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review 2017-07-04 23:22
Rambling Thoughts: Tempting Fate
Tempting Fate: A Colorado High Country Novel - Pamela Clare

Tempting Fate

by Pamela Clare
Book 4 of Colorado High Country

Basically, my first thought upon seeing this new Pamela Clare release was:  "Another historical?"  But then I realized this was the fourth installment of Colorado High Country and I freaked out!  Because, how did I miss this book's release?

Well, that situation got remedied real quickly.

The Story:
Chaska Belcourt and his sister Winona chances upon Naomi, wounded and unconscious after a struggle for her life from a pair of escaped convicts.  Because of a flippant challenge Chaska had given to the Creator, followed by their wolf companion, Shota, rushing off and leading them to Naomi, Winona believes that fate had intervened, bringing the "right woman" into Chaska's path.

But Chaska is hard pressed to believe that fate had anything to do with it since Shota was the one who found Naomi.

Meanwhile, as Naomi recovers from her injuries--a broken ankle, surgery, and a vandalized car--she is surprised to find how friendly and helpful all the residents of Scarlet Springs are.  Naomi had had to learn how to take care of herself after running away from her cult-like adopted family, a place where children are punished harshly for the smallest slights, and where her adopted father controls every aspect of everyone's life in his community.  This type of kindness is new to her, and the togetherness in which Scarlet's residents present is a novelty she slowly begins to hope could be part of her own life.

With Chaska and Winona offering her a place to stay until she can get back on her feet, Naomi comes to love her hosts as well as the small town of Scarlet Springs; and soon starts to believe that maybe she's found somewhere to belong.  Meanwhile, the attraction between Chaska and Naomi is unmistakable, and even Chaska has to admit that maybe his sister was onto something about fate leading him to the woman he was meant to be with.

My Thoughts:
Tempting Fate read like two stories in one, starting off with a semi-contemporary romance with a romantic suspense lingering in the background.  Naomi's escape from the convicts and then the hunt to find them.  Meanwhile, Naomi spends her time recovering in the Belcourt siblings' home, trying to figure out how to get her life back together while fearing that the convicts may come back for her.

The second half was straight up contemporary romance, and there is a very slight distinction between the two halves at the 50% mark.  The convicts are captured and now Naomi and Chaska's romance takes center stage.  In this portion, a lot of mundane, day-to-day activities and events occur, such as little romantic dates, a few Team rescues, and big team dinners, and of course, the steamy sexy times.

We could call it two parts of one story.

First of all, I love how our author infuses so much heart into all of her work.  Her characters are always good people, and her message is always positive.  This is a standard Pamela Clare story.

And alongside this, she also  always tries to bring awareness to a lot of different things; in this case, the Native American community, citing historical events and facts about places like Wounded Knee, or giving us a glimpse of what life is like living on a reservation.  Her infusion of the customs and traditions of the Lakota is definitely inspirational, while giving us a glimpse of a contemporary Lakota family and a couple, simply going about their lives, not restricted to stereotypes given by society or media.

It's certainly something to think about.

Tempting Fate is a sweet, lovely contemporary romance, written well, with a great set of characters.

I suppose if I had to complain about something, it would be the somewhat over-dramatic emotional scenes that Pamela will sometimes drop into her romances.  She has the tendency to go a little overboard with her character's emotional reactions to any and all events, which will sometimes make me picture her heroine in a sobbing voice almost 90% of the time, and her heroes always clenching their jaw at every negative slight he perceives being directed at his true love.

I sometimes also imagine swooning, and those old fashioned covers where the couple is barely dressed and there's wind blowing, for whatever reason.  I mean, all this particular cover is missing is a half-dressed woman, since we've already got heaving man-bosoms.

Add onto that the schmaltzy dialogue during love scenes, and sometimes I have a hard time suspending disbelief.  Not that I've ever been in a relationship before, but it just doesn't seem believable that people talk and act like that.

Then again, like I've stated, there is so much heart presented in Pamela's work that it's hard to stay frustrated with the little quibbles.  Instead, you just move on and enjoy the rest of the story.  Even if the story is a little disjointed, with most of the main conflict resolved before the halfway mark, and then the last half of the book simply filler material to slowly tie together all the loose ends.

Because, after all, all the characters are great characters, and Pamela is a great writer, regardless.  As I'd stated before, I honestly have and still enjoy her romantic suspense books much more.  And no matter the amount of schmaltz, I still find her books entirely enjoyable, if only because she understands when to cut the schmaltz so that it doesn't become too over the top.


I DID enjoy the little road trips that Chaska takes Naomi on, from one area to another along the mountain ranges, from one little town to another.  And I always enjoy seeing the day-to-day activities of the SAR Team.

Overall, this was an entertaining read, and I hope the next book will be about Chaska's sister.




