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text 2022-04-07 13:45
Cool Ideas To Maximize Your Home Office Space

When it comes to converting your home’s interiors into an office, a number of things require your attention. From choosing the right space, remodeling or renovating it, to choosing appropriate furniture, storage, bookshelves, or lighting, you need to decide a lot of things. While some people choose to hire interior fit out companies in Dubai to get the remodeling done, others like to give their own creativity a try. If you’re among the latter category, the following ideas will help you design or maximize your home office space. So let’s not do any delay and quickly jump on the subsequent section.

Cool Ideas To Maximize Your Home Office Space

A Small Lounge
Having a small lounge space in your office gives you some space to move around whenever you feel like it. Be it a break time or a call from a friend, you can simply shift to the comfy lounge chair or couch within seconds. Not just that, if you have a visitor, he/she can use that to wait for your attendance or talk to chat with you in your room. A side table, some good lighting, and a soft rug would complete the side lounge purpose.

An Extensive Window
If you could extend your window size from ceiling to floor, it would be the best. Why? You cannot always keep staring at a blank wall when you're working. So get some sunlight, look at the birds, and sky, and get interesting glimpses of the outside to rejuvenate yourself every now and then.

Wall Colors
Another interesting idea is to color your home office walls with your favorite colors. Don’t go for light or muted colors they don’t excite you. Rather prefer those that set your mood and give you positive vibes to make your day going. You can also learn considerably about the color theory and then choose a suitable color for your office. It is always good to know about things before you incorporate them into your life.

Custom-Made Shelves/Storage
When there will be an office, there definitely be some shelves. Obviously, you wouldn’t like to end up cluttering your desk with all the things. Planning about what should stay on the desk and what on the shelf should be your priority. You can also opt for custom-made shelves, wherein you can keep a variety of things, besides documents, stationery or books, if you’re an avid reader. These shelves are quite functional and you can get them designed and manufactured as per your needs.

Personal Traces
Since it will be your office, it should truly feel yours. You can do this by inserting personal touches into your office space. Add elements that can speak about your work, your personality, and of course achievements. Decorate the walls with your educational achievements, badges, certificates, and awards. Besides, you can also hang framed inspirational thoughts, photo frames, houseplants, wastebaskets, a whiteboard, etc. to keep up with the utilities.

S3T Koncepts is among the leading interior design companies in UAE. Our team of expert interior designers is up and running to provide clients with the best fit out solutions while keeping pace with the latest trends. Send your inquiries now.


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text 2019-07-11 09:04
How to Design a Calm and Fun Space for Kids?


Designing a home can be the most wonderful and adventurous journey. You get the chance to turn a place surrounded with walls into a home where people feel secure, comfortable and happy. However, while working on a designing project, one hurdle that most interior design companies in Dubai face is creating a cosy and impressive kids room. We all know how moody and stubborn children can get. You can have a hard time pleasing them and giving them what they want. So, we have come up with a few basic tips that might assist you with this struggle:

Add graphics

Graphics add colours and excitement to the room which intrigues kids and boosts their imagination. You can select different graphics, wallpapers or simply paint the designs with a brush, depending on your budget. Try to get creative with the designs and come up with something unique and attractive as kids are difficult to please. You can give a specific setting to the room keeping the taste and preference of your clients in mind. Make sure that it has a cheerful and fun theme, including the child’s favorite cartoons and motifs but not that they are bored of within a year or two.

Colour it up

According to a survey done with top 10 interior design companies in Dubai, neutral colours are most successful when it comes to designing kids room. As kids grow, their taste and preferences change and repainting the rooms every time can be a hassle. Neutral shades are timeless and long-lasting and are preferred by the kids of all age. However, you can also go for bright and peppy colours to give the space a youthful look. The walls, floors, rugs, bedspreads should be brightened up which also keep the mood light and pleasing.

Use toys as decoratives

You are designing for a kid who loves to play with toys and want to be surrounded by his favourite things. You cannot use those sophisticated and delicate showpieces to decorate the room. It will be a waste of time, money and effort. So, the best solution is to use the toys to fill the shelves and decorate it. When a child sees his belongings and things that he likes in his room, it obviously gives him a sense of belonging and he tends to become more responsible for his toys.

