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text 2022-10-21 08:40
Picking The Best Family Lawyer: Important Considerations

Picking the Best Family Lawyers Melbourne for your family law case can be a daunting task. There are so many lawyers out there who claim to have what you need, but how do you know which one is right for your situation? It's important that you keep in mind these five key factors when searching for a lawyer:

Look for an attorney who is empathetic to your needs.

When you're looking for a family law attorney, it's important to find one who is empathetic to your needs. The best way to do this is by asking questions about their experience and the things they've done in similar situations.

If an attorney has a lot of experience handling these types of cases, then it's likely that they know what works best—and if not, they will find out quickly!

When choosing between two equally qualified candidates, don't be afraid of making mistakes or trying different approaches until you find something that works well for both parties involved in the case.

Your lawyer may have different ideas than yours on how best handle things; as long as those ideas align with yours overall then all should be fine!

Best Family Lawyers Melbourne

Look for a lawyer who has extensive experience in family law.

Looking for a family law attorney? Here are  things you should consider when choosing your lawyer:

  • Look for a lawyer who has extensive experience in family law. Family law is an area that is highly specialised, and attorneys with extensive experience in this field know how to handle the intricacies of your case.
  • Ask if the attorney has any special training related to parenting or visitation rights; this will help ensure that he or she understands those topics well enough so that they can help you navigate them during negotiations between parties involved in custody battles like yours.

Look for a lawyer with a good reputation in the industry.

You can find a lawyer with a good reputation in the industry by looking at their reviews and feedback. Reputation is important because it will reflect on how well your case is going to be handled, as well as whether or not you’ll like working with them.

 It’s also based on how long their firm has been around, which shows that they have a history of quality work and service providing for their clients (and therefore could be trusted).


We hope that this article has helped you to find the Best Family Lawyers Melbourne. While there are many factors to consider, we have outlined five important things that all attorneys should look for when hiring a lawyer.

The best way to ensure that your attorney will be able to meet these needs is by asking plenty of questions and doing research on their profiles before making an appointment with them in person or over the phone.

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video 2022-09-13 20:25
Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents - Nataša Pantović Nuit
Mindful Being - Nataša Pantović Nuit

Ada Safari, a weekly interview series from Nataša Pantović that examines what are the thoughts of the people we admire, the ideas that define us, with the ancient history explored.


Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3eXBVvEqfI
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video 2022-09-13 20:11

Nataša Pantović & Physics Teacher Jasminka Cuculović | Ada Safari Podcast #1 Parenting Teenagers

Ada Safari, a weekly interview series from Nataša Pantović that examines what are the thoughts of the people we admire, the ideas that define us, with the ancient history explored.


Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpJUEL0mlMo
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text 2022-07-21 09:01
How to choose reputed Family Law Lawyers for divorce?

Divorce is a very stressful time. It can be difficult to deal with the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce on your own. You will need legal advice and guidance if your divorce turns out to be contentious or complicated. A lawyer who has expertise in family law can help you navigate this process.

Do you need a Family Law Lawyer?

You need a family law lawyer if you are getting divorced.

If you and your spouse are having issues with each other, then it is important that you get assistance from someone who can help settle the dispute and bring it to an end. A good family law attorney will be able to advise and guide you in making decisions about how best to proceed with your divorce case so that both sides come out winners at the end of this process.

You may also need a Family Law Lawyers Melbourne when there is an allegation made against one of them by another member of the opposite sex who believes he/she has been wronged by him/herself or his/her partner (elderly parents, children's fathers etc.)

Family Law Lawyers Melbourne

What to look for in a Family Law Lawyer?

When you are looking for a family law lawyer, it is important that you consider the following:

  • A good family law lawyer will have plenty of experience in dealing with divorce cases and other family matters. In addition, he or she should be able to provide you with sound advice on how the divorce process works and what your rights are as part of this process.
  • Reputation and reviews from other clients who have used their services before them, such as attorneys who have been involved in many successful divorces after using their services as an attorney representing both parties involved in these cases.
  • Whether or not they offer any discounts on fees if paying cash instead of using credit cards or checks.

Things to check while selecting a Family Law Lawyer.

  • Check the experience of the lawyer.
  • Check the reputation of the lawyer.
  • Check their fees and charges.
  • Ask for a free consultation if you can afford it, to get an idea about how they work and what they charge in general before signing up on any agreement with them (if applicable).
  • Ask them whether they accept cases where there are no Bills of Exchange or Letters of Rogatory available from abroad as evidence in court proceedings; this is because such documents may not be accepted by Courts across India due to lack of authenticity or other reasons like death or marriage etc.

Divorce lawyers can make the entire process of divorce easier to handle.

Divorce lawyers can make the entire process of divorce easier to handle. They are familiar with all the legal proceedings and procedures involved in a divorce, which makes them an invaluable resource for you during this stressful time. They will also help you with the financial aspects of your case including child support payments, alimony and property division among others.

Divorce lawyers can help you deal with your children’s emotional needs after their parents separate if necessary. If you have any concerns about how they will be affected by separation from their other parent, then hiring one is definitely something that should be done as soon as possible so that you can get started on addressing these issues immediately without waiting until it becomes too late for any intervention or support system that could help mitigate some of those problems down the road after things have already escalated significantly between both parties involved in this process (which sometimes happens).


