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text 2015-10-26 01:12
Thoughts about my writing

I've been thinking about my writing, all types of writing. The thing is, writing is what keeps me going, and what works best for me, ("my best fix") is a novel or at least a children's book. If I write a blog post the 'buzz' disappears really soon, especially if no one reads it and that happens a lot. Secondly, if I write a short fan fic or original story it lasts a little longer. If I write a long fan fic or original story that I'm happy about it lasts longer and as I mentioned above, a novel or at least a whole book lasts even longer. Of course, if no one buys the book or reads my long story, the effect fades sooner, but even if I'm the only one who reads anything I have written (fiction, not blog posts) I usually enjoy it to some extent. Reading a really good book works about the same.

Source: crimsoncorundum.dreamwidth.org/144460.html
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text 2015-08-20 19:38
For You, Anything - parismylove


I tried, but I just can't. The writing style is good, but I can't get over 'I love you' declarations within 24 hours of meeting and constantly afterwards. It feels rushed and way too sappy for me.




Now on to some angst!



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url 2015-05-04 13:34
Ella's Guide To Fanfic


Have you ever been wondering about fanfic? Well, Ella has immersed herself into it for the last few months...

Find out about her experience in the first instalment of Ella's Guide to Fanfic 

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review 2014-05-21 13:55
The Practicum by TheFicChick
The Practicum - TheFicChick

Bella is an English teacher at Forks High. Halfway through the year, a new PE /health teacher is hired, Edward Cullen. Although Mr. Cullen is definitely sex-on-legs, he seems a little uptight. Unfortunately for Bella, state requirements insist that a female teacher be present during sex ed, and she is the lucky teacher to join in on this lesson.  How in the world will she discuss things like erections with this man?


Very cute, not a lot of drama. Edward is adorable, however maybe a little too naive to be believed. In all though, TheFicChick writes amazing stories and I definitely recommend this one. 

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review 2014-05-21 03:04
The Purple Banana Hammock by TheFicChick
The Purple Banana Hammock - TheFicChick

Remember in Twilight when Bella mentions an idea for a story in the school paper, padding on the swim team? In Twilight, we know that Bella is distracting from her eating habits. But imagine her as a college student, asked to cover this exact story. Horrifying..until Bella gets her first look at the team's star swimmer, Edward Cullen. Maybe her assignment won't be as bad as she initially thought!


The Purple Banana Hammock started out as a one-shot, but readers enjoyed it so much that two more updates were added. It is definitely funny, and of course it is steamy hot. Edward in a Speedo, hello!! Drama is present, but it's not the entire plot. Well written, and moves along at a well thought out pace. Loved it!

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