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review 2020-07-05 18:57
Disappointing Execution of a Good Premise
Perfectly Famous - Emily Liebert

The stories of two women are interwoven in Emily Liebert’s most recent domestic thriller Perfectly Famous. Ward DeFleur is a famous author who goes into hiding following a family tragedy, cutting off all ties to her former life. Bree Bennett is a recent divorcee looking to reboot her own writing career by finding Ward and exposing her story, hoping to eventually turn a series of articles into a book. What begins as an interesting premise for a mystery diverts into banal romance with some unrealistic dialog and awkward interaction. Both women lack clear motivations for their actions, and Bree’s irrational attraction to her literary subject is unconvincing. The most interesting parts of the book involve a subplot about Bree’s teenage daughter, Chloe, who is rebelling after her parents’ amicable split.  Unfortunately, no explanation or resolution about the mother-daughter relationship is satisfyingly explored. Liebert attempts to depict an increasing degree of danger for Bree as she chases down her story, but it comes across as artificial and fails to stimulate a genuine sense of peril. Unfortunately, the plot then goes from ploddingly predictable to jarringly irrational at its conclusion. The ending seems to be almost hijacked, tacked on as a last-ditch attempt to elicit surprise. What results is a disappointing and ultimately unrewarding experience—one that is somewhat insulting to today’s sophisticated mystery consumer.

Thanks to the author, Gallery Books and NetGalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.

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review 2016-04-12 22:37
Some Women
Some Women - Emily Liebert
ISBN: 0451471881
Publisher:  Penguin
Publication Date: 4/5/2016
Format: Other
My Rating: 4 Stars 


Talented Emily Liebert delivers her charming fifth novel, SOME WOMEN -a contemporary chick-lit of three different strong women, each confronted with a major life-altering changes and decisions.

With honesty, wit, and new friendships, an inspiring book of reinvention--a nice choice for your summer beach bag. (Stunning cover).

Meet Annabel, Piper, and Mackenzie:

Annabel, appears to have it all together. From her twin five year old boys, organization, and a home run with finesse. Until her husband makes the announcement. He is leaving. What the heck?

Piper, is a single mom to her daughter, Fern. She juggles all sorts of things, from a hectic career as a crime report, plus her issues with daughter and new man of her dreams, Todd. Fern’s absentee dad, Max is back—a conflict, pulled between the tension.

Mackenzie, is sharp--married to Trevor, and the heir of a media conglomerate—however, her controlling mother-in-law, Cecilia is pressuring them to start a family. Her marriage may not be strong enough to even support a family unit.

Three unlikely women from different walks of life meet in a barre class (the author is also a certified barre teacher). They become a support group for one another, when meeting after class over coffee.

Pure Barre —a combination of yoga, Pilates, and ballet. Sculpting—and the inspiration for SOME WOMEN. The technique is low-impact, protecting your joints by avoiding any bouncing or jumping. Let me say, Emily you are looking great--it is working!

The concentration involved while taking Pure Barre allows you to block "life" out for the hour, creating the mental benefits similarly obtained by the practice of yoga or meditation. (Something all women need). I do a combination, and find it works much better than jogging, cycling, and running, which can create torture for your body as you age (better for your back & arthritis--which comes with high-impact)--plus better, and faster results.

Pure Barre mantra, “You’re stronger than you think.”

Having read all Emily’s books, she writes of relationships, friendships, motherhood, and marriage—-for the modern contemporary woman,attempting to balance it all-personal and career.

Fans of Sarah Pekkanen, Jennifer Weiner, and Emily Giffin will enjoy Emily’s entertaining, honest, and witty style.

Sometimes an escape outside your inner world can bring new insights to your problems--a fresh look at your life; breaking out of your inner, comfortable circle of friends-when you are open to new friendships and experiences--you may learn something.

Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!Some-Women/cmoa/56abd4220cf2f76605907fc2
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review 2015-07-10 23:06
Those Secrets We Keep
Those Secrets We Keep - Emily Liebert

Title: Those Secrets We Keep
Author: Emily Liebert
Publisher: NAL
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Those Secrets We Keep" by Emily Liebert

What I liked about this novel....

This was a beautiful told story of three very exceptional but different women who all had one thing in common...their friendships and secrets along with some scandal. The title really fits this story because as you read you will find out that each of these ladies had some rather different complexities that really made this such an interesting storyline. From Sloane who was the main character in this novel... whom you would think had the perfect marriage but did she? Then there is Hilary a friend of Sloane who again thought to have had a good life but did she? And last their is Sloane's friend Georgina who was quite a person being a college friend, but now there seems like things had changed between these two.
The reader will find from the read that each of these women have some troubles in their lives that will ...well, I will stop here and say you must pick up this good read to see how this author will lay it all out to the reader. It will be one interesting read that will keep your attention all the way to the end!

