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review 2014-09-22 01:08
Forgot the Bring the Feelz.
The Ranger - Monica McCarty

This third book in Monica McCarty's Highland Guard series (think 'Special Ops in Kilts') should have been right up my alley. There are few things I like better than a good, angsty, Forbidden Love story, where there's some almost insurmountable reason the lovers can't be together, and yet they can't seem to stay apart, and this should have been that kind of story. Arthur "Ranger" Campbell is a spy for King Robert the Bruce, posing as a knight in the service of Robert's enemy, John of Lorn, chieftain of the MacDougall clan. Arthur has his own score to settle with Lorn, who killed Arthur's father in a most dishonorable fashion and stole the Campbell's lands years before. Anna is Lorn's daughter, and loyal to her father and his causes, which means she wants nothing more than to see King Robert defeated. Since Anna and Arthur are on opposite sides of the cause and neither can bend without betraying their families and everything else they hold dear, their attraction should have been angsty and fraught with emotion and pathos and ALL THE FEELZ... except it wasn't. Somehow, McCarty forgot to bring the feels. This book was such a snoozefest. 

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text 2014-08-12 22:02
Reading progress update: I've read 40%.
The Saint (Highland Guard Series #5) - Monica McCarty

The Saint needs a swift kick in his saintly arse.

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review 2014-07-23 00:32
Highlander romance with some real history
The Chief - Monica McCarty

Opening Line: “William Wallace is dead.”


This is the first book from Monica McCarty hugely popular Highland Guard series, which loosely uses actual historical figures and events to set up the premise of a group of elite warriors who embark on a secret mission to help free Scotland from English rule.

Leading this assembly of hunky highland men is the ultimate Scottish swordsman and warlord Tormod MacLeod. Tor is Chief of his people, taking the throne at the age of ten after his parents were murdered. Fiercely independent, he is a fair but aggressive leader, dedicated to his clan and answering to no one.

When Robert The Bruce handpicks him to train and lead a group of the 10 deadliest warriors the islands have ever seen he initially refuses, having no intention of being drawn into Scotland’s war against the English. After the lovely Christina is negotiated into the deal he suddenly finds himself with not only a luscious new bride but a disorganized and lethal fighting force at his disposal. She of course tries to tame him while his men try to kill each other.

I loved the fact that this story took actual historical figures and used them within the story. “Loosely based” is how the author describes it, which kind of made me laugh because this is such a “romance” in the true sense of the word and I’m sure the real 14th century Robert The Bruce or William Wallace were hardly sporting six packs and waxing poetic as they fell for their lassies (although Braveheart would have us believe otherwise.)

I don’t want to sound negative because I did enjoy the hell out of this once I got with the program but because so many of the reviews placed emphasis on the historical accuracy I went in expecting something with a bit more meat to it, so that while I appreciated the effort ultimately this was just another sexy highlander romance.

Still it’s a good one, The Chief is well written with an exciting plot, a spunky heroine to soften our alpha hero’s brutal shell and seriously smoking hot love scenes. We are also introduced to numerous other kilted hunks so that I just have to continue on with the series. Cheers.
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text SPOILER ALERT! 2014-03-21 16:59
Tattooed Man of Historical Romance
To Desire a Devil - Elizabeth Hoyt
The Blue Viking - Sandra Hill
Seduce Me at Sunrise - Lisa Kleypas
Beau Crusoe - Carla Kelly
Bone Deep - Bonnie Dee
I Thee Wed - Amanda Quick
San Francisco Surrender - Donna Fletcher
In Bed With the Devil (Avon Romantic Treasure) - Lorraine Heath
The Highland Guard Series 5-Book Bundle - Monica McCarty
The Dragon's Bride - Jo Beverley

The Tattooed Hero is massively over done in Paranormal, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance. This fact won't keep me from doing best of lists on these heroes but it is a character trait that has become an easy go to in order to develop a certain kind of hero-- Bad boy. Warrior. Biker. 


The Historical Hero with a tattoo is so very much more rare. These tattoos come of being in prison, smuggling, captivity, or other not so common Historical Romance Hero things to be doing or being. 


Thus, Historical Heroes with tattoos are actually interesting! 


Here is a list of Historical Heroes with Tattoos for your reading pleasure.  Of course, the tattoos are always a surprise so, SPOILER Alert!


1. To Desire a Devil by  Elizabeth Hoyt

2. The Blue Viking by Sandra Hill

3. Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

4. Beau Crusoe by Carla Kelly

5. The Dragon's Bride by Jo Beverley

6. Bone Deep by Bonnie Dee

7. I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick

8. San Francisco Surrender by Donna Fletcher

9. In Bed With the Devil by Lorraine Heath

10. The Chief by Monica Mccarty


Do you know of some Historical Heroes with Tattoos? Gimme! Gimme!


If you would like to vote for the best of the best, go to the Goodreads list: Tattooed Man in Historical Romance.


If you would enjoy gazing at sexy tattooed men, check out my Pinterest

Board: Tattooed Man: Best Romance Hero Sporting Ink.


I will be doing Best Contemporary and Paranormal Romance Heroes with Tattoos next and then moving on to Inked Up Romance Heroines. Stay tuned! 


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review 2013-06-28 00:00
The Hawk (Highland Guard Series #2)
The Hawk - Monica McCarty Another great one in this series. I love these highlanders. Author calls it special ops in kilts. :)The setting of the islands of scotland and to ireland is so well described. And a swimming highlander, who won't love that :). What a interesting setting for highland novels. The hero was just delish. A rogue that is loved by the lasses and is a huge flirt. He just loves all women and they love him. But he really never lets anyone near. Until the heroine. She unlike most, doesn't just fall at the altar that is his irresistible highness. To say he is baffled at that is an understatement. Well matched couple. I also love the author notes at the end. The weaving of real accounts into a fictional story. I like reading those tidbits. Can't wait to read the next one.
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