Get smart with storage

Another point that we would like to share with interior design companies in Dubai is to get creative with storage. There is no denying the fact that kids have a lot to store, including toys, books, clothes, shoes, and whatnot. You cannot fill their room with cupboards and cabinets. It has to be spacious where they can move freely. So, show your creativity and make the space appealing by using sleek and movable storage carts. You can also use chests and baskets or place beds with shelves and drawers where you can keep the toys and books. This will not only make the space clutter-free but will also save money.

Add symmetry

We know that no symmetry can make the rooms fun and interesting, especially when we talk about kids room. However, symmetry can be a funny element if used wisely and smartly. It eliminated distractions and make it easy to interpret things. It also pulls everything together, making it calm and quiet. Even when the room is too messy or chaotic, it will feel pleasing and less messy.

These were some important points that we concluded after studying and interacting with top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Hopefully, they will guide you through your coming projects and you will deliver a successful work to your clients.


For more info, visit:http://s3tkoncepts.com/

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text 2019-06-26 14:23
3 Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Library at Home

As we grow and get wiser with time, we understand that investment made in books will help us get better and brighter than anything else. That’s why the book lover in us fantasizes more over getting a nice, cozy, and personal library at home then a bedroom. But not all of us are fortunate enough to own a house like Biltmore Estate in Asheville, and neither have the funds to build and design as grand of a library that the mansion houses. That certainly doesn't mean we can’t have a reading corner of our own, that could harbor all are leisure delights at once, and provide us the silence and surroundings to have some reading time of our own.

Interior fit out companies in Dubai are getting more and orders nowadays, asking them to build a library for spaces of all shapes and sizes. As these spaces of study are highly personal, their design becomes a function of our taste. That means there is “No size fits all” kind of thing when building a library at your home. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you design a library at your place to suit your signature and style.

1. Work on the Display

Even if you have a million books with you, you can stack them in cartons, and save space and time spent on the library. You can always pull out one and get done with it.

So what’s the difference between keeping books on the shelf and hoarding them together in a box? The display. The joy of seeing your Shakespeare sitting next to Murakami, that seems to depend on Kafka for support is next to nothing. That’s why it’s necessary that you set your bookshelves in a corner that has ample space for the purpose. You can take inspiration from office fit solutions in Dubai, that choose to fix bookshelves inside or near the fun- zone of an office.

2. Get the Lighting Right

“When the night has come, and the land is dark..”, then the Moon can’t be your light in case of your personal library. There is no point in making it dark and sexy, just to get the feel of Sherlock sitting in his library with his mind racing to solve a crime scene. Interior fit out companies in Dubai advise getting nice table LED lamps, as they produce more light and less heat, as compared to old bulb-based lamps. You can also do some of those lifestyle store ascent lightings to make your bookshelves look no less than a celebrity in their own right.

3. Optimise Your Space

You won’t be left with much space once you get those bookshelves in. So plan accordingly. Don’t forget that you have to get at least two chairs, a three-seater couch, and a table to qualify your library for one with the right sitting arrangement.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts

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text 2019-06-19 06:27
3 Factors LifeStyle Stores Fail to Consider when Designing their Interiors

Lifestyle stores are meeting with more and more challenges everyday as online stores continue to steal their customers one click at a time. Ease of shopping, a large number of products and types, free shipping, etc. can be stated as the reasons why brick-and-mortar stores shut down is increasing with every passing day. In-store experience, as retail experts put it, is the only thing standing between stores and their total closure. If curated well, in-store experience can well be the redemption that store owners and managers continue to seek in a market dominated by eCommerce giants. And when it comes to that, nothing can be a better fit than getting the interior design of your store right, according to joinery companies in Dubai. But interior designing for a store is not just about filling its space with heart throbbing designs that entice your customers the moment they step in. Because designs can make your customers happy, but they won’t sell much if they are not practical. Space optimisation is something that many fail to consider when getting done with their interiors. To shed some more light on this subject, let us have a look at 3 factors that many lifestyle stores fail to consider when designing their interiors.