Free Friday #3:

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Cash Award:  +$6.00

Updated Bank Balance:  $137







Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/07/rambling-thoughts-tempting-fate.html
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review 2017-04-24 10:38
High Cotton Country Review
High Cotton Country - Leta McCurry

Not what I was expecting


To be honest with you, I'm not sure what I was expecting from Women's Fiction. I guess it's an undefined genre like Young Adult. Let me just start by saying that the book was good after I finally got around to reading it. I found it absorbing witnessing the struggles that the main character, Cazzie Randle, went through in her life and accomplished. If you're looking for a book with a strong, balanced woman, this is it.

Note: This is the first review using my new format. Please see my blog for why I switched.


The Good


I enjoyed the struggles Cazzie went through as a single mother raising children. I thought it was well thought out and paced. I also like that some of the time she wasn't perfect because no one is. For example, a lot of the story is (spoiler ahead) based on the fact that she has a hard time letting people in. What happens in childhood can have quite ever-lasting effects on you.


The Bad


Sometimes I felt like the cut scenes were too harsh, and I had trouble getting into the story. (Spoiler ahead) For example, at the very start, we learn about Cazzie as a professional and wealthy individual, and then we cut to her mother from the point of view of some random guy. I mean - that ripped me from the story. But - once I got past it, I started to get a feel of how the story was forming. I also felt that the ending was rushed (compared to the rest of the story). That's why I'm taking a point off the rating.




As I said in the first paragraph, I really enjoyed reading this book. I will definitely check out her second book and tell the world about it here. Cazzie Randle is a great example of someone who lives with trauma and overcomes it in the end. So, if you're into women's fiction, please do get yourself a copy.


Note about this review


I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review. I always try my best to balance the reviews and not favour any one person (though I may be a bit subjective when it comes to the genre).

Source: www.amaitken.com/book-review/high-cotton-country-review
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review 2017-01-19 17:36
Barely Breathing (Colorado High Country, #1) by Pamela Clare Review
Barely Breathing: A Colorado High Country Novel - Pamela Clare

Lexi Jewell left Scarlet Springs twelve years ago, vowing never to return to the eccentric Colorado mountain town where she grew up. Now, here she is—over thirty, out of a job and with little choice but to move back in with her father. Lexi knows it’s just a matter of time before she runs into Austin Taylor, her first boyfriend and her first heartbreak. She’s determined to show him she’s over him—until he steps out of a pickup truck and back into her life, looking sexy as hell in his mountain ranger uniform.

As far as Austin is concerned, Lexi can turn her snazzy little convertible around and drive back to Chicago. After all, she ripped his teenage heart apart and turned her back on the town he loves. But from the moment he sees her again, he can’t get her out of his mind. Even her smile messes with his head.

When an evening of conversation turns into something else, Lexi and Austin agree to be friends again—with benefits. But as Lexi starts making plans to return to the big city, Austin realizes he’ll lose her a second time unless he can show her that what she’s searching for has been right here all along.




I am so excited about this new series by Pamela Clare! She is a great writer who mostly writes romantic suspense which is one of my least favorite subgenres. I am thrill that she is starting this indie series of contemporaries with acton thrown in.


What I really liked about this book is what I am sure I will really like about the series. The book was a love letter to Colorado mountains, search and rescue, and outdoor nature sports--in this case rock climbing. It is a feast of details and images and works perfectly to create a world in this small town you will want to visit and admiration for all the lifestyles, pastimes, and skills of the characters.


The cast of characters is great in terms of those I just know will have their own books.

The romance is a lovely second chance with high school sweethearts who have an intense attraction and love for each other paired with a playful sexuality (and they did have sex with others while apart thank god) which is super fun. The love story comes from them falling in love with fuller selves they both are now and seeing who they were then much more clearly.


The heroine's journey is a worth the reading in terms of understanding herself and her relationship to her home town.


I wasn't thrilled with the resolutions in terms of personal relationships between her father, her stepmother, her best friend, and her sisters. I thought these plot points should have been contended with more powerfully for a richer closing to this book.


But overall, good stuff!

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review 2016-10-28 19:24
Slow Burn (Colorado High Country #2)
Slow Burn: A Colorado High Country Novel - Pamela Clare


As a fan of the author's I-Team and Blakewell/Kenleigh series, I was excited to hear about this new series, but was a bit disappointed by the first installment of this series. That being said, this second installment wasn't quite where I wanted it to be, in fact, I found it to be even worse than the first book in the series, and I feel that I rounded up on that rating!

The prologue is nothing more than a rehashing of the first meeting of the main characters that appeared in the first book. It did allow readers to understand the jump to a year later easier, so I could understand why it was added to this book.

However, I really didn't see these two falling in love, because there wasn't much in the way of alone time between the two of them. Sure, there was a lot of attraction, but not a lot of meaningful conversation, especially in light of the fact that this is mainly an extension of the first book by showcasing that first couple's wedding.

