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review 2019-02-24 16:08
"At the Mountain Edge", by Genevieve Graham
At the Mountain's Edge - Genevieve Graham

This historical novel is an epic tale of romance and adventure about two people who must let go of the past not only to be together, but also to survive. Set during the Klondike Gold Rush we are swept into a drama of love, tragedy and redemption.

In 1897 gold rush has reached the Canadian wilderness and thousands of prospectors swarm to the North seeking riches. Dawson City, Yukon was their destination but to get there was not an easy endeavor. This story will bring our main protagonist, Liza Patterson, and her family to establish their business in this terribly cold city overrun with guns, liquor, prostitutes and thieves. As for our second main player, recent recruit Constable Ben Turner from North-West Mountain Police will uphold the law….”At the Mountain’s Edge” tells how in order to reach Dawson City they all had to climb harsh trails and survive an excruciating journey for weeks before reaching their destination. But most of this entire exhausting story will tell us how they faced every form of catastrophe and managed to survive in a crude and hostile environment. 

The author has combined historical events along some thrills with a wee bit of romance for our enjoyment. Vividly written with a modern twist to it, this story dives straight into the time of the Klondike Gold Rush and propels us in the middle of the action with expert knowledge. The events are accurately recounted showing Ms. Graham spent enormous time researching her subject matter but unfortunately the descriptions just scratched the surface. “At The Mountain Edge" is somewhat of a fluffy story but one that could pique some to look deeper into those who dreamed of making big ….The story is well played out by two charming characters…..awe and there is love in the air….

This is a good story but it wasn’t the page-turner I had wished for. 

I received this ARC from the Publisher Simon and Schuster via Netgalleys for my thoughts. 

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review 2018-05-08 18:22
Come From Away
Come From Away - Genevieve Graham

Near the end of 1939 in East Jeddore, Nova Scotia the three Baker brothers don uniforms and head off the fight against the Germans. Their sister, Grace is left behind to tend the local general store. At times, Grace feels as if she is not doing enough and she is constantly worried about her three brothers, Eugene, Harry and Norman. Then, the war comes close to her home as Grace finds out that German U-Boats are lurking in the waters around East Jeddore. Grace's frustration with the war and hatred for the Germans rise as she finds out further news about her brothers. As Christmas approaches Grace finds hope, with Eugene home for the holidays, the siblings attend a Christmas dance. At the dance, Grace is approached by a stranger; after one dance together Grace is enchanted. However, the stranger seems to be from far away and she doesn't even catch him name. Time passes, and the U-Boat that has been threatening Jeddore's shore has been found and bombed. After that, Grace's mystery man shows up at the general store for supplies. She finds out that his name is Rudi and he is trapping along the shore, but everything else about him remains a mystery. When the truth about Rudi comes to light, it will force Grace and her family to make difficult decisions in the light of the war. 

Written with wonderful atmosphere and memorable characters, Come from Away blends history, the effects of war and romance into a story of hope and change. I was so happy to continue the story of Daniel and Audrey from Tides of Honour. This story of course focuses on their children, the three boys they rescued and their daughter, Grace and can be read as a standalone. It is very interesting and informative for me to read about Canada's role in World War II, as it is something often forgotten or glossed over in US education. I absolutely loved that one little know fact was the basis for Grace's love story and change of perception. At the end of 1942, several men from a U-Boat did indeed attend a dance along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. From this fact, Genevieve Graham creates Rudi. The writing bounces back and forth between Grace and Rudi's point of view. Through this style, I was not only anxious to find where their stories would intersect, but I gained perspective on a German Nazi soldier trained from his youth to carry out the job he was given as well as a young women whose life is changing around her due to a war far away. The most important message in the story is one that still has a lot of impact in the world today, compassion and fighting stereotypes. I enjoyed watching Grace grow and her relationship bloom. Overall, a well written historical romance that digs much deeper than love during war. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

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review 2016-08-02 02:36
Tides of Honour
Tides of Honour - Genevieve Graham

Danny Baker leaves his small fishing village of East Jeddore, Nova Scotia in 1916 for war-torn France.  While marching through France, Danny is fortunate enough to meet Audrey Poulin, an artist, free spirit and a woman who brings light and color to the bleak landscape of war.  Through an exchange of letters, Danny and Audrey fall in love and decide to marry.  However, at the battle of the Somme Danny loses more than he can imagine, most of his friends have died and he has lost part of his leg.  Now in a battle with his own emotions, Danny is sent home to Canada.  Audrey soon meets him there and they are married.  Danny struggles with his own shortcomings and the impacts of the war.  He decides that a move to Halifax and a job on the docks with his brother is for the best.  When catastrophe strikes again, this time in Halifax, Danny’s world is completely changed, but his love for Audrey will help him pull through.


A story of war, tragedy, love, family and transformation, Tides of Honour is  touching and powerful.  From the beginning, I knew that Danny was going to be a strong character, his journey, though tumultuous, is one that many veterans dealt with and still face today.  In alternating narratives, Danny's story is filled out and another needed perspective is seen with Audrey's view.  Audrey is a survivor as well and her story is just as  important.  The historical setting  was unique and well researched.  I was very happy to read about Canadian's fighting in the Great War, as they are often overlooked as well as the little known Halifax explosion.  I was very interested in this since my great-grandmother lived nearby at the time.  What impressed me the most was the incorporation of Danny and Audrey's love story into the events surrounding them.  Their love story is not perfect, but it is lasting.  Like the tides rolling in and out, Audrey and Danny's love is for better or for worse.  

