young man who spends his time trying to outrun his demons and seeks sustenance in his ramen shop from time to time. 


Trey's family has been through the mill with his escapades over the years and I get that really I do but honestly I can't help but wonder how much of their toxic behavior towards him hasn't contributed to his struggles. I get that ultimately Trey is responsible for Trey's behavior but addiction is an illness and having a family whose attitude seems to be that he's going to fail before he's ever really tried can't be very helpful.


But while Trey's family may have fallen short of the mark...Kuro was amazing. He believed in Trey when no one else seemed to and yet, he didn't do it blindly and for me it felt like he wanted to believe in Trey but he also knew that Trey's struggles to stay sober were ongoing and that what he was dealing with wasn't going to go away but Kuro wanted to be there for the long haul. He wanted to be that person that Trey could depend on and I'm a total sucker for second chance stories so this just worked 100% for me.


it's not until Trey finds his life in jeopardy that he and Kuro actually cross each other's paths and it's thanks to Kuro that Trey doesn't suddenly find his life ending abruptly and unexpectedly in an alley one night until Kuro who may be run a ramen restaurant now had another life and that life equipped him with the skills he needs to keep Trey alive.


I loved that Trey was sincerely working on getting his life straightened out. He wasn't trying to blame everyone else for his screw-ups rather he was taking ownership of what he'd done and trying to move on and be a better person. That Kuro was willing to believe in Trey not just because he was interested in him but because he trusted his own instincts and those instincts told him that Trey was worth the effort.


As Trey and Kuro work together to solve the mystery of who wants not only Trey dead but Kuro, we're introduced to a collection of secondary characters set against the background for a new series that promises to be every bit as entertaining as 'Cole McGinnis', 'Murder & Mayhem' or any of the other thoroughly enjoyable stories crafted by this author.


If you're a fan of Rhys Ford, this one's definitely recommended, if you've never read Rhys Ford, seriously? what are you waiting for...this is as good a time as any to start. So grab your e-reader and a bowl of ramen, curl up in a comfy chair and enjoy.



An ARC of 'Ramen Assassin' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-06-09 02:31
I've been wanting to read this one for quite a while now...
Wake Up Married serial, Episodes 1 - 3: Wake Up Married, Meet the Family, Do the Holidays - Alice Griffiths,Leta Blake,a. K. A. John Fahey, founding father of the solo steel-string guitar) Dale Miller (Reinventing the Steel - The continuing saga of /Blind Joe death

and happily I finally got the opportunity to check out the first 3  Will & Patrick stories on audio.


I have to admit I was expecting something that had more of a comedic bent to it...please don't misunderstand me, there are some humorous moments to be enjoyed in these stories, but there's also some serious stuff going down as well.


This one presents a bit of a challenge for me when it comes to how to do my review so I'm going to start with things that are common to all 3 stories in this collection, so let's start with the narrator...John Solo. 


This is by no means my first John Solo audio book. Nope, this is somewhere around #10 for this narrator and I and while I enjoyed the narration there was as always for me one little niggle...children's voices...I know, I know I sound like a stuck record but it is what it is and while there wasn't a lot there were children's voices involved and sorry to say...the kids voices just weren't working for me which is why at the end of it it's only 4 stars for the narration...sorry, but it is what it is and as for the adult voices I think Will and Patrick's voices were two of Mr. Solo's better characterizations.


Now as for the story let's talk about Will's ex...Ryan. Ok, I can't lie I'm not going to talk about Ryan...I'm going to rant!!! Seriously RANT!!! Because for the life of me, I cannot understand why anyone much less everyone one, except Patrick, thought Ryan was the second coming of you know who!!! The guy was such a freakin' useless PoS!!! I couldn't stand him and the fact that Will's mother and his Uncle both thought he was just so perfect and amazing made me want to wretch and then smack them both upside the head. If my son brought someone like him home to meet me, I would flip my sh*t!!! Ok, so in case you missed it I disliked Ryan with a passion!  #teamPatrickonthisone!


Now let's talk about Patrick. I liked him yes at times he was a bit to abrupt and seemed to be missing some of his basic good social skills filters...still, I'm rather someone who speaks their mind honestly than someone...like...well, someone like Ryan.


Last but not least a little bit about Will...overall I liked Will. He was sweet and trying so hard to do what was right for everyone except maybe himself. When it came to Will's family the only thing I can say is..."I'm sorry....like seriously sorry!"


Will & Patrick Wake Up Married...is the first story in this series and honestly the title says it all. I know they say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....well, that's only if you didn't marry what happened in Vegas, which is what happened to Will and Patrick. When Will falls of the wagon resulting in a night of drunken debauchery the two men wake up to find that somewhere in their escapades they got married and as is often the case it's going to take more than a few minutes to undo what it took mere minutes to do.


