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review 2019-06-08 12:54
Barbarian's Prize by Ruby Dixon
Barbarian's Prize: A SciFi Alien Romance (Ice Planet Barbarians) (Volume 6) - Ruby Dixon

So, Tiffany is one of the last unmated females and all single aliens try to impress the woman. It gets so bad that the idea of the competition is born. The winner gets the chance to escort Tiffany on her journey to the Elder's Cave (an old space ship). 
I didn't like the idea of the competition because Tiffany actually didn't want it. She had already chosen the male she liked, but because of her insecurity and events from the past she didn't have courage to say anything. So, she fooled everybody and it made me hate her. I wanted her to have some backbone and say no. I wanted her to realize that these blue aliens who took her in and fed and sheltered her were nothing like the creeps who stole her. But she just didn't get it.
The only saving grace was the hero of the story. He was amazing - the way he courted Tiffany was just sweet. And he was so patient with her. He deserved a better mate than whimpering Tiffany who couldn't open her mouth to end this foolish competition.
I also realized that with every book I like Vektal and Georgie less and less.

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review 2019-06-08 11:22
A Heart So Wild by Johanna Lindsey
A Heart So Wild - Johanna Lindsey

Well, I liked and at the same time didn't like the story. It was interesting to follow Courtney's growth as a person but the hero of the story was despicable. I didn't like his way of thinking and the way he treated Courtney was awful. He was a mean bully. 

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review 2019-04-23 19:13
Shade by Jamie Begley
Shade - Jamie Begley

About 70% of this book is a retelling of Shade's Fall but this time through Shade's eyes. Only the last 30% is new material and tells what happened to our main characters next.


To my surprise I wasn't bored at all although I knew the story. Sure, at times I was shocked because Shade was even bigger horndog then I imagined. In previous book Lily saw only one part of Shade but in this book the reader has quite a clear picture how Shade spent his days and nights. There was a moment I planned dnfing the book but  a friend of mine convinced me to continue. She was right. I liked how main characters' relationship evolved  and Shade redeemed himself putting Lily's needs first. He was also so patient and when they were together Shade never looked at another woman again. So, finally I had warm feeling inside and a happy smile on my face

And then author had  to spoil everything writing the last epilogue. Yes, the book has two of those and the last one destroyed me. How could Jamie Begley torture her characters like that? After all they went through. How? Why?


My advise to you: Don't read the second one! Unless you want to cry a lot then go ahead.


If you want to finish with a positive note, read only the first epilogue and pretend the second one does not exist.

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review 2019-04-23 18:45
Loving Deviant by Laurann Dohner
Loving Deviant (Cyborg Seduction) (Volume 9) - Laurann Dohner

I'm sad to say, but - too much sex and not enough story. :(

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review 2019-04-19 21:44
Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward
Lover Unleashed - J. R. Ward

More like 3.75 stars. Some things really bothered me, like how brotherhood played with Manello's brain and how Butch was forced into a specific situation. Sure, he was a great friend but was it fair to force him as your friend to do something he actually didn't want to do. 
It also felt like a fill the hole book because Payne and Manello's story wasn't very important. There were so many other storylines that their romance took a backseat almost through the whole book.

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