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text 2017-07-09 18:39
Went down the freebie rabbithole browsing over on Amazon again
Superfoods Cookbook: Book One: Over 75 Recipes of Quick & Easy, Low Fat, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Low Cholesterol, Whole Foods Superfoods for Weight Loss ... cookbook - weight loss plan for women 29) - Don Orwell
The Burning Point (Circle of Friends Trilogy Book 1) - Mary Jo Putney
Spellbound (The Haunting of Castle Keyvnor Book 4) - Claire Delacroix,Jane Charles,Claudia Dain
An Affair to Dismember (Matchmaker Mysteries Book 1) - Elise Sax
Champions of the Dragon: Humorous Fantasy (Epic Fallacy Book 1) - Michael James Ploof,Holly M. Kothe
Instant Pot Cookbook: Quick and Easy Recipes For You and Your Family (Vegetables, Poultry, Pork, Beef, Fish & Seafood, Vegan, Beans & Grains, Desserts) - Karen Benett
Better Off Wed (Annabelle Archer Wedding Planner Mystery Book 1) - Laura Durham,Laura Durham
Ketogenic Diet: The Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: 75+ Delicious and Healthy Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Amazing Energy (Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo Diet, Ketogenic Recipes Book 1) - John T. Smith

Well, these were free today so despite my trying not to download so many freebies ...


I did avoid the ones with book descriptions not readable without a lot of "read more" scrolling so — you know the ones that the synopsis says things like the actual screenshot below:






Five chapters a week for July bookclub read of Old Man's War.


Breath of Heaven (Well of Sorrows) (Volume 3) - Joshua Palmatier,Benjamin Tate  Breath of Heaven (Well of Sorrows)    


Plus whatever library ebooks I borrow (lots on waitlist plus binge-ing some series) will interrupt regular reading schedule.


Another bookclub read of whatever TOR offers free (mid-month?) plus 24in48 readathon July 22-23 will also disrupt or remake plans.


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text 2017-05-03 14:53
The Haunting of Hill House - progress 16%
The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson,Bernadette Dunne

But a house, arrogant and hating, never off-guard, can only be evil.


This house, which seemed somehow to have formed itself, flying together under its own powerful pattern under the hands of its builders, fitting itself into its own construction of lines and angles, reared its great head back against the sky without concession to humanity. It was a house without kindness, never meant to be lived in, not a fit place for people, or for love, or for hope. Exorcism cannot alter the countenance of the house.


Hill House would stay as it was until it was destroyed. 

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text 2017-05-02 14:09
Re-Read! The Haunting of Hill House
The Haunting of Hill House - Shirley Jackson,Bernadette Dunne

This is my second time through for this book. I'm re-reading for the Horror Aficianados May 2017 group read. 

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review 2017-04-30 18:29
Soles by Kay Brandt
Soles - Kay Brandt

Soles has the most original premise of any book I've read so far this year!


Roland has inherited his family's shoe shop which has gone severely downhill since the violent death of his parents. His Aunt Grace has tried to keep it going, but is finally throwing in the towel and handing it over to Rolie. Problem is, he's not interested and...oh yeah, the place is haunted.


I'm not going to act like I understood everything that went on, but honestly, I don't need to understand every little thing. The atmosphere went from slightly silly when Rolie first took over the store and hired Stephanie, to deadly serious when Stephanie's friends came to rob the store. There were some extremely creepy moments,

especially when the shop kept locking its own doors, trapping Rolie inside. For some reason, that gave me the shudders.

(spoiler show)


  In the end, I'm not positive as to the cause of things, but I'm okay with that because I enjoy ambiguous stories and providing my own ideas as to what was happening :

my thoughts being that Rolie's father, literally, put his soul into the soles, (see what I did there?), and they carried it on, as did the shop itself, long after he was gone. Or perhaps the shop was haunted before Roland's dad ever took it over? 

(spoiler show)

Am I right or am I wrong? That's the beauty of ambiguous stories: I don't know. Perhaps you'll come up with your own theory and we can discuss it?


Soles is an original take on a haunting and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The writing was above average and in the creative department this tale knocked the ball out of the park. As such, I recommend it-especially to readers that don't need everything tied up in a neat little bow. If this sounds interesting to you, you can grab your copy here: Soles and we can discuss it when you're done!


*I was provided an e-copy of this novella in exchange for my honest review. This is it.*

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review 2017-02-05 17:39
The Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen
Flash: The Haunting of Barry Allen - Clay Griffith,Susan Griffith

I can often times be a bit leery of media tie-in novels, because they're usually not written by those who write the shows/movies, and that can lead to problems with characterization.


However, this novel written by Susan and Clay Griffith, avoided that.


Barry begins to suffer from what he calls "blurring" during rescues in which he sees an older version of himself and his powers "glitch". These episodes become more and more severe just as a group of villains (Pied Piper, Peekaboo, Weather Wizard, Prism, and The Mist) join forces to wreak havoc on Central City.


Barry, growing more and more weary from the almost constant onslaught of the villains and the blurring (which causes his speed healing to malfunction), calls in The Green Arrow (and Diggle and Felicity) for help.


I really enjoyed this book. For the most part the authors were dead on in regards to the characterization. Not 100%, but pretty darn good all the same.


I also enjoyed the fact that with this being a novel, we got more time to have scenes between characters that we don't normally get in the show. There was a great scene with Iris and Caitlin, for example. And another with Joe and Diggle that I really enjoyed.


The book also spent plenty of time with our villains from their POV, and I absolutely loved the development that Shawna Baez (Peekaboo) got.


As far as where this would fit in the show's timeline, I'd say early season two. After the singularity most definitely, but before Earth-2's Harrison "Harry" Wells shows up. They are aware of Zoom, and I'd say they would have had to have met "Jay Garrick" since Barry knows how to throw lightning in this book, and that's something I was taught by "Jay" (trying so hard not to spoil S2 here). Then again, this isn't exactly show canon, so maybe this is something we're supposed to hand wave, I don't know.


Speaking of Harrison Wells--who is my favorite character, any version of him--I was so disappointed to read in another review that he wasn't in this book. That's not exactly true. While the season 1 version of him isn't a speaking, physical character in the book (due to having been defeated), his presence is hugely felt throughout the entire book, and he is mentioned several times. So, it wasn't as disappointing as it could have been.


I've already preordered the second part of the crossover, Arrow: A Generation of Vipers, and I can't wait to see what happens next.



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