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text 2017-06-23 05:58
Booklikes-opoly | Roll #20! and Free Friday #2!
Booklikes, the book blogging social platform


With the Big Game Shake Up (see link above), my Bank Balance is going to be getting a nice little boost!  It helps that the books were great as well.

But moving along...  My last roll was on 6/18, and while I'd been hoping to finish my book early enough that my next BLopoly roll wouldn't overlap with the next Free Friday too closely... that didn't happen.  So now I'm going to start this next book... and then turn around and pick up another book for Free Friday in less than twenty-four hours (another post to come soon see end of post).

Anyway, my Roll #19 landed me on Fantasyland 6 where Teddy Bear game piece can't seem to stay magnetized to the board, and has thus slid all the way down the board to the bottom, landing his butt on my desk top.  No photos, he's embarrassed enough as it is, poor guy...

Reading-wise, I chose To the Rescue by Jean Barrett, which is set in Yorkshire, England, which satisfies the game square criteria, as the UK is part of Western Europe.  The book is 292 pages, which, according to the new Shake Up doubled rewards rules, is worth $6.00, bringing my lovely Bank Balance to $91.00!


To the point, To the Rescue was engaging as a mystery, but the romance could have used a bit less insta-lust/insta-love.  It got a bit frustrating to me that this silly couple were continually thinking about touching each other or getting laid, while there's a killer running amok in the big creepy monastery that has been isolated by heavy blizzards in the middle of the English countryside.

Priorities, guys!

At least the writing style was easy to read and the progression was good.

Onto Roll #20... which turned into #20.1 with a doubles rolled:


I ended up rolling a Double 5 = 10, which took me from Fantasyland 6 to Luxury Tax: "Read a book where someone gets married, with jewelry on the cover, or where any character is a millionaire/billionaire!"


Monkey's back!  Hi!  **waves**  He looks really comfortable just hanging there!

I rolled again for my doubles and got, for Roll #20.1:


Moving 9 spaces from Luxury Tax, I ended up on another utilities space, Water Works: "Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event."

Monkey is meditating, Teddy is hanging...  Uh oh, where did Peek-a-Boo Penni go?  Probably time to go back home.  Maybe she'll be back next time for another visit!

After some shuffling of books and some hemming and hawing, and had finally decided on books for each square.


Looks like I'm going to continue on with Harlequin romances, which, to be honest, it's kind of easy to find books from Harlequin that fit some of these categories.  You've got small towns, millionairs/billionaires or weddings, romantic suspense with characters who are police detectives or who known how to handle guns; there are historicals, overseas travels, mysteries... Both books above also take place on an island, if anyone is interested, and, Oh Looky!  Water on the cover!  And trees!

Also, I think The Substitute Sister could be considered Gothic as well.

Anyway, I will be reading The Mysterious Twin by Leona Karr for the Luxury Tax square.  The criteria only requires "any character" to be a millionaire/billionaire.  From what I surmised from the summary and the first 5% of the book I skimmed, our MC will be staying as a nanny at a southern mansion owned by a man named Hugo Vandenburg... if there ever was a name that sounded like money...  It states that the mansion is Vandenburg's summer home, which tells me he's got more homes elsewhere, and I doubt they're quaint two-bedroom ranches in a school neighborhood, considering there's also mention of him owning a baseball team or something like that.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this guy's a millionaire and probably also comes from old money.  I might be wrong.  If I am, I will honorably skip this square and NOT collect my reward.

The Mysterious Twin is 256 pages, which will be worth $6.00.

The Substitute Sister by Lisa Childs, as we can see, has water on the cover, satisfying the Water Works criteria.  It is 240 pages, which will also be worth $6.00.

Free Friday Read #2:

I was going to create a separate post for my second Free Friday book, but as I am writing this post, my time shows that I have about twenty minutes until midnight, which will bring us into 6/23, Friday.  So I decided to just go ahead and insert my chosen Free Friday read for this Friday into this post.  I promise I won't start reading it until after the clock strikes midnight.


I have checked out this book from the library twice already, hoping to get a chance to read it.  The first time, because of all the other book obligations I got caught up in, I renewed the book twice, didn't get around to reading it, then had to give it back.  A couple weeks later, while I was at the library for other books, I decided to check it out again.  This time, I'm hoping to be able to get to it, so decided to declare it my second Free Friday Read for BLopoly!

It Had to Be You by Jill Shalvis is 327 pages.  And also, it'll help me along in another challenge I'm participating in.

Altogether, I will be hitting $109.00 when I finish all three of these books.  And I'm going to try my best to read in order, for my own strange anal retentiveness...  Though it is entirely possible I'll start reading It Had to Be You after midnight and end up rolling right through it.

Oh well!