For the best end result, you need to find a Best Family Lawyers Melbourne who is specialized in divorce. There are a lot of lawyers out there that claim they have the expertise to help you with this process but most of them do not have experience dealing with such matters. If you want your case handled correctly and efficiently, then ensure that your lawyer has enough experience dealing with these types of cases before hiring them for any legal needs related to divorce proceedings.

Source: How to choose reputed Family Law Lawyers for divorce?

Source: family-law-lawyers-melbourne.blogspot.com/2022/07/how-to-choose-reputed-family-law.html
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text 2022-06-20 07:52
Family Lawyer Guide on Unmarried Mothers' Rights & Paternity Matters

If you're an unmarried mother, it can sometimes feel like the deck is stacked against you. You're responsible for the care and well-being of your child, but you have fewer legal rights than if you were married to the father. It's true that as an unmarried mother, there are some aspects of parenting that are more complicated than they would be if you were married. However, being unmarried also gives you some benefits: for example, if the father isn't a good parent or doesn't want to be in your child's life at all, he can't force his way into yours. In this article, we'll go over everything you need to know about parental rights as an unmarried woman—and how to protect yourself. We'll cover topics including child support, paternity laws and establishing paternity as suggested by Best Family Lawyer Auckland, and what happens when a parent tries to alienate their child from another parent.


Unmarried Mothers' Rights and Child Support


Unmarried mothers are not eligible for child support. If you have a child with someone who has not married you and no court order has been issued, you may be able to pursue child support from the father. However, there is no legal obligation for the father to pay child support in this type of situation since he did not consent to be the parent of your child through marriage or court order.


Unmarried mothers are also not eligible for joint custody unless there is a written agreement or court order specifying that another party will share parenting responsibilities with an unmarried mother and father (in which case they would also be able to request visitation rights). In this case, it's important that any agreements made between both parents are kept up-to-date so they continue being legally binding when disputes arise; otherwise, one parent could end up being denied access by another should they change their mind later on down the line (which could happen if things don't go smoothly).


Another thing worth mentioning is that unmarried fathers face similar challenges as well! They're unable to seek visitation rights without first obtaining legal consent from both parties involved--and because most women are hesitant about giving such permissions out of fear over financial responsibility or commitment issues from these men. It doesn't often happen very often either way."


Hire Family Lawyer


Unmarried Fathers' Rights/Paternity of a Child


If you didn't get married before your child was born, but you

are sure that the child is yours, then you have the same rights as a married father. This means that if your baby has been born and he/she needs to be taken care of, then you should be able to take them home with you.


However, this doesn't mean that things will be easy for an unmarried father who wants to retain parental rights over their children. They will first have to prove paternity before they can get any legal protection or recognition from any state agencies or departments. In order for them


to establish paternity of the child and their custodial rights without going through any formal proceedings in a court (which can be both expensive and time-consuming), there are several options available:


  • A DNA test might work best if both parents agree on who fathered which child(ren). It's also good news if both parties want something more solid than just having sex with each other; this way, they can still get some peace of mind regarding parenthood issues later down the line while also strengthening their relationship together as a couple! As long as everyone involved agrees on how much money they're willing to spend

Parental Alienation and Visitation Rights


If a parent is alienated from their child, the court may be able to make orders about contact between them.


Parental alienation is a theory that explains how and why children are made to reject one of their parents by the other parent or other people involved with the family. The theory holds that this happens as part of psychological warfare in custody disputes, and it can leave children feeling extremely confused about who they should love. Their feelings toward one parent may be replaced by hatred for them, even though there was no reason for this hatred before.


The courts can deal with cases of parental alienation in two different ways: by granting rights to both parents equally; or by granting legal rights only to the parent with whom the child has been living (normally called "sole managing"). For example, if your child lives permanently with you but spends time at weekends and during holidays with your ex-partner, then you would likely qualify for sole managing rights unless there were exceptional circumstances which meant they needed shared care instead (for example, where one parent was unable to care properly due to illness).


As an unmarried mother, it's important to understand your rights.


As an unmarried mother, it's important to understand your rights. The following information is provided as a general guide to help you understand what you should expect and what steps you need to take.


The father of your child has the same rights as an unmarried mother if he asserts them:


  • He can ask for custody or visitation.
  • If he wants custody, he has to file a petition with the court within one year after the birth of his child or six months after learning about its birth (whichever comes first). If he does not file within this time period, he will not be allowed any further involvement in determining who gets custody of your child.
  • He can ask for child support from either parent at any time until one year after the child turns 18 years old (or 19 years old if still attending high school).



Becoming a parent is one of the greatest gifts in life. It can also bring about some very complicated legal matters when you are unmarried and don't know the father of your child. If you have questions about establishing paternity or any other legal matter related to parenting for unmarried parents, get in touch with an experienced Best Family Lawyer Auckland today.


Source - https://www.apsense.com/article/family-lawyer-guide-on-unmarried-mothers-rights-paternity-matters.html

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