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text 2019-01-18 10:42
Few Signs That Tell You Hiring A Child Custody Attorney

Family – Well, for me it is everything. And, I always want them all to stay happy & healthy together. But what if, there comes a situation that turns the entire situation? What if, some of our family members can’t feel happy in each other’s company or they may have misunderstandings? Nightmare! Such a nightmare!

In such a situation, we require knocking doors of the best family lawyers Melbourne who can drag you out from the trouble. Or who can find out any middle way to sort the confusion or to smooth the relations. In our lifetime, everyone come across a situation where they need the help of others; the situation can’t be able to hold at the owner.

And, at that moment, we find god or saviour into lawyers whether it’s a matter of Personal Injury Lawyers Melbourne, criminal lawyer, cyber lawyer, or any other lawyers. So, yes let’s back to the point. In which cases, I should hire a child custody lawyer? Should I knock the doors of a lawyer or try to handle the situation at my own? A troublesome matter indeed!

First Sign: If Your Ex-life Partner has Already One

If you already know that your ex-life partner is working with a private child custody lawyer then, it is the right time for you to consider hiring a child custody lawyer. If you are going through money crisis then, you should try looking for free legal aid around your area.

  • If you Found the Case more Complex

Sometimes, it happens that you have started the things or I can say, that can be a simple miscommunication but, in the end, it will take a giant look and can turn things wrongly. Like an example, if you learn that your ex has changed his or her mind about sharing custody or might be you suspect that he or she is going to convince the court that you are unable to care your kids for the whole life.

  • If Your Case Crosses Jurisdictions

If you are your ex-husband live in totally different states, cities, or countries, then you should consider hiring a confident and stable lawyer who can represent you and your perspective firmly. You should work on every possible way that you can to learn about the child custody laws that impact your case. Especially, if it is an international but seeking counsel is recommended to you for any inter-jurisdictional cases.

  • If You Found, Your Child is in Danger

This is a very serious situation which demands qualified legal representation. Because the costs of losing child custody case are too high when you believe your kids’ safety is under danger. Don’t ever ignore any threats and approach lawyer as early as possible.

Last Few Lines,

I hope, now you may find it easy to understand, in which cases you should seek the best family lawyers Melbourne who can help you come out from the trap and bless you with freedom and peace of mind!

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review 2019-01-14 15:54
Book Review of Born in the Bed You Were Made: One Family's Journey from Cesarean to Home Birth by Brooklyn James
Born in the Bed You Were Made: One Family's Journey from Cesarean to Home Birth - Brooklyn James

What the hell happened?


Not exactly the question one might expect from a postpartum nurse, it echoed in my mind incessantly after birth. Induction, intervention, ultimately cesarean were nothing new to me…until I was the one atop an operating room table birthing my firstborn through an incision in my uterus.


Brooklyn James grapples with her medicalized birth as she undergoes several unexpected health issues—fallout from a medically unnecessary cesarean, secondary infertility, miscarriage. While navigating the work and pleasure of new motherhood, there is also much shock, anger, and disenchantment over birth’s betrayal for her to work through. James finally identifies the root of her struggle: she was not prepared for the birth she might have envisioned. So then begins her exploration of all that is and all that can be in birth. The process leads her to a long overdue conversation with her instinct and her body in an attempt to surrender to, trust in, and accept the inherent wisdom within.


Born in the Bed You Were Made is intimate and penetrating, candid and reflective. It reveals a deeper truth about how disconnected many modern women are from birth. Most of all, it is a celebration of self-discovery found in the most obscure yet obvious, most challenging yet gratifying, role as child bearer and mother.


Review 5*


This book is fantastic! I am not one who usually reads non-fiction or even memoirs, but having read previous fictional books written by this author, I knew that this book, being more personal, would be an emotional roller coaster ride. It didn't disappoint.


The author explores her emotions and thoughts over several events that shaped her ultimate decision of having a home birth. As I am not American, I don't know how the medical insurance companies work as such, but I believe that women have the right to decide how and where they would like to birth their babies. Unfortunately, most insurance companies are run by men. I don't mean to be sexist, but its the truth.


I am not a mother myself (and due to my advanced age, I may never have children of my own), but what struck me is how much this author's words touched something inside me that resounded within my inner being. She speaks of the instinctual, primitive brain (the part that handles breathing, and old emotional responses like fear, anger, love and knowing things, perhaps at a genetic level like birthing babies) and how she struggled through going against her instincts for a home birth in her first pregnancy because her insurance company didn't allow it. How this led to her having a Cesaerian that may or may not have been necessary, and later a miscarriage that taught her to trust her body and the genetic knowledge within.


The author also explores the role and history of a midwife. I found this aspect of the book interesting and full of words of wisdom, from the author herself, as well as those used by her midwife and the research books the author has used. I highlighted over 70 passages throughout this book that struck a chord within me. I don't usually highlight that many things in books, so that shows how much this book has affected me. Midwives have an important role for women. They act as a library of knowledge for expectant mothers. They also guide women through the hard work of labour and birthing children. They have a unique insight into the primitive brain through observation, and medical training to handle most problems that may arise. Unfortunately, these women have not had an easy ride throughout history. They were highly respected once, but they have lost their place due to vilification (being called witches, flakes and fakes in the not so distant past) and their knowledge depleted.


