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text 2016-07-01 14:19
Posted For Humourous Reasons Only!
Johnson's Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World - Boris Johnson

No I am not reading this! However it popped up in an Amazon search for another book and this bit in the blurb just jumped out:


"Boris Johnson, the internationally beloved mayor of London, is the best possible guide to these colorful characters and the history in which they played such lively roles. Erudite and entertaining, he narrates the story of London as a kind of relay race. Beginning with the days when “a bunch of pushy Italian immigrants” created Londinium, he passes the torch on down through the famous and the infamous, the brilliant and the bizarre..."


And the author blurb - because a second paragraph of the book blurb that natters on about the author isn't enough author info:


"Boris Johnson is the popular and internationally known mayor of London and the author of several previous books... "


This book was out in 2012. Just posting this because hmm, things have changed a bit and now it's hard to read that without making, well some form of facial expression. (I'm in cringe mode myself.)


Again, I'm so not buying/reading this. Just wanted to make that clear. Noting this for now historic reasons. Though it'd be fun to read now what he says about immigration which has been a part of London's history - well, ever since it had a history.

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text 2013-10-24 17:21
Thank You, Salon

Was traveling all day yesterday and only now am catching up  (I still have a lot of dashboard and GR stuff to check on) - so I only just now saw the Salon piece. From the details in Miller's article it's obvious that she's been paying attention and did her research. And I mentally said "yay Ceridwen" at all of her quotes. (I'm a fangrl for her use of data and graphs. I've always admired quantitative research, probably because I tried very hard to be a stats nerd in grad school and found it can be an endless type of work. Apparently I'm a more qualitative-research type.) 


Most of you have already seen this, so I've left the quotes behind the page break. Bolded parts aren't in the original - I was pleased to see those points being made. The following is only a part of the entire article.



When Amazon bought Goodreads it got a community of passionate readers, not all of whom want to follow the new rules
by Laura Miller

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