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review 2014-06-19 17:56
Review: Crush Control
Crush Control - Jennifer Jabaley

Since reading The Lipstick Apology, I thought I give her second novel a try. I had a delightful time reading this story and enjoying the characters find love.

Plot: This is about a girl who leaves her childhood friend behind after she has to move. But before she moves, she hypnotizes him into being her friend forever. Years later, she is moving back into town and in log with him. Problem? He just wants to be friends. I really love the idea of story. Two friends staying friends over years and falling in love. The little aspect of hypnotizing him and others around her, give the story a bit of supernatural drama.

Friendship: If you love friendships that carry history and develop over time, than this is the story for you. The friendships had its up and downs.When developing into love, they both dance around their feelings. They fought and dated other people just to make the other person jealous. Of course when you use others its bound to came back to you.

Hypnotizes: I never read a book that has hypnotizing in it. I have to admit that this is a very interesting aspect of the book. At first, Willow uses hypnotizing to help others, soon she started to use it for her own use. Things got crazy with the hypnotizing went to far. It’s a good thing that Willow has an amazing mother who was there for it all.

Overall, this is great story of finding love where it was all along. Crush Control is sure to please the reader with a developing love that is amazing.

Source: www.booskwithbite.net
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review 2012-11-01 00:00
Lipstick Apology - Jennifer Jabaley See more of my review sooner on The YA Kitten!This started out as the typical dead-parents book with an extra helping of cheese and a love triangle. It quickly turned into a shallow mess rife with personally offensive slut-shaming and bereft of any sort of driving force to make readers reach the end of the novel. I would sooner throw this novel in a lake than read another page of it. That's how much it offended me.The kindest thing that I can say is what I stated above: that this is a typical dead-parents novel. Emily is hurting, her new guardian is doing the best she can, Emily has to make new friends and adjust to a new world, she's falling in love,... Blah. It quickly falls into the pitfalls of insta-love and letting the romance take over the novel when it should be about Emily moving on from her parents' deaths. Worse, this comes with a love triangle too. Trope city!All of the characters are one-dimensional and shallow. Emily is concerned about stupid things I think she'd be beyond after losing her parents (I sure wouldn't care about what I looked like after my parents died in a horrific plane crash) and her two friends are irritating. Carly exists to deliver an anvilicious message and the whole story arc involving her made me roll my eyes. The love interests were blah, the adults were blah, the side characters were blah... I think you know where I'm going.Everything beyond that is vile. Slut-shaming is everywhere in this novel, both implicit and explicit. The cocktail waitress, the secretary, the restaurant waitress, and more people than I am willing to go back and count are called sluts, trashy, whores, tramps, and too many other synonyms. For what? For doing something someone doesn't like or having a specific body type. At one point, a girl is described only by her DD boobs, how easy she is, and how she needs a home ec tutor as if all three of those are factors in why she's such a slut.This whole paragraph is TMI city right here, but I happen to have DD breasts and this book acting like this makes someone a slut brought back debilitating memories of all the harassment I've received because of the body type I was born with and didn't get to choose. A body type doesn't make a person a slut. NOTHING makes a person a slut. Got it? At that point, Lipstick Apology was very lucky I didn't toss it in a trash can or drown it. I was determined to finish this book to see if anyone learned that slut-shaming is wrong, but I finished it and no one ever did. None of it plays a role in anyone's character development or in the story itself, so the author has no excuse for including any of it. No one would have called it unrealistic if there was no slut-shaming.They even threw in some victim blaming! Emily is blamed for putting herself in that situation when, after she takes a pain pill for her jaw, her boyfriend Owen serves her some alcoholic drinks that she didn't know were alcoholic. She never expected to be drinking alcohol either. A bad reaction of the alcohol and the medicine ensues. Instead of riding Emily about "putting herself in that situation," someone should be kicking Owen in the nuts for PUTTING her in that situation and serving her alcohol without telling her.Jabaley's second novel Crush Control is in my possession as well, but I will never be reading it. I refuse to read anymore books by an author who has a character act like a girl's specific body type is part of what makes her a tramp without anyone objecting to that slut-shaming and the sheer fallacious nature of such a statement.
