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review 2019-04-23 19:13
Shade by Jamie Begley
Shade - Jamie Begley

About 70% of this book is a retelling of Shade's Fall but this time through Shade's eyes. Only the last 30% is new material and tells what happened to our main characters next.


To my surprise I wasn't bored at all although I knew the story. Sure, at times I was shocked because Shade was even bigger horndog then I imagined. In previous book Lily saw only one part of Shade but in this book the reader has quite a clear picture how Shade spent his days and nights. There was a moment I planned dnfing the book but  a friend of mine convinced me to continue. She was right. I liked how main characters' relationship evolved  and Shade redeemed himself putting Lily's needs first. He was also so patient and when they were together Shade never looked at another woman again. So, finally I had warm feeling inside and a happy smile on my face

And then author had  to spoil everything writing the last epilogue. Yes, the book has two of those and the last one destroyed me. How could Jamie Begley torture her characters like that? After all they went through. How? Why?


My advise to you: Don't read the second one! Unless you want to cry a lot then go ahead.


If you want to finish with a positive note, read only the first epilogue and pretend the second one does not exist.

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review 2019-04-19 21:49
Fat Louise by Jamie Begley
Fat Louise (Biker Bitches Book 2) - Jamie Begley

I didn't like Cade, he was such a jerk, but Jane impressed me. She actually threw a grenade to blow up the bad guys. The story went downhill after they got back from Mexico. It felt like part of the book was missing. I wanted Jane's point of view and instead there was this stupid time jump. 

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review 2019-04-19 20:56
Cash's Fight by Jamie Begley
Cash's Fight - Jamie Begley

I was a bit disappointed because I hoped this book would be the beginning of a longer story arc.
And Cash also behaved like a jerk. He didn't turn out to be the hero I expected him to be. 
Rachel was wonderful as always and her gift was amazing.

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review 2019-04-19 19:40
King by Jamie Begley
King - Jamie Begley

I'm a little upset and not because of the book (I actually liked the story) but because of the opinions I read on the net. It seems that some people just decided that Evie was a ... (I'm not going to type that word) and didn't deserve her happily ever after. Their main reason seemed to be that Evie slept with Shade and now was after King. Well, maybe you should have read the book before making up your mind. Or at least avoided the name calling when you decided you didn't care about the characters and therefore wouldn't read the book.
I've liked Evie from the start and I actually don't care who she slept with. They were adults and knew what they did. I liked her because she was loyal and a good friend (she actually regretted the incident with Beth and never repeated her mistake). I also liked how her character developed throughout the story.
Still, I give it only three stars because King was so out of his element. This book also didn't have that warm community feeling The Last Riders books have had. 

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review 2019-04-14 12:04
Shade's Fall by Jamie Begley
Shade's Fall - Jamie Begley

There was a moment I was planning the murder of the hero but I got over it. He was an extremely dangerous bastard, so my plan hadn't worked anyway. And he actually loved Lily and was ready to give her the world. Lily was an amazing character, such a fighter. I'm glad I finished this book.

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