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text 2016-09-29 17:05
Bookhaul #32

In my last bookhaul I told you guys that I was planning on going to a huge booksale thing, so here's my bookhaul! I would too many books in my opinion, but I really want to read them all and I paid less than 20 euros in total for like 8 books, so yay! I also ordered two books and they came in the mail today, so I thought it would be the perfect time to finally show them. 

As you can see, all above are classics. Those are the ones I bought for less than 20 euros. I'm so excited to read all of them (I've already read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, but I wanted to get his entire collection) and some of them are on the Rory Gilmore list as well. Which one of these are you most looking forward to seeing a review?

I've been wanting to collect (almost) every book of both of these authors so I thought it was about time to get them. The only book I now need to get of Adichie is We Should All Be Feminists (but I already watched her speech on TedTalks so not sure if it's worth to buy it). I also bought This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. First I wanted to wait until this entire series is out, but because I want to get all her books in hardcover I decided to buy them once in a while. My plan is to buy A Darker Shade of Magic and the second book in that series too, because the third and final book in that trilogy will be coming out in February. I also cannot wait to read more by these authors!


What is your latest book purchase?

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review 2016-09-27 03:01
Code Name Verity (Audiobook)
Code Name Verity (Audible Audio) - Elizabeth Wein,Lucy Gaskell,Morven Christie

I always like learning or hearing about different aspects of WWII than we're used to encountering in TV, movies and books. This book gives us a rare glimpse into what it might have been like to be a woman pilot and woman spy for the Allied forces in WWII. On that count, this is an interesting read. I also liked the friendship between Julie and Maddie, how they helped each other and depended on each other. I especially liked that they were shown to be as tough and capable as the male heroes we always hear so much about.


Unfortunately, the structure in which the story is told made it hard to really settle into it. I couldn't get past the thought that the Gestapo would hardly be half as patient as the ones here, who let Julie ramble on about her friend Maddie when she's supposed to be writing her confession and giving them valuable intel. Yes, there was an attempt to lampshade this, but it didn't really help in the long run. It also didn't help that the narrator for the first part of the story sounded too composed and tranquil for someone being starved and tortured. The journal style was carried into the second half, which really just made me impatient with Maddie for writing down stuff where anyone could stumble upon it. I think the plotting and pacing would've been helped by a more traditional narrative style.

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review 2016-09-25 00:00
Gothic Tales
Gothic Tales - Elizabeth Gaskell This is another bust for my Gothic square read. I just ended up DNFing it at 22 percent. I really didn't want to torture myself with continuing to read this.

The introduction was really long and I skipped over it. These were the stories that I finished and read.

"Disappearances" (3 stars)-It starts off listing random disappearances of men in the area. And I thought there would be a big pay off in the end. Instead it just came to an abrupt end.

"The Old Nurse's Story (4 stars)-I thought it was interesting reading about how an old woman did what she could at a younger age to keep her young charge safe from phantoms that haunted the grounds. The backstory to these phantoms was interesting and I still wonder though at the new lord of the house who didn't seem put out by the hauntings.

"The Poor Clare" (1 star)- I did not understand this one at all. I finally just gave up after re-reading it through twice.

I tried to start the next story and found myself yawning and decided to just stop reading. I am annoyed I paid $9.99 for this kindle version since this is rife with typos all over that have "ibid = page XX" and whatever page number was in there. The book also had footnotes all through it, and when you would click on one it did not take you back to where you left off in the book. Every single time I hit the back arrow I would get kicked out of the book. So my frustration with the typos, the footnotes littered on every sentence just made me finally decide to throw in the white towel of surrender.
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url 2016-01-01 10:29
Najpiękniejsze książki w Polsce - Angielski Ogród
Dziwne losy Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë
Północ i Południe - Elizabeth Gaskell
Opactwo Northanger - Jane Austen,Ewa Patryga

Chodźcie na wpis! :)

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text 2015-12-31 17:52
Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 417 pages.
Mary Barton - MacDonald Daly,Elizabeth Gaskell

Well, I started this one ages ago, but got sidetracked, and have now lost my place. I do plan to get restarted, but probably not for a while, so I think I will file this under "W" for "Waiting."

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