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text 2019-01-18 06:32
Got a New Home? Invest in Joinery Services And Witness Alluring Tesidential Transformation

You have a lot of thoughts and ideas in your head for your new home in Dubai? Everyone in fact for that matter dreams to make the most for making their homes look just great. But the question is how well will you be able to execute those ideas in reality. Try and get in touch with the joinery works in Dubai. These service providers utilize each and every type of space and bring out the beauty which you thought was never possible. It has more to deal with customizing the dream home that you have manifested through hard work. Joinery services are meant to match and measure all the aspects of space (be it an office, residence or a cafe) to give a complete and neat look to it.

Let us just look at all the benefits that you will be getting from the joinery companies in Dubai.


There are several ways through which you can improve the setting and environment of your home. The beautifully done wooden features will definitely put a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home. You can communicate with the service providers and can express exactly how big/small/broad/slim you want your furniture to be. Hence, you can get the exact measurement you demand. Joineries are independent in nature and they have a sound life span.


If there is any small part of your bedroom or kitchen or dining hall or living space that you wish you could improve, then you must get in touch with the joinery service providers. They will easily replace the outdated look with fresh and interesting ones. Creating individual spaces like drawers, cabinets and more are now effortlessly possible through the joinery works in Dubai.


Modern and functional home space is a dream of every resident. Through the effective services of joinery, you just do not have to have to leave out any empty spaces just because you are clueless. The service providers will logically fill up the empty spaces so that it serves the best of purpose to you.


Once you will communicate about your thoughts and ideas to the joinery service providers, you will be able to witness that exclusively they have executed your desires in the form of their services. Along with this, the overall processes of installing fresh joineries will not even eat up much time.


Preserving the real essence of your home, your joinery service providers will provide you with unique designs, high-quality materials, and unseen styles that will make your home blossom with all its might. It might sound dreamy and less practical, but once all the joineries will be installed, you will be able to notice the ‘before and after’ for your home.


Invest in the joinery works in Dubai and get ready to feel the delight of ‘beautiful living’.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts

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text 2019-01-08 19:19
6 mistakes with furniture arrangement a designer should notice

Sometimes you can really give it your all to make a room both functional and appealing to the eye in terms of furniture. Yet, at times the furniture arrangement just looks off. It doesn’t always take an expert to notice it, as the problem may be evident. However, dealing with the issue may not be so easy without the help of an interior designer. To be prepared when it comes to furniture, you best learn of the most common mistakes that occur in people’s homes:



  • Excess furniture – this is one mistake you cannot hide. Too much furniture in the room makes the place feel too cramped for comfort. Imagine having to sidestep every time you go past your sofa because the coffee table just doesn’t allow that much room. It ruins the flow of the room and greatly limits its usability. Every piece of furniture you pick needs to have a purpose, as that ensures a functional design.
  • Wrong size of a rug – the size of rug you pick for every room is very important. Make it too small, and you actually have a setting that feels small too. Believe it or not, the rug is a fantastic element of the room that has the potential to ground the area and even create a focal point. It is essential to scale it well with the premises so that you avoid the ‘bathmat’ feel.
  • Furniture is up against the wall – most interior designers have a pet peeve with furniture pieces being put up against the wall. The main problem with this is creating too much of dead space in the central part of the room, which cannot be adequately utilised. Sometimes it is tempting to push everything against the wall, but that is hardly a good idea.
  • Furniture arrangement disrupts navigation – navigating your room is very important, so the furniture arrangement needs to accommodate this. The primary way to fix this is to aim for an easy plan right from the start. Often times the problem of disrupted flow is present when the furniture plan was rather careless, to begin with. Regardless of what style you are going for, the arrangement should reflect this.
  • Wrong furniture scaling – furniture dimensions are always very important. You need to consider the size of the room and then scale furniture accordingly. For example, if you have a small living room, you can go with a loveseat instead of a large couch. This will contribute to a cohesive feel in the place.
  • Height clearance – you should quickly learn how important it is for a table and dining chairs to have the proper arm height and leg clearance. If your room is lacking in that aspect, you will often hear the screeching of furniture parts being scratched together. This will damage your furniture, not within long.

Now that you know more about the common furniture mistakes in the room, you can better avoid them.



If you wish to find out more about interior design, Elnaz Namaki Studio is a fount of knowledge just waiting for you to explore it.


© Elnaz Namaki Studio

Source: www.elnaznamaki.com
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text 2019-01-07 11:04
Professional interior designers in Delhi at your service



Whether you own residential property or commercial property, you can elevate the look of the entire space with smart changes and minimal investment in the same. Hire expert interior designers in Delhi for interior designing, vastu consultancy, and furniture designing. The professionals at R N K Interiors have the technical knowledge as well as expertise in the industry and they will keep you at the forefront when offering solutions to transform your space. One of the top interior design companies in India, R N K Interiors believe that the interiors of a house are a reflection of the personal choice and quality of the owner. They will be happy to transform the space with modern elements while keeping ‘old is gold’ in their mind.


