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review 2017-03-14 01:58
Review: Exorcist Falls by Jonathan Janz
Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz

Exorcist Falls continues the story of the Sweet Sixteen Killer first introduced in Janz's earlier novella Exorcist Road. I first read Exorcist Road back in 2014 and loved it so much that it made my best of 2014 list. Exorcist Road is included within Exorcist Falls and I re-read it so that the story was fresh in my mind and, I have to say, I enjoyed it just as much second time around.


Exorcist Falls was a great read and I enjoyed it, but not to the same extent that I did Exorcist Road. There are more characters in this one and I think perhaps one or two of them missed the mark for me. There were two in particular that I wasn't feeling at all, their characters felt off and seemed to be a little inconsistent throughout. I struggled with Liz in particular, her character felt like a shell and I couldn't see through the cracks to the person inside. She didn't feel solid or fleshed out enough for me to be able to connect to her. The male characters outshone her in every way.


Father Crowder is by far the most memorable character in the book, his character was well written and fleshed out. I saw into the furthest corners of his mind and I got to experience his inner thoughts and struggles. In fact, all but one of the male characters were well fleshed out, consistent, and felt like real people which is why I think I was so disappointed that Liz didn't. In a cast of mostly all male characters, she was the one that I should have been able to connect to the easiest, both as a mother and as a female.


Possession is one of my favourite topics in horror and Exorcist Falls didn't disappoint. There were many scenes that had me turning the pages desperate to know what happens next, but at the same time not wanting to because it was so visual and horrifying. The cringe factor was real with this one. You know when you're watching a horror movie and it reaches that point where you're cringing and covering your eyes, but at the same time still desperate to see what's happening? I found myself doing that during one particular scene while reading, only to remember I was reading and how ridiculous it was to cover my eyes cause now I couldn't see the words. I just couldn't help myself.


I had a lot of fun with this book and it's one I would definitely recommend. I just hope there is more to this story, especially after that ending... I need more!




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text 2017-02-22 03:33
100% done with Exorcist Falls by Jonathan Janz
Exorcist Falls: Includes the novella Exorcist Road - Jonathan Janz


Man, the cringe was real with this one. You know that point in a horror movie when you just have to cover your eyes but you are still aware of what's going on? I found myself doing that during one particular scene while reading, only to remember I was reading and how ridiculous it was to cover my eyes cause now I couldn't see the words. I just couldn't help myself lol.


Review coming soon!

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text 2016-12-30 19:47
TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2016
Behold, Darkness and Sorrow: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP-Survival Thriller (Seven Cows, Ugly and Gaunt Book 1) - Mark Goodwin
The Days of Elijah, Book One: Apocalypse: A Novel of the Great Tribulation in America - Mark Goodwin
A Song of War - Kate Quinn
Federal Underground (Penn Mitchell's Ancient Alien Saga) - Jeff Bennington
A.L.I.V.E. (The A.L.I.V.E.Series Book 1) - R.D. Brady
VALLEY OF THE KINGS: The 18th Dynasty - Terrance Coffey
The Traveler: An Event Group Thriller (Event Group Thrillers) - David Golemon
Land of Silence - Tessa Afshar
Children of the Dark - Jonathan Janz
God Against the Gods: Storytelling, Imagination and Apologetics in the Bible - Brian Godawa

While 2016 may have been a crappy year, (my father passed away), it was a great year for books and I read some really good ones. The above were some of the best, but certainly not the whole list. I really couldn't whittle it down to 10 because there were to many good ones, so the list will also have to include the following:






The Whore of Babylon by Azaria Frost

Kings of the Promised Land by Justin Gabriel


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review 2016-11-18 20:07
Children of the Dark - Jonathan Janz What an utter disappointment this horror story has proved to be! The start was lively and exciting and I had great hopes that this coming of age saga with 15 year old Will Burgess would have lots of memorable moments as our young hero and his friends coped with the sometimes traumatic experience of maturing from children to adults. Until we got to some 40% in it was all shaping up nicely, the usual teenage angst mixed with troublesome bullies and pretty "first love" girlfriends"........and then it all went wrong.... A rampaging criminal "The Moonlight Killer" had escaped and was terrorizing the locals, green eyed monsters with long pale arms (I kid you not!) were spotted and gradually commenced eating the good citizens and to add to the misery hurricane force weather was forecast! The second half of this sorry story disintegrated into a pathetic picture of green eyed monsters devouring anyone and anything that stood in their way......yawn...yawn.....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The only reason I felt the story worthy of 1 star was the unusual and unpredictable ending. So will our charismatic hero emerge from his troubled childhood, ( and in truth there were many obstacles, no father figure and a alcoholic mother) will he keep his young 5 year old sister from turning into a midday "monster" meal and will he gain the love of Mia, the girl of his dreams. As Rhett would have said..."Frankly my dear I don't give a dam*" and you may choose to disagree dear readers but for me this story was almost as bad as "Night of the Nazi Zombies".....and that's saying something.....................
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review 2016-05-06 00:30
Children of the Dark by Jonathan Janz
Children of the Dark - Jonathan Janz

There has been a few reviews about this book lately and I just happened to finally snag my own copy when the price dropped on it the other day. I am so glad I did!


I loved this book! I loved the writing, the story, the characters...just everything! A great coming of age tale that includes some very scary monsters AND a serial killer! Apparently, it is a prequel of sorts to his Savage Species series, which I read too long ago to remember, but will definitely be re-reading soon.


There isn't enough good things I can say about this book, but the 32- 5 star reviews should tell you a lot! He deserves every one of the great reviews. Great story with characters you really come to care about, (I really loved Peach), and it was hard to put down. It was gory, but you have to expect that when dealing with creatures and a serial killer. It was fast paced and sometimes heart-breaking, but a great ride!


I definitely recommend this book.


5 stars and a bloody favorite!

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