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review 2017-07-22 00:13
I'm grinning like mad
And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper

Start to finish, this was a huge entertainment. From the vengeful start to the amusingly ridiculous encounters with Monroe, plus the whole cast of secondary characters, all colorful in their own way, all of it was made to get laughs and smiles out of me.


I'd forgotten about this author, and the way she mixes humor into the embarrassing. It feels like reading a fictional "This looser is you, and that's OK, you can laugh at yourself and proceed being awesome".


Spirit-lifting Free Friday Read.

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review 2017-07-20 01:04
I liked better than WoT
Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind

This is the good stuff. Epic fantasy with about as much patience with the "wait for the answers while I hint you to death" bullshit as I have, an uninformed protagonist that refuses to carry the idiot ball nonetheless, funny and wise wizard, and heavy hitter female (though I got tired of her "let me die before I hurt you" thing waaay before the end). And of the main villain's three appearances (yeah, neat on the rule), the squicky ruthless first, and his eminently charismatic second were a wonder.

Even better: it is pretty much self contained. We are left a lot of issues to pursue in subsequent volumes, but the adventure we start on we finish (and thank god, given all those pages).

It wont be soon, but I'm likely to keep reading this saga.

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review 2017-07-20 00:00
Your Fierce Love (The Bennett Family, #7)
Your Fierce Love (The Bennett Family, #7) - Layla Hagen The Bennetts have mastered the art of romance. When they fall, it's quickly, completely and forever. Ms. Hagen keeps the love flowing and hearts glowing, this time with Blake's headlong plunge into the abyss. His chance at cloud nine is Clara. Clara is a dreamer. Life has not been kind and her dreams always seem to fall through. The realist in her knows to keep it's distance, yet the little girl in her longs for happiness. Clara and Blake take sensuality to the sky and beyond as they tumble headfirst into love. Ms. Hagen runs away with the heart. She takes a little more with each Bennett, she reveals. A master thief is she, but I never seem to mind.
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text 2017-07-19 14:34
Steps of Securing Your Rights in De Facto Finances

Couple these days consider de facto relationship is a happy one! It may be true because in the first place this type of commitment does not limit you to enjoy your freedom to the fullest. However, whether you are happy with it or in the process of getting involved in a de facto relationship because for you, it doesn’t matter if your personal interest is taking for granted, your legal and financial status perhaps can be a costly mistake. With that in mind, the court has made a necessary ruling of settlements of asset and properties to satisfy. And that couple who are into these relationships out of wedlock should satisfy the court is in fact de facto by law. If you doubt about this law, you can ask a better and legal advice from reputable family lawyer sydney cbd.


What You Should Know About ‘De Facto’ Relationships


  1. Some people assumed they were part of ‘de facto’ couple, yet have been surprised when the court ruled the law which was introduced in 2009 to extend rights for de facto couples which do not apply to some.
  2. When the de facto relationship wasn’t proven, there is no pre-nuptial financial agreement takes place or even if they have not registered their domestic relationship with their state’s Justice Department.


How to safeguard your future? Follow these steps:


In entering into a financial agreement with your de facto partner provides some certainty towards whom own what during the relationship and beyond a family lawyer Sydney cbd can assists you by bringing such document.


When the relationship breakdown, the document is such a big help to you and the court to prove a de facto status, and this way the property division rights applied similarly to a married could under the Family Law Act. The law also applies to same sex relationships.

Under de facto entitlement, one of the major features of this legislation is that de facto couples are now allowed to split superannuation between partners because these funds are considered part of jointly owned assets. In contrast to being in a de facto relationship for at least a year can reduce the level of benefits to which you are entitled.


Moreover, if the Department of Human Services identify that an applicant is living together with a partner.  Whether married or not and regardless of gender, it will take into account the combined assets and earnings of both partners before evaluating the level of the benefits to be paid to each of them. This will apparently result in a lower benefit for a person living as a couple.


What are the Benefits of having a ‘De Facto’ relationship?


Remember there are several numbers of final privileges in declaring de facto status. For example, the government provide a rebate for a private health insurance is huge for families compare with the singles, and a de facto couple is considered as families for this purpose.


In addition, partner to which aren’t married but with whom you have a unique domestic relationship can be assessed as the spouse in order to claim income tax concessions. And when you register your de facto relationship with the suitable state authority, your legal rights and responsibilities are the same to those of married couples.


In this event, your partner died – you definitely be entitled to share in the interstate estate and financial assistance under the Succession Act. At the same time, you will receive compensation under Workers Compensation law and social security privileges under Commonwealth Social Security Act.



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