Whether you have purchased a new home or office space or simply want to renovate the current space, all you need to do is contact the professionals at R N K Interiors and speak to them about your requirements. They will be happy to help you throughout the process and will offer affordable solutions for the same. The top office interior designers in Delhi have catered to a number of clients over the years and have built a strong portfolio. They strive for customer satisfaction and will always deliver on time. They leave no stone unturned in order to ensure that space, however, small or large it may be, is exactly the way you wanted it to be.

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text 2018-11-30 06:32
The Importance of Interior Design in Hotel Industry

Interior design is not just about creating the beautiful space, it provides a soul to a building or space. It makes the space more functional and pleasant. Hotel interior design is extremely important as it attracts the guests and it can also create a positive experience to the guests. It enhances the look of the hotel. So hire the best hotel interior design companies in Dubai that can positively affect your business.

When you implement the best interior design, it is necessary for you to find the balance between the visual appeal and the necessary amenities. You can add an amazing theme, colour, texture and the lighting because the first impression is extremely important. Make sure that the necessary amenities of the hotel must be functional and easy to use. Hire the top 10 interior design companies in Dubai to create the perfect interior for the hotel.


Sometimes interior design can be a bit costly but it is a great investment for the growth of your business. The process of hotel interior design can attract more customers to your hotel. It makes the guest feel comfortable and happy as they can enjoy their stay. The design must be aesthetically appealing and if hotel functionality and the visual theme is attractive than more guests will visit your hotel. It can increase customer satisfaction and comprehensive planning is very imminent because it should be according to your budget. Interior of the hotel can leave the lasting impression the guests. Top 10 interior design companies in Dubai provide you with the best interior design for your hotel at an affordable price.


The lobby of the hotel should be visually appealing and most importantly that it should be versatile because eye-catching decor can attract the customers. Looby is the most important part of the hotel so it is necessary that the guests spend more quality time in the lobby. Interior designers should make sure that they use different colours and textures more than the patterns. Choose the design and patterns accordingly like the guest room should have a pleasing color scheme which can provide rest and comfort to the people.


Also Read: Essential Elements to Remember in Hotel Interior Design


We can consider that the interior plays a very important for the hotel industry because the first impression is very important. Customers tend to judge the hotel on the basis of the interior. If the guest does not feel comfortable with the overall interior of the hotel then they would not prefer that hotel to stay. The look of furniture should be attractive and the atmosphere should be welcoming. If you want to create the perfect interior design then hire one of the best hotel interior design companies in Dubai.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts

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text 2018-10-31 05:26
Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Pergola for Your Garden

What a perfect start of the day seems like? Well, for most of us it is having a cup of joe in a lush green garden under a pergola. Sounds like a real luxury, isn't it? If you’re deprived of this happiness, then buy a wooden pergola in Dubai and make your garden look uber attractive like never before. In the hustle-bustle of everyday life, we've somewhat forgotten to spend a quality time with our loved ones after enduring a tiring day at work. We all need that one place where we can unwind, relax, share laughter and get immersed in interesting conversations with the ones dear to us.

Pergola is a wonderful addition to your outdoors which helps you create a beautiful gathering point to enjoy with your friends and family. To suit your needs and preferences, get your mitts on a meticulously designed piece from the best pergola manufacturers in Dubai. However, before making a choice you need to keep certain things in mind which are mentioned below:


  • The design of your pergola should enhance the look of your garden so that it becomes your favorite hangout spot when you wish to experience some solace and tranquillity after dragging your ass in the office. A pergola enriches your open space by adding value and beauty to it. Therefore, make sure it’s designed in such a way that it protects people sitting under it from the sunlight, extreme winds, and torrential rains.
  • If you are clueless about the material that you should choose for a pergola, then you better seek suggestions from the top pergola manufacturers in Dubai. Well, wood has always been touted as the most suitable material to built pergolas. It not only makes the product that lasts a lifetime but also gives a luxurious touch to it. Other materials can be vinyl and aluminium which also look great if installed in the right manner.
  • The size of pergola can be decided after considering how much area or yard you can dedicate to it. Make sure you buy a wooden pergola in Dubai from someone who can guide you effectively on its size and design. Never ignore your budget and always make the purchase within your financial limit.
  • Many people fail to consider one point when it comes to getting pergola installed and that is notching. If you want your product to stay for a long time, then it has to be fully notched for greater wind resistance strength. Moreover, it ensures that the complete structure is fortified and all the timbers stand straight over the decades.
  • Pergolas come in different shapes, such as round, square, and rectangle. Round shapes might entice you the most, but they are comparatively expensive and difficult to install than square and rectangle.
  • If you’re planning to go for a custom-designed pergola, then get it done by a good pergola manufacturer in Dubai so that you don’t have to regret later. The benefit of choosing a reliable manufacturer is that you will be given a product warranty, plus you will get a good service for future as there might arise the need for replacement parts.


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Remember these points and you are good to install a pergola for your lovely garden. Once it’s ready, don’t forget to call your friends for a house party and simply chill!


More Info: S3tkoncepts

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