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review 2017-07-12 14:26
Glad to Be Finished
Some Enchanted Éclair - Bailey Cates

I did enjoy the book, but it took me longer than usual. Partially due to illness, I got very ill and was sleeping on the couch for 3 straight days and nights. Partially due to my dad (at almost 80 years old) falling off a ladder and getting hurt, so I have been driving done (about 75 miles as the bridge over the river is being worked on and they closed parts of it and traffic is horrendous). I am just glad to be finished because it was a library borrowed book and I really needed to return the book. 


This book has Katie and Declan working on their relationship. Steve trying to give them the space to do it, while he still yearns to be with Katie. 


A movie has come to town and it has been causing some problems. People who are excited to see actors and actresses close up and others who want to watch how the "magic" happens. Katie's uncle, Ben has been hired to be security for the film. He is using firefighters who are off shift to help keep the area free of visitors. Simon, the movie's fixer, comes into the Honeybee and requests a catered meal for the movie people. The caterer he had hired has just been fired and he needs food for the cast and staff quickly. Lucy and Katie decide that they will take on the job, but after the first day of the "fixer" has been murdered using their knife they sent with a watermelon. 


Ben and Katie want to find who murdered Simon since it was on his watch and using their knife. They decide to work together and use all their resources. They even use the main actresses medium, Ursula, to help them try to contact Simon to find out who did this to him. 


I have lived in a few towns that have hosted movies (Newport, KY - "Rainman" and another that I can't think of, it had Molly Ringwald. Lebanon, OH - a Hallmark Christmas Movie). It is interesting to see the "magic" and it is always interesting to see how people are willing to let their lives be disrupted for a short time to host Hollywood Elites. 


I have some pictures taken on very hot days of August, where all the signs say Merry Christmas and there is "snow" on the ground and many of the storefronts made up for Christmas. 


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Image may contain: 2 people

Image may contain: 2 people


It was fun to see two seasons at one time in our small town. 


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review 2017-05-30 16:01
Never Been So Happy to Quit a Series Before
No Quest For The Wicked - Shanna Swendson

Yeah this one was bad. I decided after this book to just stop the series. The repetitiveness and the utter stupidity of the main character just got on my last nerves. The last book was fairly short and this one was longer, but honestly the author could have cut out a lot of scenes and I would have been okay with that.


in "No Quest for the Wicked" we have Owen getting used a world in which he no longer has magic. Katie is bored just working in sales now as an immune. When Owen and Katie are given a task to find two magical objects (one that Merlin created) that can lead to someone ruling the world, they agree to take it on. They have the usual cast of characters (Sam, Katie's Grandma, Rod) and some new ones. We also have the unwelcome appearance of Katie's former boss in this one too.


I don't know what to say. I just realized that when Swendson threw in another group of evil magical users that I was out. I just don't care anymore about what happens to Katie or Owen. This book dragged. I seriously wanted to know at one point why the heck didn't Katie or Owen just take a damn magic carpet back to the MSI Inc., building and hide out until they got the magical box that could contain the magical objects. But that was me having common sense. We just follow this group and others as they run around New York trying to avoid people who are trying to steal the objects from them.


And this book ends with another twist that made me roll my eyes.  

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review 2017-05-30 15:55
Should Have Been the End of the Series
Much Ado About Magic - Shanna Swendson

Everything gets wrapped up in a bow in this (the fifth) book in the series. Not a lot of it makes sense. I think the author just took parts of Harry Potter and just reworked it here and there. 


In "Much Ado About Magic" we finally figure out who the big bad is that is trying to take out MSI Inc. and Merlin. 


Katie is back in New York in this one. She's happy to be back with her roommates and to be dating Owen. Honestly this book should have focused more on him since the majority of the plot was about Owen's real parents and his adopted ones. Also once again, not impressed about Merlin.


I don't want to get too spoilery in this review, but honestly this book should have been the end of the series. Things get wrapped up so to me it didn't make a lot of sense why this book has 8 books in the series from what I could see. 


The writing is so so for me. And I have to say that the book/series has become rather repetitive. We have Katie and Owen not communicating that well. Bad guy does something. MSI Inc. tries to respond. Bad guy does something. MSI, Inc. tries to respond. There is talking. Then there is a lame magical fight. 

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review 2017-05-30 15:50
Kind of Boring
Don't Hex with Texas - Shanna Swendson

I really think this book would have worked out better if we got to focus more on Katie's family's background. We find out in this one that some of the people in Katie's family are immunes and some are able to use magic. I thought that was exciting. But once again it turns into a boring magical fight with Katie not staying out of the way that could have caused everyone to lose again. At this point if Katie doesn't learn some martial arts or something, I want her to say far and far away from fights.


And this is a criticism of the series as a whole. For short books (and they are short) the author needs to be more focused. This book had like 5 plots going on. A plot was Katie realizing that someone in her hometown was using magic to steal. Well she calls Sam at MSI, Inc. and the next thing you know Owen arrives. Of course there is angst. But then we have another plot of Katie's brother being an ass to Owen, Katie's family wanting her to be with Owen, Katie being scared to go back to New York since she knows that Owen cares about her and she's a liability, and oh there's someone providing classes to magical users, and there are bad wizards afoot trying to take out Owen. I don't know there was a lot going on that didn't make a lot of sense.


In this one we finally get bad guy #1 taken care of, but of course there's a bigger bad guy out there that we deal with in the next book. 



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review 2017-05-30 15:41
Damsel Under Stress - Shanna Swendson

Sorry book #3 really lost me. It was all over the place. And once again we have Katie keeping something from Owen that she should have told him. And we have the dumbest reason ever that ends up sending Katie off to a different place. I started to be able to call out the plot in this book and that's never a good thing.


Katie and Owen are finally together. They have the lamest dates ever (I said it) with making out here and there. Katie gets a fairy godmother in this one. And apparently it's the same one that helped (badly) Cinderella out. I wish that the book had focused on that more since I think it could have been funny to find out more about the fairy godmother and her terrible plots to get people together. Katie loses her immunity (a freaking gain) in this one, but on purpose and someone also gets possessed (don't ask). 


The only reason that I gave this book 2 stars was that we finally get some backstory on Owen and his adopted parents in this one. I wish that Katie and Owen had visited with them longer. Everything else in this book was a snooze. There is once again the lamest magical fight in this one and at this point I don't see why anyone is worried about Merlin. He just seems to sit around and does some rah rah nonsense here and there.

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