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text 2018-12-19 05:28
Meagan, I Hear You!

I got more texts today for Meagan, a girl I was told used to own my phone number but has passed away. The first text today was from B Vo Vision, wishing Meagan a happy birthday. She would be 34 (my age) today. She died from sudden cardiac arrest on May 8th, 2018. I don't know if this is some kind of cosmic sign. I need new glasses, my health is declining and I need to work on living again, and we are very close in age. The second text today was from a friend of hers of 15 years who also texted to say happy birthday and that they loved and missed her so much.



Meagan, I hear you. Happy birthday. I hope you are at peace.



**The first text I ever got for Meagan was on Dec 3rd was from another friend. They told me what happened to Meagan. I never wrote them back, because I thought it was a scam. Such is the world we live in. Friend of Meagan, I am very sorry for your loss and I am very sorry that I did not message you back. I was told that it might be better not to and warned that the probability of your message being a scam was really high. B Vo Vision contacting me proved otherwise, which prompted me to investigate my phone number.



I looked up my phone number and it says it is owned by a Meagan W. I got a late payment text from Verizon ages ago that I thought was a scam. Meagan's carrier was Verizon according to White Pages. I'm getting many, many long distance phone calls every day from bill collectors or businesses. Nobody should have this number. It all makes sense now.**



The reason I posted this here is because Meagan, even after death seems to be trying to motivate me to get up and do something. I have chronic pain, I am obese, can't hardly walk or stand because of spine problems, have depression and social anxiety. I've been doing nothing for a very long time and gaining more weight because of it. My weight isn't because I eat too much or that I am lazy. Chronic pain, depression and invisible illnesses don't help, but they make it hard to move, in turn making it hard to... oh, well, I can't even explain what I am trying to say. It is a vicious cycle; I'll just say that.



Even if I can only do a little, Meagan, you're motivating me to at least try. You've got to start from somewhere, right? Thank you, Meagan.



I know she is gone, but let's remember her today. Please do what Meagan's friend says. Make an effort to let those you love know because it can slip away in an instant. I hope Meagan can motivate you to do something you need to do. <3

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review 2018-09-07 18:31
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King
Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Grade K (copyright 1993) - Jean Marzollo

This book discusses the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he fought for the freedom of African Americans. It starts off with his day of birth and then goes through his life detailing, in kid friendly text, how "Martin Luther King Day" came about and why we have a day to celebrate him.

With this book, students could write "I have a dream" speeches and read them aloud to the class and display them in the hall. Teachers could also read this book close to Martin Luther King Jr. Day to inform students about why we celebrate him.

Lexile: 800L

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text 2017-12-01 02:31
It's my (pony) birthday!


Today I turn a whoppin' 33. And I asked everyone for a My Little Pony themed day. My husband and friends delivered. My bestie got me 3 of those Equestria Girls mini figures plus a Rainbow Dash headband and a coffee mug. My husband got me the big MLP Target exclusive Mane 6 pony set plus the Applejack merpony and a handful of glitter blindbags. My mother-in-law got me the InstaPot. And then my daddy sent me some money that I used to order a jigsaw puzzle board, The Art of My Little Pony: The Movie book, and went to Target with the rest and got the Strange Things Vynls of Dustin and Lucas, the Abe Sapien pop, the MLP snow globe, and the Songbird Serenade coin bank and plush. What a haul!! I was on cloud 9.


Plus we ate at a great Korean place for dinner. Had BiBimbop. Mmmmmm. 


I hope you guys had a great day, too.


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review 2017-10-28 13:27
NetGalley Review
Happy Birthday! - Mamoru Suzuki Happy Birthday! - Mamoru Suzuki

We received this book to give an honest review.


A very cute story with very good pictures that tell of how your birthday came to be. From the time you were born to the time you crawled and so forth. Happy Birthday! Is very fitting for this story. There is too many words to the page and I think that is perfect for the younger kids because they mostly like to look at pictures. Now the only thing I will say about the book that may ask questions is the part where the mom is breastfeeding the baby. Now it doesn't bother me at all and I am all for it, but for some people it may. 


I did like the ending where it says "Fly wherever and with whomever you would like! It doesn't matter how far you go; I will love you. Always." This is the perfect way to end this story. 

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review 2017-02-25 23:23
Happy Birthday to Me - Anne Tenino

3.5 stars... Though, I haven't read anything of this series so far. But I'm intrigued...

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