This book was received for free in return for an honest review

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text 2014-03-25 23:52
Ebook Settlement One-Click Bonanza
Unlawful Contact - Pamela Clare
Live - Mary Ann Rivers
An Heir of Uncertainty - Alyssa Everett
Somewhere to Dream - Genevieve Graham
Sound of the Heart - Genevieve Graham
The Last Hour of Gann - R. Lee Smith
Mystic Cowboy - Sarah M. Anderson
Fairies in My Fireplace (A Monster Haven Story, #3) - R.L. Naquin
Redeeming Vows (MacCoinnich Time Travel) (Volume 3) - Catherine Bybee



I got $62 back from the settlement, not as much as some, but more than I thought. So because I am a one click addict, I am spending as fast as I can. I bought 9 books so far and have only a little left now. 

I am putting links in to my loot. :) Don't they look pretty? 


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review 2013-12-30 00:23
REVIEW: Somewhere to Dream by Genevieve Graham
Somewhere to Dream - Genevieve Graham

A young women is taken in by the Cherokee with her sister, after a terrible tragedy. A young man is captured by the Cherokee and embraced as the soul of one of their lost warriors. Can two people with painful pasts find peace in a new way of life?

Review Courtesy of Romance Junkies and reposted at TBR Mountain Range, with a photo taken by me.

This is the third book in THE MACDONNELLS trilogy. I did not read the first two books, so my review may be completely different from someone who knows the back-story. We meet Adelaide, called Shadow Girl by the Cherokee, who tells her story for several chapters before we meet Jesse Black, a captive. This book mixes early American history with the paranormal in the form of visions.

Adelaide and her sister Maggie were abducted and abused by five men. The Cherokee attacked the men, killed them and took the two sisters to their tribe's village where they comforted them and healed their physical wounds. Healing their memories and their hearts is more difficult. The tribe grandmother helps the sisters with their gift as seers. Maggie readily accepts her gift of visions, while Adelaide has fought them since the beginning.

In a previous book, Maggie met her love and married, so Adelaide elects to stay with the tribe, letting her sister leave to be with her husband and his family. Adelaide is trying to be less afraid and work with her Cherokee grandmother on accepting her visions, but her past has been locked away out of fear. She knows a great white warrior is coming to the tribe before anyone else and keeps this knowledge to herself, afraid to let her vision go further because of mistakes she's made previously when misinterpreting her visions.

Jesse Black is captured by the Cherokee and all he can think about is how to escape. Jesse is curious about Adelaide from the first moment he sees her. He can't help but wonder why a blonde, young woman is with the Cherokee and acts as if she belongs with them. Jesse needs Adelaide as a translator but she is so shy and skittish that he can't stop wondering who hurt her. Jesse expects to be killed but Adelaide explains that the warrior who captured him thinks that Jesse has a fallen warrior's soul and has adopted him as his brother.

SOMEWHERE TO DREAM follows the developing love between two people with very painful pasts. Will their love help them overcome their fears and learn to love each other beyond what's in their history?

The beginning of the book is a bit choppy because we don't get to see everything while Adelaide represses her past out of fear. I'm guessing that I would have understood it better by reading the other books. Eventually, all is revealed so this book can be read as a standalone, but would probably be enjoyed more if read in order as a trilogy.

Adelaide and Jesse both give an interesting perspective in regards to the Cherokee customs and how they react to them, accept them or are appalled by them. Parts of the story depict the violence of the times in raw detail. Also, Adelaide eventually describes what happened to her and her family so if violence against men or women is something that disturbs you, you might want to avoid this book. It's realistic and it's all for valid reasons, giving insight into the characters' past, but it might be overwhelming to a sensitive reader.

I enjoyed the Cherokee characters as much as I enjoyed Adelaide and Jesse. Even one particular Cherokee troublemaker, who has a grudge against Jesse, becomes an excellent part of the story. We also get to know some of the whites in town, as well as have a couple visits with Maggie, so those who have read the previous books will enjoy a catch-up with the characters.

I enjoyed Adelaide and Jesse's interactions with the tribe grandmother the most. She's a wizened old woman who sees into their connection more than they see for themselves. Jesse was very angry at first so he acted out in ways that made me dislike him. Adelaide always showed a reserved front that was likeable, even when she experienced the most fear. Jesse does redeem himself later as he matures into a strong warrior and as a safe haven for Adelaide.

The tribe life really intrigued me and it was the part that I enjoyed the most. The Cherokee friendships were well-drawn and believable. I could sense the urgency of this couple's future and how their relationship might heal them both. There are some really heartbreaking moments that make this book hard to describe, as well as hard to rate. I enjoyed the relationships but the main characters faced so much violence in their past and present that I wasn't ready to let go by the end. I guess I needed a “vision” of more of their future. A book four about one of the Cherokee, perhaps?

SOMEWHERE TO DREAM will satisfy those who enjoy an American historical journey with a paranormal twist.

More reviews by Dorine and contests at TBR Mountain Range.

Source: romancejunkiesreviews.com/artman/publish/historical/Somewhere_to_Dream.shtml
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