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text 2020-05-21 22:23
Resume Writing in Dubai

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review 2020-05-21 13:37
A writer for writers of discerning taste
Inkker Hauser Part 1: Rum Hijack - Phil Conquest

I write this review as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team (authors, if you are looking for reviews, check here), and I freely chose to review an ARC copy of this novel. It came highly recommended, and it’s one of those books that I’m sure won’t leave anybody indifferent.

This is not a book heavy on plot. It is a novel narrated in the first person by a would-be writer stuck in writers’ block and seemingly unable to unleash the immense and unique talent for literature he believes he has. He uses all the tried and tested methods most readers will be familiar with (drinking heavily, navel-gazing, taking drugs, isolating himself, constantly trying to call the muses…) and some pretty unique ones (he is obsessed with submarines, and a particular Russian submarine disaster; he is also interested in air disasters; he has a penchant for peculiar interior decorating and a unique sense of fashion; he loves his fish and model-making [submarine again]). He adopts a variety of names and identities throughout the book, and seems intent on outraging and destroying things around him in frustration for not being able to create something, although when he dreams of literary fame, it isn’t what most people would think a writer would dream about.

Rather than helping, everything he tries seems to send him down a slippery slope of self-destruction (and a fair deal of vandalism and petty crime as well), and as readers, we are privileged witnesses of this journey towards… Well, if you read it you can decide by yourselves.

Although Bukowski has been mentioned in several reviews, the main character made me think of several books and authors I’ve read as well, some quite recently. He did remind me of the main character in Malibu Motel, who is so self-involved and unrealistic that he keeps digging holes for himself. Inkker (to give him one of his adopted names) has more insight (even if fleeting), and there is something more genuine about him, although he keeps it under wraps and well hidden. It also reminded me of Eileen and other protagonists of Ottessa Moshfegh’s work, but her characters are more extreme and even though less likeable, we normally get more of a background and a better understanding of where they are coming from. And, the way Inkker’s angry simmers and boils until it explodes in outrage, reminded me of a fantastic essay I read many years back by John Waters (the film director) called ‘101 Things I Hate’ published in his collection Crackpot: The Obsessions of John Waters. What starts like a list of annoying things Waters is sharing with us, gets more and more outrageous as he gets more and more irate, and you can hear him shouting at you from the page by the end. It’s impossible not to nod and agree at many of the items on the list, but there is something at the same time darkly funny and scary in the way his emotions run so raw and close to the surface.

The book is beautifully observed and written, although, of course, it being in the first-person and the narrator a pretty unreliable one, we have to take all his comments and his opinions with a huge pinch of salt, and that goes for his depiction of other characters (and there are a few: an indie writer —of all things— and his girlfriend, an elderly neighbour, the guests at a disastrous dinner party, the locals at a pub, a couple of women, one he had a one-night-stand with and one he goes on a date with…). As you might suspect from the description, he is not particularly skilled in the social graces either and that results in some scenes that feel like watching a train wreck. It’s impossible to look away even when you know it’s going to get ugly, and I’m sure some of them will remain imprinted in the minds of readers for a long time.

Rum Hijack, which was first published in two separate parts, is darkly comedic (his quips at most writers, especially at self-published ones, will be ‘appreciated’ by those in the profession although perhaps not so much by readers not familiar with Twitter or with indie authors’ marketing techniques), and although in the face of it there is nothing particularly endearing about the protagonist, there is such vulnerability, such contradictions (he is reckless but careful, anarchic but worried about getting caught, a self-proclaimed outsider but eager to be admired and loved),  such need, and such self-loathing behind many of his actions that it’s impossible not to keep reading about his adventures and hope that things might take a turn for the better.

This is not a book for readers eager for adventure and action, who love a complex plot and consistent characters. It is not for those who dislike first-person narrations or prefer clean, edifying and inspiring plots and messages. If you enjoy literary fiction, books about writing (or writers’ block), are eager to find new voices, and love your humour very dark, check a sample of this book. You will either love it or hate it (yes, it’s a marmite kind of book). It’s up to you.

Oh, as a clarification to readers here on Booklikes, my review refers to the whole novel, not only to part one. It's called Rum Hijack, and I couldn't find it here.

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text 2020-05-13 19:33
Assignment Writing Help in UAE

It is mandatory and requisite in all universities and colleges for students to write academic assignment as part of the educational programme or curriculum. In doing so, it helps the students to demonstrate their skills and abilities to study, comprehend, understand, implement and analyse carefully the given information. These skills are necessary to be successful and effective at any complex or complicated coursework or tasks in any university doing the intensive Assignment Writing Help in UAE like a thesis, case study, reports, term paper, research projects and dissertation. School academic paper work, projects, term papers, and presentations allow every student to give enough time preparing the tasks up to the end. For instance, their writing assignments deal with in-depth research, requires careful analysis, complex theoretical applications to the given problem, or needs creative interpretation.

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text 2020-05-13 09:32
5 Best Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skill

Getting an essay writing service in the USA is not always the only solution. If you fall prey to a scamming site, you will end up getting a low-quality paper with plagiarized content. For getting high-quality assignment help, you will require to spend a decent amount of money which students many times cannot afford.


So instead of hiring cheap essay writers, why not look at a few tips to improve your essay writing skills?

  1. Avoid being repetitive

Repeating ideas, words and phrases can make the essay unnecessary lengthy. Moreover, using the same words or phrases in every sentence can make your essay look duller. Your professor either will have the impression that you are too lazy to do proper research work or you have limited vocabulary knowledge. If you have to repeat some ideas, use alternate words. You can use the thesaurus for finding synonyms.

  1. Use active voice

Using passive voice in your essay writing is a complete ‘no-no’ for anyone who is trying to improve their essay writing skill. Active voice tends to be more direct and clearer. Readers find it easier to read as well as understand sentences written in the active voice. But passive sentences may seem convoluted.

  1. Get rid of clichés

Your readers will want to see original thoughts rather than cliched sentiments. So, try to brew words on your own to weave sentences. Remove all kinds of common phrases from your context.

  1. Read more books

Books will expand your vocabulary, and you will learn how a simple argument can be placed uniquely to grab the reader’s attention. You can also read samples of essays available on the websites of the best essay writing services in the USA.|

  1. Make proofreading a necessary task

After you are done writing your essay, come back to it after an hour with a fresh mind. Try looking at your essay for all kinds of possible faults. This way, you will come across all the unnecessary words or sentences that you can remove later. Keep an eye for grammatical, spelling or typo mistakes.

These are a few things you should keep in mind while writing your essay. We hope the above-mentioned tips will be able to help you in improving your skill.

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text 2020-05-11 19:19
Essay Writing Help in Dubai

When students are doing their studies no matter what level — school, college or university — they will be required to complete an essay in some form or another. It’s become an essential part of any coursework. These essays that students of all ages are supposed to turn in are also graded and these scores add up to your final score. However, the topics that are often provided need to be heavily researched and only then written. There is no doubt that students are so very busy with their other work like studying for exams and preparing for their tests etc. In such a scenario, when a student is tasked with Essay Writing in Dubai, UAE, they will not be able to do it properly because of the pressure.

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