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text 2022-07-20 08:08
Minimalism is a style of interior design that emphasizes simplicity

Minimalism has been influenced in part by Enlightenment and Japanese design, as seen by its minimalism. The major idea of this décor style is plain and lean, with only the most basic materials employed.


Minimalist design is distinguished by dazzling simplicity, and it expertly integrates the primary decorative components such as clean, contemporary lines, tight editing, and colour palette, which are required for producing the greatest effect in decoration.


Reduce the use of silhouettes, as you would when merging different interior design styles, but feel free to create a layered, warm, rich, and welcoming minimalist house with a gallery-like environment.


After all, your home is a relaxing haven, and wouldn't you want a more open and big house or villa Interior Design Companies in UAE to immerse yourself in meditation?


Here are some ideas for designing your house in a minimalist style:



Try to reflect a modern tone, but avoid using a cold-looking minimalist ornamentation, even if it is polished. You may utilise wood and concrete, which are two of the most popular minimalist flooring alternatives. Many minimalist architects choose industrial steel and glass as well. By selecting one of these, you may create a pure and elegant style at home.



Colouring a minimalist area with simple colors like white, beige, and gray is fashionable, but going above and above is not a minimalist decorating technique.


Main hues such as yellow and blue, when applied in their purest tones, may demonstrate an amazing and peaceful interior design approach. Rebel colours like Dijon and blue may make a home appear even more current than minimalist, reflecting a design style that came after minimalism.


Creating a Harmony

You want a place to be cohesive, not cluttered with unconnected decorations. There, you may utilise decorations like furniture or sculptures, as well as frames that fade into the backdrop, to balance the secondary wallpapers.


Almost every item of the space, that is, the colours, furnishings, and accessories that connect the area in harmony, should be brought together. By avoiding a monotonous villa or house, you may be creative with a more fluid minimalist design, but make sure that one aspect stands out from the others.


Form in Minimalist Interior Design

Consider the form of each item after deciding how much furniture a space need. Consider the fundamental forms of squares and rectangles. Consider the most popular design lines: horizontal, vertical, cross, zigzag, and curved. Because unity is essential to display the room as a whole, the image is shrunk. Because there are no abstract elements, the eye is free to roam




Minimalism is a trend that extends from art to interior design, yet it remains one of the most inventive styles. Minimalism is regarded as the pioneer of forward-thinking design, and minimalist décor separates a room into necessities, implying that each feature must be practical.


Even ornamental elements serve a purpose in a minimalist design, and each space has a goal in mind while decorating. Give each component a cause to exist.


Try out our Hotel Interior Design Companies in Dubai. S3T Koncepts' unique and beautiful interior design and many more will inspire you!

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text 2022-04-07 13:45
Cool Ideas To Maximize Your Home Office Space

When it comes to converting your home’s interiors into an office, a number of things require your attention. From choosing the right space, remodeling or renovating it, to choosing appropriate furniture, storage, bookshelves, or lighting, you need to decide a lot of things. While some people choose to hire interior fit out companies in Dubai to get the remodeling done, others like to give their own creativity a try. If you’re among the latter category, the following ideas will help you design or maximize your home office space. So let’s not do any delay and quickly jump on the subsequent section.

Cool Ideas To Maximize Your Home Office Space

A Small Lounge
Having a small lounge space in your office gives you some space to move around whenever you feel like it. Be it a break time or a call from a friend, you can simply shift to the comfy lounge chair or couch within seconds. Not just that, if you have a visitor, he/she can use that to wait for your attendance or talk to chat with you in your room. A side table, some good lighting, and a soft rug would complete the side lounge purpose.

An Extensive Window
If you could extend your window size from ceiling to floor, it would be the best. Why? You cannot always keep staring at a blank wall when you're working. So get some sunlight, look at the birds, and sky, and get interesting glimpses of the outside to rejuvenate yourself every now and then.

Wall Colors
Another interesting idea is to color your home office walls with your favorite colors. Don’t go for light or muted colors they don’t excite you. Rather prefer those that set your mood and give you positive vibes to make your day going. You can also learn considerably about the color theory and then choose a suitable color for your office. It is always good to know about things before you incorporate them into your life.

Custom-Made Shelves/Storage
When there will be an office, there definitely be some shelves. Obviously, you wouldn’t like to end up cluttering your desk with all the things. Planning about what should stay on the desk and what on the shelf should be your priority. You can also opt for custom-made shelves, wherein you can keep a variety of things, besides documents, stationery or books, if you’re an avid reader. These shelves are quite functional and you can get them designed and manufactured as per your needs.

Personal Traces
Since it will be your office, it should truly feel yours. You can do this by inserting personal touches into your office space. Add elements that can speak about your work, your personality, and of course achievements. Decorate the walls with your educational achievements, badges, certificates, and awards. Besides, you can also hang framed inspirational thoughts, photo frames, houseplants, wastebaskets, a whiteboard, etc. to keep up with the utilities.