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review 2012-08-04 00:00
Lipstick Apology - Jennifer Jabaley Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.Warning: My reading of this book was spaced out throughout the last three weeks, and in-between Pretty Amy and My Life Next Door, so some of the details of this book are pretty hazy.I enjoyed this book, but at times it seemed like the story was moving so slow that I just couldn't take it for very long. Emily's parents died in a plane crash, left a phantom apology, and Emily waited til' the last half of the book to even try and figure out what her mother's apology was about. Epic bravery there Em, epic.So, while the first half of the book is spent with Emily wallowing in her own self-pity, and having anger management issues, the second half is spent with Emily trying to figure out why her mother wants her to forgive her. Not that I don't approve, it just seems like she waited an awful long time. It seems like you'd be on it immediately, but no, Emily had to wait four months, and for someone to tell her that she was an idiot for not trying to figure out what it was all about.Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?Moving on. Emily has got to be the most illogical, weird, self-pitying character to ever walk the planet earth. NOT an exaggeration. On the other hand, I loved Anthony. He seemed so sweet, and nice, and he's the one that told Emily that she was being an epic idiot by not searching for the reason why. All in all, I'd say it kept me entertained, but it had a bunch of problems. Aka: My little annoyances.♠♠♠Favorite Quote:Everything was so fresh, every detail available for scrutiny. You think it'll be that way forever--but here's the thing--life just keeps going. People are forgotten, and details get fuzzy. You have to work really hard to both let go and hold on.
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review 2012-03-08 00:00
Crush Control - Jennifer Jabaley This book is so wonderful that it literally kept me awake all night reading. I love how it is funny, romantic and touching at the same time. There are parts that make me cry and parts that make me laugh so hard...
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review 2011-09-28 00:00
Crush Control
Crush Control - Jennifer Jabaley Willow Grey and her mother, a single 33 year old parent, have recently moved from Las Vegas, Nevada back to their home town of Worthington, Georgia. They had lived in Worthington until Willow was 9 years old but then relocated to Vegas. Willow's mom is a professional hypnotist who had her own show in Vegas until she decided that Willow needed a more normal home life. Willow is very excited to be reunited with her grandparents and also her life-long best friend, Max. Willow has discovered that her feelings for Max have changed from that of a friend to feelings of love. Now she is hoping to find out that he is feeling the same about her. Unfortunately, Willow soon discovers that while Max is happy to have her back, he has a steady girlfriend named Minnie. In what started out as a way to make Max jealous, Willow decides to use her knowledge of hypnosis to stand out to her new classmates. She is asked to help a popular cheerleader overcome her fear of tumbling and a very cute football player asks for help to stop his sleepwalking. While Willow has Quinton hypnotized she implants a suggestion that would make him attracted to her romantically. She also implants all the things that she thinks would make him a wonderful boyfriend.....treating her special, pampering and showering her with romance, see her as sexy and alluring but chivalrous and never pressuring her in any way, treating her like a goddess of love. The results are dramatic and as their relationship grows it takes unexpected twists and turns. Willow is left to decide if having the "best boyfriend" is better than having someone who truly cares for you. She also discovers that actions can have dramatic and perhaps tragic results. In the end she must decide who she really is and what she really wants from her life.My thoughts:If you are someone who enjoys movies like 27 Dresses, The Proposal, etc where people go to ridiculous lengths to do what they are doing then you will enjoy this book. I found it to be rather silly but I could definitely see it as one of these fluffy romantic comedies. The relationship between Willow, her mom and her grandmother was very reminiscent of the Gilmore Girls. A high society grandmother is disapproving of her daughter's life style after she gives birth at 16 but she tries to influence the granddaughter as she gets older. The things that Willow does to try to get attention are pretty juvenile. I didn't like the way some activities like having a party with parents out of town and drinking going on seemed to be taken for granted. I found it somewhat unbelievable that having grown up with hypnosis, Willow was so willing to use it with no thought to the consequences.Janeth
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