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review 2017-05-17 00:00
The Gossip of an Earl (The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 1)
The Gossip of an Earl (The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 1) - Linda Rae Sande The Gossip of an Earl (The Widows of Aristocracy) by Linda Rae Sande

Reviewed by (Isha Coleman) for Candid Book Reviews

Really did not expect to enjoy The Gossip of An Earl as much I did. Ms. Sande is known for her humorous and saucy stories, but she flipped the switch with Emelia and Fennington. Making the hero, the gossiping mischief maker was a genius move that paid off. There was an endearing quality to Fennington and his comedy of errors. Ms. Sande should create more lighthearted romps more often because she won me over with this one.
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review 2017-03-21 22:45
Review of Lincoln As I Knew Him by Harold Holzer
Lincoln as I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes, and Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies - Harold Holzer

A neat little book that is a collection of reflections by people who had met Abraham Lincoln.  Many of these came from unpublished sources, and told great anecdotal stories about Lincoln that even I had never heard.  Harold Holzer was the editor and did a fine job organizing and explaining the sources for each reflection.  Recommended for fans of Lincoln.

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text 2016-09-28 15:48
REVIEW BY HELEN - The Gossip (New Wave Newsroom #2) by Jenny Holiday
The Gossip (New Wave Newsroom Book 2) - Jenny Holiday

Dawn Hathaway is a realist. She’s not the smartest girl at Allenhurst College. She’s not the prettiest, either. So if she wants to be popular, she’ll need something else: power. What better way to get it than to start a gossip column in the campus newspaper? If she has to commit a few minor crimes in pursuit of the latest scoop, what’s the harm? 

Arturo Perez loves being a campus cop. He knows Allenhurst’s nooks and crannies—and lately he’s been finding the campus gossip snooping into every one of them. He can’t deny that he enjoys bantering with the sassy schemer. But he also can’t shake the sense that there’s more going on with Dawn than meets the eye. 

When tragedy strikes and Dawn needs help, how far will Arturo go to protect her? 


, , , ,,

Source: archaeolibrarianologist.blogspot.de/2016/09/review-by-helen-gossip-new-wave.html
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text 2016-01-21 15:25
Review: Only in Your Dreams! (Gossip Girl #9)
Only in Your Dreams (Gossip Girl) by Von Ziegesar, Cecily (2008) Paperback - Cecily Von Ziegesar

At A Glance

Young Adult; Chick Lit
Love Triangle/Insta Love?: Triangle
Cliff Hanger: no
Rating: 4 Stars

Score Sheet
All out of ten

Cover: 8
Plot: 8
Characters: 8
World Building: 7
Flow: 9
Series Congruity: 9
Writing: 8
Ending: 8

Total: 8

In Dept

Best Part:
Blair gets some backfire!
Worst Part: Flip Flops!
Thoughts Had: Finally!!!; D and V better chill.


Continuing the Series:
Recommending: yes

Short Review: Finally Blair gets in trouble for the shit she's been pulling, spending 14k on a wedding dress when you're not engaged... crazyyyy ville. Dan and Vanessa are fighting like a married couple, maybe signs of what's to come... And of course, are favorite BFFs are friends, yet again... we'll see how long that last.

Review in GIF Form:

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text 2015-12-22 04:28
Ya live and ya learn
Death of a Gossip & Death of a Cad: The First Two Hamish Macbeth Mysteries - Antony Ferguson,M.C. Beaton

Now that I have an e-reader, I finally took myself to the public library and got a library card so that I can borrow e-books from the library. Eventually, I'll figure out how to download public domain titles.


Downloading print titles is easy--so far-- but I can also get audiobooks which I thought would be really great because there are some titles that I wouldn't mind reading but don't want to pay for. However, I still haven't figured if i will be able to download them on to my iPod nano for listening which will be much more convenient than listen on my plus sized smartphone.


I really thought that my days of needing two listening devices was over; boy, was I wrong. When I first started using the library as a source of audiobooks, I had to get a second device for listening because my APPLE iPod nano wouldn't play the WINDOWS audio files that made up the bulk of the library's offerings at that time. Eventually, I read everything of interest available on OverDrive at the time and had bulked up my Audible library enough to keep me going between the monthly delivery of new credits, so I stopped using OverDrive. I figured that when I went back to it this time that it would be a snap to download the titles to my nano, that there would be plenty of titles and that they would have ironed out all the wrinkles. Little did I reckon with the age of APPS!! It still takes two devices.



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