While there were appearances by the citizenry of the town that I had so enjoyed in the first book, this book kept those appearances to a bare minimum and it didn't feel necessary to this story. The addition of Victoria's family did nothing but anger me for most of the book, until the very end of it, when her father essentially bought my forgiveness.

All things considered, it was a quick and easy read, but I was hoping for much more out of it.

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review 2016-09-28 04:30
Thoughts: Slow Burn
Slow Burn: A Colorado High Country Novel - Pamela Clare

Slow Burn

by Pamela Clare
Book 2 of Colorado High Country

Let's be frank here:  Pamela Clare is an auto-buy author for me.  She's an auto-buy author as well as an auto-read author.

At least the contemporary stuff she's written so far has been quickly added to my library and devoured--I haven't exactly gone back over her historical back list yet.  And while her books have the tendency to get a little overly cheesy and overly schmaltzy sometimes, Pamela Clare has sentimental value.

Her I-Team series was the very first set of Romantic Suspense series I truly fell in love with.  And with that, it got me catapulted into the entire genre, finding myself a sweet little comfort zone for my reading life.

But that's not all.  Pamela Clare books are auto-buy for me because I've always found I love the characters she creates and the suspenseful situations she creates.

Slow Burn doesn't prove too differently.  Although Slow Burn also proves the power of a beloved author versus average presentation of a potentially fun and sexy contemporary romance.

The Blurb:

Victoria Woodley is done with men.  Fresh off a dating nightmare, she flies from her home in Chicago to Scarlet Springs to take part in her best friend’s wedding.  Who picks her up at the airport?  Eric Hawke.  Of course.  She made a fool of herself over him last time she was here.  He’s cocky, charming, and sexy as sin.  But the fact that she’s attracted to him is all the proof she needs that he’s bad news.  She would ignore him if she could.  But he’s the best man, and she’s the maid of honor.  She can’t just tell him to jump in a lake—especially not when her lips are locked with his.

Eric isn’t looking for a relationship.  Between running the firehouse and volunteering for the county’s search and rescue team, he has enough on his plate.  He doesn’t need to get tangled up with a woman from the big city, especially one whose idea of roughing it is going without designer coffee.  Yet from the moment he looks into Victoria’s big brown eyes, the attraction he feels is too strong to deny.  Faster than he can imagine, the spark of desire that has smoldered between them since the first day they met will flare into full-blown passion.

But can Eric convince Victoria to set aside her doubts and trust him with her heart before their time together runs out?

My Thoughts:
Slow Burn is written well, easy to read, and fast-paced, as Pamela Clare is wont to present.  The premise is a cute one with a lot of potential between Victoria who has a really bad incident occur in her life recently, and Eric who just naturally wants to take care of everyone in his life even if he won't admit it.  It's a typical hero and damsel story, but with a modern twist and lots of sexy times involved.

And also, Victoria's a pretty cool Mary Sue of epic proportions... y'know, for a Mary Sue.  Except for that little miscommunication and jumping to conclusions deal in the short first chapter back story of one year ago, Victoria's alright.  She and Eric end up having an excellent, chemistry-laden relationship wherein they are extremely in lust with each other, but are both trying to hang on to that "we're just friends" lie.

I'm sure everyone--readers and our main couple--were both relieved when the two finally gave into their carnal desires and jumped each others' bones.

Anyway, as far as romances go, this wasn't the most unique story in the world, nor did I expect it to be.  Victoria and Eric are both good people, and the little community of Scarlet Springs is a wonderful place for any small town love story to take place.  So I liked it.  It's a typical tried-and-true formula from a beloved author.

And sometimes that's enough for me.

To top it off, while a little outrageous, Lexi and Austin's "One Week of Pre-Wedding Festivities" sounded like a whole lot of fun.  I don't know anyone in my life, personally, who'd be able to afford all of that fun, but I guess it would be akin to just having a vacation in one's own home considering there's so much to do around the area: white water rafting, mountain hiking, a night out on the town, a climbing gym in a bar, etc....

One of the little quibbles I had were the forced "extreme situations" that kind of happened near the end.  I'm hesitant to say that Pamela manages better with her romantic suspenses, because I DO still enjoy these contemporary romances set in little Scarlet Springs, as there seems to be plenty of action going on a mountain town without needing to factor in a serial killer or terrorist attack.  I don't know if we need to include these extreme situations, though I suppose stuff like getting shoved in front of a moving vehicle CAN happen in real life without the premise being specific to romantic suspense.

Peaceful is kind of nice, sometimes.

The schmaltz that is standard Pamela Clare, however, seems to have resurfaced after being kind of absent in the last three books publish of hers that I read.  It's not in full force, but it's tell-tale signs are there.


"Firemen are my favorite color."

Yes, Victoria. They most certainly are. =-)


2016 Reading Challenges:
Goodreads Reading Challenge
BookLikes Reading Challenge

Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2016/09/thoughts-slow-burn.html
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