1. Product Placements


Studies show that there is a direct relationship between customers’ mood and the product prices at the display. That’s why it's wise to display products with low prices around the entrance of your store, and expensive ones at the back. With every passing minute, your visitors would become more comfortable with the ambiance of your store, and will soon be ready to make their minds for hefty purchase.


2. Seating Arrangements


Retail fit out Dubai has much been about servicing customers, rather than to make a store look beautiful, which is, of course, priority number two. Your customers took the pain of driving half-way through the city to shop at your store, so now it’s your responsibility to first make them comfortable before you let them go loose on a shopping spree. Not only will it rejuvenate them, but would also hand them a chance to cast their eyes over most of your products, so it's a win-win for both parties with only a small investment.


3. Counter Space


So it’s the time for checkout as your customers are about to leave you, but not before they provide you with another opportunity to make a lasting impact upon them. If you have been a good salesman for most of your customer’s stay, then they definitely would be having enough bags to make them uncomfortable. An optimized counter space would have two characteristics. First, enough space where they can park their bags while they search for their card or cash for payment. And second, some small items put at a display to make some last time sale.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts

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text 2019-06-12 07:11
3 Colour Rules That Every Interior Designer Must Know

Interior designing is a hobby for some while it's their passion for others. There are people who love to design the homes and other spaces and help their friends and family members get their interior right. However, there are also many individuals who earn their living by designing the nooks and corners of different places. Whatever the case may be, the most difficult part is to decide the colours and shades of the interiors right.



People spend days and weeks working and discussing the hues of the walls, sofas, furniture but still fail to reach a conclusion. In fact, leading interior design companies in Dubai also face this challenge while working with clients. So, today we decided to come up with some helpful tips that have been recommended by top 10 interior design companies in Dubai. Take a read:


1. Complementary colours

Let’s start with the simplest scheme which is using contrast colours in interiors. No matter if you are working on a home, office, or hotel, contrast colours are the perfect pick for all the spaces. It includes two shades that are completely opposite to each other. You must have heard of colour wheels, the two colours that are opposite to each other make a contrast combination. The one is dominant while other is an accent, for example, red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. This scheme ensures extra vibrancy and enhances the designs more. Remember to include neutrals with this scheme to give a rest to your eyes from overwhelming shades.


2. 60-30-10 rule

Every professional interior designer is familiar with this concept and used it most of the times. Irrespective of the look that you want to give or personal taste, this scheme can ensure balance and elegance in your designs. It involves three shades which are used in 60, 30 and 10 per cent. The first is the dominant shade which is your main colour and consumes 60% of the room. You use it on the floor, walls, furniture, curtains and windows. It may not be solid hue but must be prominent and grab attention at once. Next is the secondary colour that represents 30% of the design. It is bolder but never competes for the attention. It must be in contrast with the main shade and create an interesting element along with depth in decor. Last is the shade that is ⅓ of the secondary and ⅙ of the primary. This one is the boldest and covers 10% of the room design. Known as an accent colour, it catches your eye to deeper designs.


3. Warn and cool shades

Although there is no standard definition of warm and cool colour, they are identified by their placement on the colour wheel. These shades have a great influence on the energy of the space that you design and that is why considered significant by credible and authentic interior design companies in Dubai. Warm hues, such as red, orange and yellow are vibrant and add intimacy and liveliness to the rooms. As they are welcoming and upbeat, prefer using them in living, dining rooms or kitchen. Moving on to cool shades, such as blue, green or purple give relaxing and calm down feel to space. They are perfect for bedrooms and offices where you need calm energy. Moreover, you also need to consider the size of rooms while selecting these shades as warm colours in a small space can make it look congested and claustrophobic.


We hope that these tips of top interior design companies in Dubai will be beneficial for you in your future projects. For more tips and trick, stay tuned to us.


For more info, Visit: S3tkoncepts


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