Current Bank:   $91.00



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/06/booklikes-opoly-roll-20-and-free-friday.html
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text 2017-06-22 13:06
Reading progress update: I've read 51 out of 281 pages.
The Edge of the Abyss - Emily Skrutskie

It may have been a mistake for me to request this despite my dislike of the first book. So far, the book has been one action scene and a boatload of bad feelings and longing between Cas and Swift. The former was okay. The latter is really not working for me. I'm pretty sure the author wants me to want Cas and Swift to be together, but Cas's every reaction to Swift, Santa Elena, and the others keeps screaming Stockholm syndrome to me. Everyone on this ship was responsible for killing Durga, the being Cas loved most, but now she's basically buddies with most of them.


I honestly can't remember why Cas opted to stay with Santa Elena rather than go back to her family. I wish I'd written that particular spoiler in my review for the first book, because I can't think of any reason that makes sense. I think she might have decided to stay because she just loved Swift so much, and ugh.


I'm only in this for Bao. Here's hoping he shows up sometime soon, or I might not make it through this book.

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review 2017-06-21 15:10
Finished with The Suffragette Scandal!!!
The Suffragette Scandal - Courtney Milan


I am feeling a massive Book Hangover right now...


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text 2017-06-19 04:07
Booklikes-opoly status update


Bank: $58.00


June 18th

Finished The Big Fear by Andrew Case (Main character knows how to handle a gun)

274 pages = $3.00

(Memorial Day Extra Roll 2)


Finished Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve (Steampunk) 

325 pages = $3.00

(Memorial Day Extra Roll 1)


Roll: 5

Landed on Fantasyland 7

Book: The Wild Robot by Peter Brown (Talking animals)



Bank: $52.00


June 4th

Finished Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter Straub (Ghost story)

304 pages  = $3.00



Memorial Day Extra Roll 1: 10

Landed on Paradise Pier 28

Book: Fever Crumb by Phillip Reeve (Steampunk)


Memorial Day Extra Roll 2: 11

Landed on Frontierland 2

Book: The Big Fear by Andrew Case (Main character knows how to handle a gun)



Bank: $49.00


May 25th

Finished Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (author born before 1955)

228 pages  = $3.00


Roll: 9

Landed on New Orleans Square 19

Book: Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter Straub (Ghost story)


Bank: $46.00


May 22nd

Finished Lamentation by Joe Clifford (Wintry scene on cover)

202 pages  = $3.00


Roll: 6

Landed on Main Street USA 11

Book: Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (author born before 1955)


Bank: $43.00


May 16th

Finished The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (from the GO space)

320 pages (according to Amazon) = $3.00


Roll: 7

Landed on Fantasyland 6

Book: Lamentation by Joe Clifford




Bank: $40.00


May 7th

Finished Twilight Eyes

451 pages (according to Amazon) = $5.00


Roll: 6

Landed on GO, free read

Book: The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood




Bank: $35.00


April 24th

Finished Beastly Bones

305 pages = $3.00


Roll: 7

Landed on Paradise Pier (31)

Book: Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz



Bank: $32.00


April 19th



Bonus $10 from The better to see you, my dear

Nice Luck! Thanks!


Roll: 8 (doubles)

Landed on the Ring square

Roll again: 11

Landed on Chance (25)

Reading: Beastly Bones



Bank: $22.00


April 15th

Roll: 8

Landed on Chance (8)

Book: City of Ember, Graphic Novel

144 pages = $2.00



Bank: $20.00



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text 2017-06-19 03:42
Booklikes-opoly | Roll #19!
Booklikes, the book blogging social platform


Over a week ago (yeah, that long), I rolled a 7 and moved from Paradise Pier 28 to Mystery Square 35.  For that square, I read Don't Ever Stop by Leslie A. Kelly, a book where the MC is a police detective.  The book itself was 281 pages, which added $3.00 to my Bank, bringing my balance to $79.00!


Don't Ever Stop was just as fast-paced as the first book; enjoyable with a few things I had trouble agreeing with... and a subtle love triangle that made me wince.  I don't like triangles, and never thought I'd find one in a Rom Suspense, considering how much else is going on.

Anyway, moving along now.

Onto Roll #19:


I rolled an 8 and moved from Mystery Square 35 to Fantasyland 6.


Hmm... Spot the Monkey?  Did my photo booth picture with my BFF scare everyone away?  And there's Teddy Bear, just kind of hanging and sliding downward...

Ah well, maybe I really need to go get a treat to lure Monkey back to the board.

I haven't landed in the Fantasyland squares before, and even though I've got a list of books I could read, I had a hard time figuring out what I was in the mood for.  In the end, I picked five books from my list of possibilities, and did a random draw.


Good ol' Harlequin!  I've been itching to read this book ever since I stumbled across it on Scribd, even in spite of all the less than ideal reviews.

To the Rescue by Jean Barrett is set in Yorkshire, England.  It is 292 pages, which will be worth $6.00 upon completion.

I am still reading, and finishing up my first Free Friday read, which is also worth $6.00; so no matter which book I finish first, it will bring my next Bank Balance update to $85.00!



Current Bank:   $79.00



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/06/booklikes-opoly-roll-19.html
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