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review 2018-05-14 22:51
The Break Down - B.A. Paris

I don't normally read psychological thrillers because they trigger issues for me but this is our book club book this month so I read it.  It's a good story.  I was sucked into from the first moment (of course, I did have all the lights on.)  I guessed what was happening to her within the first chapter and I was right.  I knew her husband was up to no good and I was right.  I did not guess the murderer and was only half right on the reason for the murder.  I was guessing up to the end on how it would all fall into place.  Luck was on Cass' side and she deserved it.  I'll read this author again.

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review 2018-05-06 00:59
The Female Persuasion - Meg Wolitzer

Very timely book dealing with feminism, sexual assault, taking care of family, dreams crushed, eyes opened.  I enjoyed the book.  Cory and Zee were the most developed characters.  Greer could have been more developed.  Faith could have explained things better instead of leaving the rift at the end.  There were many story lines but Cory and Zee grow up the most and become adults during the book.  The others had some ways to go before becoming fully adult.  All lost something on their journeys and what they lost was important.  Those losses caused some to grow up while others went into downward spirals before their growing up began.  Worth the read. 

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review 2018-04-28 18:49
THE NECKLACE by Claire McMillan
The Necklace - Claire McMillan

The past and present of the Quincy family is told as Loulou has passed away and her will is read. The necklace she gives to Nell is finally found and a search for its history brings out secrets some would rather keep hidden.

I liked how each chapter was either the past or the present. As the ancestors' love triangle story is told the present day family is struggling with greed, trying to fit in, and attempting to keep the past buried. The truth does come out and it shows the family's high opinion of themselves is only that. Each character is flawed as humans are--some more than others. I liked Nell and Emerson. Pansy and Baldwin were the pits. I am still out about May, Ambrose, and Ethan. Communication would have helped a lot there.

The story was well written. The author drew me into the worlds of the Quincys. I wanted to know what happened. I also wanted to know about the necklace and Ambrose's travels. I may try to find a copy of the journal the story is based upon if it is still in print.

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review 2018-04-01 21:11
Shadows of Hope
Shadows of Hope - Georgiana Daniels
Title: Shadows of Hope
Author: Georgiana Daniels
Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Shadows of Hope" by Georgiana Daniels

My Thoughts....

What a very thought provoking read that will leave you with food for thought long after the read.
There are a lots of good question in the ending of this novel that were right on point. Be ready for a read that deals with 'marriage, betrayal, infertility, drama, friendships, secrets, faith, pregnancy forgiveness and moving on.'

I found these three characters Marissa, Tristan , Colin and Kaitlyn were all well developed, portrayed and believable giving the reader a decent story in the end. I did enjoy how this author was able to give Christian guidance in their daily life for some of the characters.

This is definitely one of those stories [infidelity] where the choices one makes and the consequences that are left in how this all affects everyone involved when it's said and done. I also believe that there are many women who can relate to what has happened in Marissa's position. Bye the end did we have a 'love triangle?' "How will God work this all out in all these peoples lives? Will Marissa and Colin’s marriage survive this infidelity?" 'Will God's love heal this relationships?' 'And what about forgiveness? Can they forgive themselves?' 'Will God forgive them?'

Well, to find out the answers to all of these questions you will have to pick up this interesting read "Shadows of Hope" to see if there is any hope left for these people.

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review 2018-02-17 04:48
Undone By Fire
Undone by Fire (Undone Series Book 2) - Falon Gold

Title: Undone By Fire
Author: Falon Gold
Publisher: F. G.
Series: Undone Book 2
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Undone By Fire" by Falon Gold

My Thoughts....

I really enjoyed reading 'Undone By Fire' which dealt with Naveah and Orion. How this story went from a trial to a HEA was simply well written for these two giving the reader quite a captivating read. I loved how these two seemed to bond from the very beginning of their meeting. Then you add in that abusive person and let's not leave out some other outstanding characters...Tommy, Astrid, Gary along with a few others and you will have one heck of a good read. I will say that Tommy was one funny character that will keep you laughing at his antics throughout the story. Even though the reader will find some funny parts of the read this was still a serious story about 'Domestic Violence.' It seems like it took Naveah a minute to understand that she had people who were willing to help her but will she be willing to receive their help? This was a good story in that when certain things happen through abuse one cannot stay silent. There is 'help out there and it will not just stop and just go away.' No person should have to go through this situation alone especially when there is help for you! Well done novel to the author for such a real good entertaining read.

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