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text 2018-12-21 15:05
4 Best Kodi Addons for Streaming Movies and TV Shows

There are such a large numbers of Kodi Addons some are official and some are unofficial kodi addons for your Kodi Box. Neptune Rising, Exodus, Covenant and genesis reborn Kodi are the most popular and amazing addons for Kodi for streaming movies and tv shows.

Below are the details for the best addons for Kodi streaming, they are listed below:


Neptune Rising Addon for Kodi

Neptune Rising Kodi addon was the most famous kodi addon on December 2018. It is one of the amazing addon for your kodi box. You can watch movies and tv shows through this add-on. You can get the latest movies as well as old movies through Neptune Rising.

Neptune rising was recently shut down because of the magicality repository has been shut down. Now you can get this addon with the new kodi repository i.e. free world repo through this url http://legionworldtv.com/zips/. Neptune Rising is the ideal fork for Exodus and Covenant also.


Exodus Addon for Kodi

Exodus Kodi has updated the new version of Exodus i.e EXODUS KODI 6.0. The most recent version of exodus kodi addon can be found in Zadar Build Repository. The developers found the gap for Exodus addon 6.0 to watch the most recent movies and tv shows without any buffering issues. Indeed, even Exodus Kodi is the most trending kodi addon according to google trends for November 2018.


Covenant Addon for Kodi

Covenant Kodi is the pure replacement of Exodus add-on. It was published after Exodus addon having issues. The developer of Exodus and covenant are same. Covenant kodi is the perfect kodi addon for watching movies and tv shows everywhere throughout the world. Streamer which stream on Kodi for watching movies and tv shows, covenant is the perfect solution for them. Contract Kodi add-on can be found as of late in Lazy Kodi Repo.


Genesis Reborn Addon for Kodi

Genesis Reborn Kodi was previously known as Genesis Kodi. It is one of the most amazing addons for Kodi to watch movies and tv shows. It was working completely fine for all the kodi streamers however it isn't working any more since it was found in the Jesus Box repository previously and recently Jesus box repo has been shut down. Soon, we will updated the new repo of this amazing addon.


The Wrap Up!

We covered the 4 best addons for kodi to watch movies, tv shows, sports, live actions even you can watch latest as well as old movies as well through the above mentioned kodi addons. The best list of watching old and also new films and television programs on Kodi.

For installing those addons through different repositories, or if you have any query regarding which addon is available in which repository feel free to comment below in comment section.

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review 2018-06-20 00:40
Genesis Revisited (The Earth Chronicles #4.5)
Genesis Revisited - Zecharia Sitchin

How advanced in thought and science were the ancients?  And is modern science catching up on what they knew?  These questions are the basis of Zecharia Sitchin’s Genesis Revisited in which he looks back at the scientific developments since publishing of his book The 12th Planet (up until 1990) to show that his finds in that and subsequence books are being proven.


Organized in a well throughout manner, Sitchin begins each topical chapter—save the final two—looking at the scientific consensus and findings that have been advanced since the 1976 publication of his first book.  Then after laying the foundation going back to the Sumerian texts that he first wrote about to show that modern science is now replicating the knowledge of the earliest civilizations that was brought to them by the Anunnaki of Nibiru.  The last two chapters were focused on more “recent” developments, particularly the Phobos 2 incident and the sudden cooperation between the United States and the USSR in space particularly in regards to Mars.


Obviously the biggest flaw of this book is that it was published in the fall of 1990 meaning that there has been almost 30 years of advancement of scientific knowledge that has made some of this science discussed in the book outdated.  Yet I have to give Sitchin credit for keeping things simple when explaining his theories by only hitting the high points and then referencing the reader to his earlier books for a more in-depth look.  This allowed Sitchin to focus on the modern science more in each chapter as a way to compare it to his theories of Sumerian knowledge.  Although the last two chapters contain some speculation of (then) current events they don’t diminish from Sitchin achievement of staying focused so as to bring new readers to his books.


Essentially Genesis Revisited is a book that allowed Zecharia Sitchin to reach new readers who had not heard of his previous books as well show is long time readers new evidence that confirmed what he had been writing about.   Although the book’s science is now dated, for those interested in ancient astronauts it’s something they might want to check out.

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review 2018-04-22 00:00
Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising (Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis)
Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising... Grimm Fairy Tales Genesis: Heroes Rising (Grimm Fairy Tales: Genesis) - Joe Brusha A bunch of oneshots to introduce characters that read like Chapter 1 of each story, but it was interesting. Just too much stuff to have any cohesion, but I'll definitely have to peek at some of these to see if they have legs.

2 stars means it's okay, and that's how I see it too. Can't say I liked it fully considering it's just chapter 1 of each story in 32 pages, not much to go from there.
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review 2018-03-19 00:00
I, Frankenstein: Genesis #1
I, Frankenstein: Genesis #1 - Kevin Grevioux Having seen the movie, I was intrigued to see how the comic would portray such a complex plot. I really liked how it was accomplished.

The story was brilliantly detailed, weaving together three historical storylines through a present-day narration storyline, that allowed for mystery as well as explaining the past in a way that was easy to follow. The illustrations were gorgeous! So detailed and realistic - some of them even looked like the actors from the movie. I like that the plot was a little more original than the movie (though it's been a long time since I saw it and I may just be mis-remembering). The only thing that bothered me was that there was no easily discernible way to separate the gargoyles and demons once they were in their true form. They looked almost identical, which made the panels where they fought or faced each other difficult to follow.

Overall, really well done. The film, for me, was okay, but I think I might enjoy the comics more.
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review 2017-05-23 12:17
Another great addition to a great series
Craving His Command - A Doms Of Genesis ... Craving His Command - A Doms Of Genesis Novella - Jenna Jacob

This is a great quick read that I could not put down. Symone and Sir Justice are great together and the back story was so interesting and intriguing that you just keep rooting for them but don't know how it is going to know how it will turn out. With all the other books in this series which is one of the many reasons why I love this series is Jenna Jacobs brings all of the characters from previous books back and you feel like hey are family. Jenna Jacob has another hit with this book.

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