Hospitals and modern medicine have grown, time is short in today's society. Large pharmaceutical companies push for the use of drugs, hospitals don't have enough staff to give adequate one-on-one care for every expectant mother, and there are not enough beds for a natural birth. Hospitals have become factories - get them in and send them out as quickly as possible - and induced births, Cesareans (some necessary, but most unnecessary) have become the norm. This saddens not only me but the author too.


It has been an honour and a pleasure going on this author's journey. I wouldn't wish what happened to her happen to anyone else, but her journey is inspirational. I believe that women have the right to a support system like midwives along with obstetrics at a hospital, and the freedom to choose between a more economical home birth or an expensive hospital one. Modern medicine should work in concert with the more traditional methods to ensure a healthy birth experience for both the mother and child.


Brooklyn James has written a story that has touched me deeply. I love her writing style, and the flow was excellent. I am now looking forward to reading more of her other books as soon as I can.


I highly recommend this book, whether you are planning on having children, already have children and are considering having more, or have had children and they are starting their own families. The author references a few books that she used while pregnant, and these may help other expectant mothers too. - Lynn Worton

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review 2019-01-13 17:41
I'm still glad I was an only child
Dear Sister - Alison McGhee,Joe Bluhm

Dear Sister by Alison McGhee (with illustrations by Joe Bluhm) was a happy accident. It happened to be returned while I was working at circulation and when I flipped through it I was intrigued enough to check it out for myself. The book is written in a series of letters and drawings from a boy who has just been saddled  blessed with a baby sister. His parents want him to write to her so they can put it in her baby book but he has his own ideas of what to write. From the start, his letters and drawings are quite hostile and he makes a point of saying that the 'wardens' have forced him into contributing. Their relationship is typical of an older sibling who has no interest in catering to an annoying, screaming infant/toddler/preschooler. Their age difference is about 8 years which explains a lot of the animosity. He always refers to her as 'sister' because the name he had picked out for her (and which wasn't used) was so good that he'd hate to slip up and call her that because then she'd be sad that it wasn't her name. This is one of those perfect little books that shock you when you realize they're not more in demand. It felt totally authentic and the illustrations were absolutely fantastic. They were a mix of childlike drawings which aged up with the character and a few realistic looking pencil drawings from a third person standpoint. The whole story is heartwarming and the ending was so sweet that I actually cried. What a great little book! 10/10


A/N: I discovered that Joe Bluhm illustrated one of my favorite William Joyce books The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and now I'm on a mission to find more of his work. No wonder I liked the drawings in this so much! XD


Source: Amazon.com


                                  Source: Amazon.com


What's Up Next: I'm waiting on another volume of the Elfquest Archives so that I can hopefully do my reviews in one post. We shall see...


What I'm Currently Reading: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova (reread)

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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text 2019-01-12 18:21
Grateful My Hubby is a Cheapskate...

...let me preface this with, he's not really; he spoils the crap out of me and our girls.


So ever since my dad passed my mom, brother & myself have made a point of getting together every month or two and having dinner, catching up, just seeing each other.  It's just the three of us, no partners, kids, or extended family.  


Last week my mom asked to get together this Friday (last night) and she wanted to see the kids and partners as well.  We haven't all been together all at once in a long while.  The problem arose when we couldn't decide where to go out to dinner.  As my brother lives the furthest we always try to find a mid-way point to meet so that the drive time is about equal for us all.  With kids and partners involved the indecision is just ridiculous.   


We all seemed to decide on Hibachi, and then my hubby starts bitching about having to pay for the four of us and it's going to cost a fortune.  Meanwhile I've recently eaten at Hibachi and the prices are very reasonable, and I offered for the two of us to split the cost, because, partners.  He agrees and says, "Anything my wife wants," being the smartass that his is because it was a group decision, not just mine.


The next thing I know, he's confirming that he has the correct phone number for my brother and an hour later, we're going to bro's house and he's cooking.  AND hubby offers to pick up mom and drive her with us so that she doesn't have to be burdened with driving and can have a glass of wine or two at dinner without issue.


The kids were a little meh but really they're just happy to get to see their uncle, cousin and mom-mom.  And my brother and nephew took a tip to Rome and Greece for Christmas instead of doing the present thing, so we would get to hear all about the trip.


We got there at 7:00 and didn't get on the road home until 11:30.  There was wine, rum, ouzo, and really, hilariously, inappropriate stories.  I swear if I wasn't already scarred for life, I would have been after last night!  We had the BEST time just eating and hanging out as a family.  This morning hubby informed me that we would have never had so much fun at a restaurant (which clearly he forgets what my family is like, because we sooo could have,) but I digress.  We had a wonderful night and it was mostly thanks to my hubby being cheap and orchestrating the evening.



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review 2019-01-12 17:23
My Family and Other Animals
My Family and Other Animals - Gerald Durrell

If I have to describe this book with one word, it would be delightful. Gerald Durrell´s anecdotes about his family and their life on Corfu are funny, cozy and heartwarming. And even though I suspect that not everything has been as shiny and happy as it has been described in this book, this doesn´t take anything away from my reading experience. It still remains a sweet story that I see myself revisting in the future.


The perfect book whenever you feel down and out and you need a read that will cheer you up. 

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