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text 2018-12-31 22:59
24 Festive Tasks: Holiday Book Joker
Murder for Christmas: Tales of Seasonal Malice - David Birney,John Collier,Dorothy L. Sayers,John Standing,Margery Allingham,Stanley Ellin,Robert Culp,Marjorie Bowen,Paul Eddington,Agatha Christie,Ngaio Marsh, Arthur Conan Doyle
An English Christmas - John Julius Norwich,Various Authors

To round out the game, I'm going to use my two favorite anthologies among all the Christmas books I've listened to this month for the holiday book joker, and I'll use them for the Epiphany house blessing task (task 2), which feels appropriate for this day, and for Hogswatch task 2, as I (perhaps luckily) never had any encounters with department store Santas at all.


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text 2018-12-27 23:31
24 Festive Tasks: Door 24 - Epiphany, Task 1 (Favourite Trilogy)
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien


I know Tolkien didn't actually intend this to be a trilogy, but that is how it has come to be published -- and it's occupied the spot that says "favorite trilogy" to me ever since I first read it in my early teens.

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text 2018-12-22 10:50
24 Festive Tasks Door 24 Task 1 my favourite trilogy

This was an easy question for me to answer.


Only one trilogy I've read has maintained the quality through all three books while continually deepened my understanding of the story's milieu and developing the main characters without losing sight of their history and initial motivations.


I give you...



drumroll please:




...The Hunger Games trilogy!




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text 2018-12-20 00:48
Epiphany-24 Tasks



Task 1: Tell us: What’s your favorite trilogy?


Oh this is easy since there are few trilogies these days that don't make me want to scream in despair. It would be His Dark Materials. The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass are so good. I love that Pullman ended each book with a fine resolution for that part of it and made the stakes higher and higher in each. And I cannot wait for the tv series!


Task 2:  Chalking the door is an Epiphany tradition in some places, to bless a home for the coming year.  Different patterns exist, with different meanings.  If you could create your own pattern to bless your house next year, what would it look like?


Image result for rose pattern


Tulips are my favorite flower, but roses make me think of my father and mother. Actually roses in general make me think of my family. My dad grew roses and had them twining around our house when we were kids. He would stay outside and make sure that they were healthy, watered, and trim them down. The things grew like ivy though and started to grow up to our porch's railings and I think it drove my mom crazy cause the ants would crawl up on them and be all over the place. It made me feel like I lived in a tower though. 


Task 3: Compile a post containing one image for every gift mentioned / added in each new verse of The Twelve Days of Christmas (lyrics here: https://www.41051.com/xmaslyrics/twelvedays.html).



Task 4: Prepare your favorite spicy dish or holiday drink containing spices and share a photo. Also sharing the recipe is optional but welcome!


Hmm will do this later!


Book: Read a book with three main characters; books about traveling on a journey to a faraway place, a book that’s part of a trilogy, with a star on the cover, with the word “twelve” or “night” in the title, or concerning kings or spices.


I don't think I will read Annihilation for this one. Going to pick something else. Still though, I loved the movie and soundtrack. 


Image result for annihilation movie gif


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text 2018-12-18 17:46
24 Festive Tasks: Door 13 - Advent, Task 3; and Door 24 - Epiphany, Task 4 (Wassail Bowl and Favorite Spicy Drink)

Nothing like a bowl of chai latte with freshly ground spices on a winter day ...

... chased with a banana, cherry and chocolate smoothie in a matching festive cup (closest thing I have to what just might pass for a wassail bowl) -- admittely store bought, but seriously, can you resist this sort of label?

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