This one got 3 stars from me because the premise intrigued me and there were definitely parts of it that I liked but at the same time things occasionally started to feel a little more convoluted than I would have liked...things like the issue between Patrick and his employer (now former employer) but still there were some good moments...like pretty much any conversation that Will and Patrick had.  These two had a true love/hate relationship going on the only thing in question was whether they loved to hate each other or hated to love each other but I'm guessing that at this stage of the game even they didn't know.


Will & Patrick Meet the Family...or at least we meet Will's family. Which apparently includes his ex, Ryan? Why I ask you why would anyone include their kid's ex in family gatherings? I'm sorry I don't care how much I may like my kid's ex...my kid is my kid and his ex is just that his ex. There is no freaking way that I would ever include them...unless of course I was so oblivious to things that I couldn't see that my kids ex had a toxic personality and I somehow thought they were good for my kid...yeah, Imma' gonna' get me some of those drugs...no thanks. So in spite of the presence of Will's less than stellar ex. I actually enjoyed this episode more than the first one and for me it comes in somewhere between 3.5 - 4 stars but definitely things are heading in the right direction when it comes to holding my interest.


and the last episode in this audio book is...

Will & Patrick Do the Holidays...so I'm a bit of a Christmas fiend and this one just did it for me. It's the holidays and we all know holidays + family = stress, anxiety, drama, angst and all things that make for insanity and needless to say in this department Will's family is no different than the next persons and...before I forget there's more Ryan. But it seems that maybe cracks are starting to show in Ryan's public facade and the court of public opinion is starting to reconsider his 'golden boy' status one can only hope but even more importantly it looks like Will and Patrick are beginning to realize that while their marriage may have resulted from a moment of #badlifechoices there may be more to it than either man is willing to admit or to let go of just yet...so I'm giving this one '4 sign me up for more Will & Patrick stars' because these two are definitely taking the long and winding road to happily ever after and they've got me wanting to take the trip with them.



An audio book of 'Will & Patrick Wake Up Married' series was graciously provided by the authors via Signal Boost Promotions

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review 2019-06-04 03:57
'In an ordinary world filled with ordinary people...a little love can create something...extraordinary...
Kiss Me Again - Garrett Leigh

With 'Kiss Me Again' Garrett Leigh has firmly planted herself on my favorites list. I love stories with characters that aren't perfect...they have weaknesses, flaws, medical conditions...whatever...they're real. They're not outrageously attractive and dynamic with amazingly successful careers or simply loaded with money, etc. etc. in a word they're not perfect, they're just ordinary, everyday people...because that's the kind of characters that I can relate to the easiest...mostly because..."Hello, ordinary, everyday person right here."


In 'Kiss Me Again' we meet Tree Surgeon Aidan Drummond. Aidan's a loner he doesn't want his life complicated by things and people...until an accident lands him in the hospital in a bed directly across from the bed occupied by Ludo Giordano, the most beautiful young man that Aidan's ever seen. Ludo's in the hospital following surgery and to get his meds regulated. Ludo's Bipolar and that means he's not going to get better, his condition isn't going away at the best of times things will be managed.


I had more than a little appreciation for Aidan's struggles and determination to understand what being bipolar meant for Ludo and how it could impact his life...as someone who spent 15+ years working in community healthcare I found this to be dealt with in both an effective and compassionate manner.


From the first time they lay eyes on each other Aidan and Ludo connect. The connection that they share isn't a 'love-at-first-sight' connection. This is about two people who get each other they understand how the other's brain works, what makes them tick, what soothes them, what irritates them...they just get each other it's a bit of an inexplicable thing that just happens. It's like meeting someone for the first time but feeling like you've known them for years. That's how things start for Aidan and Ludo and during their hospital stay the bond that they felt when the first saw each other begins to strengthen.


When Ludo is discharged from hospital without so much as a good-bye to Aidan...Aidan returns to his solitary existence but he doesn't forget the beautiful young man who befriended him during his hospital stay and he knows he never will, he just doesn't know how to find him.


Aidan and Ludo once again come into each other's lives by happenstance and after getting off to a bit of an awkward start Aidan and Ludo begin to spend time together. 


Aidan puts up the front of someone who doesn't care, who neither needs nor wants people in his life but Ludo sees past the facade that Aidan shows the world to the kind, gentle and caring soul that hides within. While Aidan sees past the condition that Ludo struggles to control to the beautiful soul within the man. 


'Kiss Me Again' is a story about a friendship that found it's way to love. What captured my heart the most about these two men was how they fit, how each of them wanted to care for the other not by changing them but by being able to give them strength  when they were weak, by quietly filling their moments of need with strength. 


From start to finish I was enchanted with the quiet and simplistic beauty that was Ludo and Aidan's relationship. 'Kiss Me Again' is about the magic of love in an ordinary world between ordinary people to create something extraordinary in their lives.



An ARC of 'Kiss Me Again' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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