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review 2018-01-22 18:10
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling,Stephen Fry

I have never been a big Harry Potter fan and I haven´t even read book six and seven yet. But the audiobooks narrated by Stephen Fry might actually change this. He is a genius, at least when it comes to the narration of these books (I guess he is a genius in every other aspect as well, but lets just stick to the audiobooks for now). The way he uses his voice and how the whole audiobook is produced adds a whole new dimension to these stories. I love listening to them.


The Chamber of Secrets will never be my favorite Potter, though, and I can´t even say why that is. Probably because Hermione is missing for a good part of the book, I always feel there is something missing when she isn´t around. On the other hand there is Gilderoy Lockhart, who I have the slight suspicion about that he might be Reinhold Messner in disguise (Lockharts "Year with the Yeti" book made me chuckle).


So five blazing stars for the narration, 4 stars for the story, 4.5 stars overall.


I can´t wait for the Prisoner of Akzaban, my favorite Potter so far (both book and movie) and I can´t wait to start listening to it maybe today, maybe tomorrow morning.

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review 2018-01-01 11:14
Harry Potter: Chamber Of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré

Wow.... This story really threw me off. From suspecting Draco Malfoy to the main character Harry Potter... Every evidence just throws me off!! It is only until the end where this book shocks you with the main problem!

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text 2017-12-25 09:23
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré

  The reason why i chose to read this book as it is very interesting.Harry Potter was treated very badly by the Dursleys,his relatives as his parents had passed away.When the Durselys were doing a big business downstairs with Mr. Mason,Harry Potter was not allowed to get out of his room as they do not want others to know they have a wizard at home.


While he is in room there was this small creature named Dobby came to told him not to go back to his school, Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry as there will be horrible things in the school this year.It went off after telling Harry Potter.


Harry Potter was imprisoned in his room for the rest of summer as the Mr. Vernon Dursleys found out that Harry Potter was not allowed to use his magic outside the school as Harry Potter always threaten them to use his magic.But luckily,Harry Potter's friends came to rescue named Ron Weasley,Fred Weasley and George Weasley.


When school reopen weird things started to happen,Harry Potter found out that the Chamber of Secrets was opened and it only attack the Gryfinddor.Until one day,Ginny Weasely,Ron's younger sister was taken into the chamber.


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley tried to find ways and they slid down to the secret passage with Lockhart in Moaning Myrtle,s bathroom.Harry Potter had to find Ginny himself as Lockhart loss memory magic had reversed and cursed himself which needs Ron's help to accompany him.


Ginny was found in the chamber with Tom Riddle which Tom turned out to be the younger version of Voldemort,whom has been enchanting Ginny through his diary .Tom tried to kill Harry Potter but a magic hat arrived which produce a sword which can kill the giant as Harry called for Dumbledore for help.Harry Potter saved Ginny and receive an award for special services in the school.After all the horrible things that happened the mystery was finally solved and the students went back home for their summer vacations.



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text 2017-12-25 05:16
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Sercrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré

I am interested in this book because my friends and classmates have been reading a book like this and suggested that it is a very good book. This book to me also looks and sounds interesting as it looks mysterious and is full of adventures. Since I like fiction books that are mysterious and adventurous, i can't wait to read this book. 

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text 2017-12-24 15:30
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré

i'm interested in this book because it seems like it's a story full of adventures,which is what i like the most about in a storybook as it make me curious and excited to read more about the book.Another reasons why i'm interested in this book is because Harry Potter's books have been popular in many years and sometimes my friends would take about it.Some of my teachers who had taught me also recommended Harry Potter's books to me many times before,so I decided to choose to read this book.

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