What will happen when these three women are alone for a three week long summer vacation in the New York Adirondack on Lake George? What secrets will come out as they unite in this friendship which seems to also go into their life's' with their own families. Be ready for a story of some real drama..... along with even a ex lover, more complications as one friend will feel left out, dilemmas, 'hidden agendas, strong personalities, tensions all giving the reader a wonderful story of the power of female friendships and in the end the road of healing.'

The author does a great job of bring out the realness of these women's...Sloane, Hilary and Georgina...their issues, fears, insecurities to their dreams. Bye the end of this story...none of these characters will be the same. Wow, what a good read this was for me as from the young to all where each one will be able relate to this unique story.

What I especially liked from the novel...

At the end of the novel I liked the question and answer section that this author included at the end of her novel. Very well done to the author.

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review 2015-06-21 00:07
Those Secrets We Keep - Emily Liebert

This book was much different than I thought it would be. Three women away from their daily responsibilities and it seems all they can do is bitch and argue. A LOT. But, it does get better as the women admit the secrets they are holding back and what it is that's keeping them on edge. And boy, are they holding back some big secrets!

I thought it was a very enjoyable read after the arguments settled down and the girls got along better. Plus, the author describes Luke as looking like Josh Lucas in Sweet Home Alabama. So, every time he appeared, I got that face in my mind. What a bonus!

But the ending? Believe me when I say it was jaw dropping.

Thanks Penguin/NAL and Net Galley for providing me with this free E-galley in exchange for an honest review. It provided much entertainment.

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review 2015-06-09 02:10
Those Secrets We Keep
Those Secrets We Keep - Emily Liebert

By Emily Liebert
ISBN: 9780451471871
Publisher: PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL
Publication Date: 6/2/2015
Format: Paperback
My Rating: 4 Stars


Emily Liebert returns after You Knew Me When and When We Fall, with a contemporary chick-lit THOSE SECRETS WE KEEP, exploring the complexities of three different women; their friendships, dirty little secrets and scandals--for a sizzling summer beach read.

Meet the three women:

Sloane is the main character, and the central focus of the three women. A stay-at-home mom, married with a perfect life (on the outside); with husband, daughter, and financial security. However, after losing her sister Amy to cancer she is depressed. As mid-life crisis approaches, she decides a laid back gals’ weekend may be just what she needs. Her aunt’s house on Lake George will be a perfect setting for the weekend with her friend Hilary.

Hilary has a good life, career and personal family life, except no baby, as she has been unable to conceive. She also has a secrets.

To add more drama into the mix, Sloane has a friend from her past, from college. A trip planned for only Hilary and Sloane. However, Sloane steps in (hate it when that happens) and invites herself. So now three, which makes it a little awkward. Sloane is in the middle of a new friend and old friend. (This is asking for trouble). Hilary of course does not have the history as the two old friends.

Sloane and Georgina have a shared past. Georgina is irresponsible, a wild child from old family money, and always escapes when the pressure of life comes her way. Georgina is everything Sloane is not. Sloane is responsible, kind, and has a stable life; whereas, Georgina is impulsive and irresponsible. As always, with this difference, life is always greener on the other side.

Making for some complex human dynamics, they were not all three friends before going to the lake. As we all are aware, we are not the same person as we were back in college and our new friends may not share in the history. With three distinct personalities, there is always the odd (woman) out.

As the three women unite for a three week long summer vacation in the New York Adirondacks with a beautiful setting--can they keep their secrets of the heart? What is behind their façade, and the perfect face many women put on, when fearing if their friends know the real person with the issues, they may not like them. Not only are they keeping secrets from their friends, but also with their respective families.

There always has to be an ex-lover involved to crank up the intensity and sizzle. There are many more complications when you get three women together, versus two, with taking sides. With hidden agendas, strong personalities, and tensions, a story of the power of female friendships, and the road to healing.

Fans of Emily Giffin, Sarah Pekkanen, Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinnke will be drawn to the issues of modern women, their fears, insecurities and dreams. Young to middle age women, single, married and mothers will relate.

I discovered Emily years ago, and highly recommend Those Secrets We Keep and her previous books, if you have not had an opportunity to read. She has used two women in her previous books, and does a nice job of adding in another layer with a third strong personality. Nice Character development!

“You can’t expect people to change their colors and act the way you want them to act when you’ve accepted them for who they are for this long.”

Looking forward to Emily's fifth book, Some Women, set to release on April 5, 2016.

When We Fall 9/2/2014 
You Knew Me When 9/3/2013

Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/#!Those-Secrets-We-Keep/cmoa/554ff0150cf248741722b904
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