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review 2018-09-19 20:50
Ten - audiobook
Ten - Gretchen McNeil


Minnie's face was deathly pale.

- First sentence


This is a YA novel "inspired by Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None" (according to the Amazon page). 


Ten teenagers are at a house party on an island full of summer homes in the middle of February. There is a huge storm which of course knocks out power and phone lines. As her friends start dying, Meg tries to figure out the clues left behind, all while protecting her best friend from falling apart, and hiding her secret crush.


The characters are mostly underdeveloped (some of them die rather quickly after we meet them) and basically unlikeable.  But the book is fast-paced and kept me guessing until the very end. I had my suspicions, but they were wrong, which is always fun.


I borrowed the audio from Hoopla and read this book for the Country House Mystery square (a closed circle murder set during a gathering like a house party):



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review 2018-08-15 15:53
Trying to (at least to me) be one of those cheesy mystery/horror type of book.

I was really hoping to love this story more. But to me it was just trying to be a cheesy mystery/horror type of book, you would watch as a movie. I thought some of the murders in the book were gross but done in a very cheesy way. 

I really did love the character of Dee, she thought she had no one to survive but she wasn't just going to give up and just let herself be killed. One character, I can't think of his name right now, I really thought was so funny. The guy was always saying things from a movie. Like from terminator and die hard, so he kept me entertained. Dee's love interest Nyles wasn't a bad character either, and I liked them okay together. But I wish he was more flushed out more. Or whatever that word is, like I wanted to feel connected to him. And the other girl Griselda, I thought tried to hard to be a meangirl. 

I also wish going into the book that I knew it was not going to be a standalone. The mystery of who the killer was going to be, wasn't much of a mystery. But I  just couldn't figure out how the person or persons, went about doing it. But when it was explained I really felt stupid, that I didn't put it together. 

The ending had a conclusion but was definitely left open for my story to tell.

Even though it wasn't my favorite book ever, I did get through it pretty quickly and it definitely kept me laughing. So I will definitely read the next one when it comes out  sometime next year. 

So if you decide to read this book except a lot of cheesy and corny deaths. 

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review 2016-09-24 15:44
Nox, Nox…who's there???
3:59 - Gretchen McNeil

Book Title:  3:59

Author:  Gretchen McNeil

Narration:  Tavia Gilbert

Series:  Stand Alone (I think)

Genre:  YA, Sci-Fi, Love & Stuff

Source:  Audiobook (Library via Hoopla)


✾Goodreads Synopsis✾ 





Disturbia by Rihanna  --I know, I just used this song a little bit ago…but it fits this one too.♫


Ratings Breakdown


Plot:  3.5/5

Characters:  3.8/5

The Feels:  3.7/5

Addictiveness:  3.8/5

Theme:  4/5

Flow:  3.8/5

Backdrop (World Building):  4/5

Originality:  4/5

Book Cover:  5/5

Narration: 4/5

Ending:  4.3/5 Cliffhanger:  Sort of…but it’s a stand alone, I think


Will I read more from this Author?  I could…



3.8/5 STARS



My Thoughts


First Impressions:  The title and the cover are super awesome…and the synopsis is too.  I have a thing for parallel universes…


This didn't exactly live up to my first impressions.  While mostly entertaining, you just have to not think too deeply about it all, otherwise it's sort of unbelievable or just off kilter-ish.   The science of it wasn't always easy to follow, but I comprehended well enough most of the time.  The Nox…those monsters were freaky crazy, maybe too crazy…



The narration wasn't bad it's just narrated by the same girl as The Firebird Trilogy by Claudia Gray and it threw me off because they have similar plot lines.

Sex Factor:  While mentioned, there is no actual explicit sex going on.




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