S3T Koncepts is among the leading interior design companies in UAE. Our team of expert interior designers is up and running to provide clients with the best fit out solutions while keeping pace with the latest trends. Send your inquiries now.


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text 2022-01-27 09:26
Does Color Is Essential In Interior Design?

This is one of the main things the interior designer learn is color. They know the nature, name and the science of the colors. Now, this is the bit that seems like obvious information about why people need designers and why color is important.


If you want to get help in designing your place you can take assistance from interior design companies in Dubai. From that, you will get nice ideas and it would help you too. However, the color does not more that make your room look pretty. It affects the mood and the state of mind. Every color invokes various emotions for the viewers, and this is the reason that brands pay attention to the color of their properties and logo.

What is the importance of color in interior design?

Color can make or break your space. Choosing a perfect color for a facility’s space is an essential aspect of interior design. If your company even hire an interior designer, it's necessary to get to know the basics of colors. Color is an international visual language that is understood by all so when you are trying to transmit or communicate something through the designs. There is no other good way to do it than through color. Before choosing the colour, you need to understand how color behaves, and how they change their character and influenced our mood.


Ofter time the color can be divided into two categories: cool and warm tones. The warm color tone includes yellow, orange and energizes a space. Whereas cool colors like green, blue and purple, that generally use for a relaxing atmosphere. If you have to choose the color for flooring, and wall then it is essential to keep the main of space in mind. If the space is made for the energetic goal then the color should be warm, space and exhilarating tones which is might consider. The best design interior company in Dubai can explain to you better the importance of color.

Psychology of Colors for Interior Design

The interior designs are the art of the interior designer that combines the persona’s personality with preferences and color. The process of the interior designer is like that, they use the black canvas on which we fill the colors and add the nuances of woodwork, glass, and ceramics. They bring them all together to make a logical and natural flow in commercial and residential properties.

Moreover, the interior design is largely focused on the creativity, we as a customer need to see the implications of the color schemes the interior designer use. The color psychology is a theory of how each color affects a person’s mood, creativity, cognitive function, and productivity. It is based on the scientific effects of the various hues of every colors of spectrum, on the human briain.

Final thoughts

These are the points that prove that color is essential in interior design. If you want to do a renovation or build your home, then you can take help from interior design companies in Dubai. They have nice service and ideas for their clients.

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text 2021-03-12 10:41
10 Elements Of The Perfect Hospital Designs

Despite the complexity, we believe that designing components of having the power to positively affect hospital interior designers is addressing several factors in a variety of the user's families, including patients, staff, and suite. While these patients and families are primarily focusing on various healthcare institutions, even the lits that are focusing on the patients in centered designs is extensive.  

Campus & Architecture Designs
Great campus architecture and planning is allowing the layouts of streets, building entries and building approach is serving in wayfinding devices. Trying to read the signs while driving the nerves of wracking. Vehicular access and approaching roads will be designed for clearing and intuitive of the alleviating stress is commuting. Including choices in scale, materiality, and lighting in the main entry in the hospital, medical office, and parking structures for building puts patients and families in the quickest paths in the front of the doors.

Locating major public spaces and vertical circulations towers in nearer to main entries serving in beacon are arriving in the signaling, night for the patients and families where it is going in clearly for illuminating the entrances.

welcoming Design Aesthetic  

Great hospital interior designs are reflecting both the region and visualizing and cultures of those in the institutions. Several institutions are referencing elements of the hospital designs when they are discussing their visions of the new buildings. This includes the covering of drops–offs with the valet parking, open and transparent, and checking in the services will become more common. Sound and art play key roles in creating welcoming and calming aesthetics and providing positive distractions in arrivals.
A Better Waiting Areas  

The same is holding checks in desks and waiting for areas for using the spaces and their visuals for identities in intuitively for helping the patients navigate. This waiting room is one of the most stressful parts for visiting to make it a great place: for providing expansive views, windows for daylight, beauty, and art, in comfortable furniture. Locating in waiting areas is along with the perimeter in effective ways for promoting mitigate and wayfinding families and patients' stress.

Pleasant Clinical Environment  

Staff and patients benefit from well-designed space. This is tempting for focusing on only lobbies and waiting for areas, clinical areas are requiring just the most attention. Procedure rooms, imaging suites where the patients are conscious, and blood is drowning in the stations the benefits from the nature of positivity and daylights in distracting the arts, material plates, and views. This area is critical for creating a calming and healing environment.  
Dignifies Discharge  

Providing the private and comfortable routes that didn’t go through the important hospital doors for those using wheelchairs and crutches for the first time or recovering from a day procedure. This is not only proving this departing for patients in more dignified departures but we can calm nerves when new patients are entering the hospital.
These are 10 elements that have the power for ensuring comfortable visits for comfortable and their families, in faster improving and healing the outcomes.

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url 2021-02-02 06:31
Small house, studio modern apartment interior design Dubai

Small house, studio modern apartment interior design Dubai by Appello Interiors. We design & build the house, apartments, condos in the most amazing way.

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