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text 2017-04-17 17:52
Booklikes-opoly Roll #2:
TOKEN (Daring the Kane Brothers) (Volume 1) - Kelly Gendron
The Unhandsome Prince - John Moore

Book #1, The Unhandsome Prince, was a DNF :(  It wasn't horrid but it was another of those of books that started off good but then wandered off down a path that wasn't interesting to me.


Previous Bank  $20.00

DNF @ 50 pgs $  1.00

New Bank        $21.00


Today's Roll:



Which lands me here:

Read a book where someone gets married, with jewelry on the cover, or where any character is a millionaire/billionaire!


I'm choosing Token because, in all honesty, this is more what I feel like reading right now and he's wearing a ring.

.Token (Daring the Kane Brothers, #1)


Can wounded hearts heal? Can they survive the past? Or will secrets end it all before love has a chance to last


Retired boxer, TOKEN KANE is comfortable on a motorcycle but little does this Irish rogue know the next Harley he picks up will give him the ride of his life. When Token is sent to retrieve Harley Redbourne for his boss, he doesn't know why. He only knows that the woman drinks too much, she's conniving, strong-willed, crazy, beautiful, and she gets his heart pumping, but she's also something else. She's in pain. Can Token keep a broken Harley at a distance or is this one ride he can't resist?

One week out of the year, on the anniversary of the death of her family, HARLEY REDBOURNE puts away her good-girl and completely let's go. Trapped in a life without love, and finally hitting rock bottom, Harley's surprised by the connection she feels to Token. Even after he kidnaps her, drags her back to California, and reveals his damaged past, she can't shake the gorgeous beast.
Can Harley continue to hide her wounded heart or has Token seen it right from the start?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Breaking the Declan Brothers Series, now brings you Daring the Kane Brothers! TOKEN is book #1 of five new shameless, sexy, and daring brothers who will get you blushing all over!

Warning ~ This book contains explicit sex scenes, graphic language, and is intended for mature audiences.

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review 2017-04-07 19:39
The Devil Crept In by Ania Ahlborn
The Devil Crept In - Ania Ahlborn

This story starts out a little slow but it’s of the slow burn variety that builds into something terrible and terrifying so I didn’t mind too much.


Stevie's best and only friend, Jude, wandered out into the woods near their home one day and never came home. No one besides Jude's mother and Stevie seem terribly upset about it. Jude was an unlikable sort, sure, but the lack of interest in finding him is a little bothersome so Stevie decides to investigate on his own. He and Jude had spent endless hours in the forest doing what boys do in the woods and came upon a creepy old house. Stevie is certain that house has something to do with Jude’s disappearance.


This story is a mishmash of many horror-ish things. It’s a coming of age tale mixed up with remnants of King’s Pet Sematary and a splattering of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it’s totally its own story. What is eventually revealed is horrifying, disturbing and very gruesome and could give you nightmares if you think about the images too much.


I enjoyed the slow unraveling of this story and watching how the origin of a nightmare begins. Stevie was an interesting kid, struggling with a disorder that makes him a target and growing up with an assholish step-dad. He’s determined to find his friend and later he’s unafraid to stir up a little trouble to get at the truth. There’s a side story that I won’t reveal that absolutely captured me where one very unlucky woman is faced with a moral dilemma like none other I’ve ever read and I felt for her. She only wanted love but she got something else entirely!


A word of warning, if you need one, there are deaths in here and many of them happen to innocent little beasts but it’s all part of this story and felt like an awful, natural progression of one of the characters.


If you like your horror gory and creepy then this one’s for you.


I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley. Thanks, Netgalley!

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review 2017-01-03 17:32
The Secret Life of Souls by Jack Ketchum & Lucky McKee
The Secret Life of Souls: A Novel - Lucky McKee,Jack Ketchum

Having read Ketchum’s work in the past and watching a few of Lucky McKee's films (May is a must-see, btw), I pretty much read this book with my heart in my throat while I waited for the ball to drop on my head and I was not at all disappointed!



This is a not a feel-good story. Don’t let that lovely cover fool you. It is a story about two terrible, self-absorbed, materialistic people who never should’ve had children. But they did. Twins in fact. Now the twins are eleven and Delia, an actress, is their beautiful little money maker. Robbie is basically ignored while their stage mom drags Delia from job to job to keep up with their luxurious lifestyle and to keep herself supplied in alcohol. Dad stays home and buys himself expensive toys. Ugh, I DESPISE these people. You will too. But you’re supposed to, so don’t feel bad about it. I sure don’t.



Delia’s only friend is her beloved dog Caity who has her own point of view. Caity is an amazing, fully fleshed out character. Their bond is super tight and extraordinary. It is also beautifully written and completely believable. Terrible things happen, as they do in a Ketchum novel, and I’m not going to spoil any of them. Just know that you will cry even if you think you’re too tough for that and when the story ends you will feel raw, as if you’ve been turned inside out and all of your nerve ending are now exposed. But you will not regret reading through the tough bits to get to the unforgettable end. Trust me on this. I loved this book. Books like this are the reason I keep reading through all of the “meh” one’s. It is absolutely deserving of all five stars. Delia and Caity will forever be in my heart. Now I’ve got to go and hug my dogs before I get all weepy again.



We are here. We together. We are not alone. This one might require Daryl.



*I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. Thanks Netgalley :)

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review 2016-11-23 19:45
Deepest Desires of a Wicked Duke by Sharon Page
Deepest Desires of a Wicked Duke - Sharon Page

I was innocently perusing Netgalley when I accidentally stumbled upon this book. Somehow I hit request and now it is mine ;)


When I drafted this review I was too lazy to look up the title and saved the file as “The Randy Duke”. Now I know I haven’t read a historical romance in a long time but I don’t remember them being anything like this one. It starts out with the hero revisiting his path to self-destruction and involves a visit to a party where he walks in on his best friend who is doing a very naughty thing to a woman’s backside.


My how things have changed while I was away reading my innocent little horror tales!



If you’ve ever wondered what those stiff upper class historical romance gentlemen get up to when they leave the fancy ballrooms, this book fills in all the blanks in vivid detail!

Hell, if I had only known I may have been reading little else. Ahem. Anyway there is a story here. Let’s see if I can find it . . .


Portia, a firmly on-the-shelf spinster, is just living her life, saving orphans and such when one day she is kidnapped, brought to a secluded island and awakes to find herself stuck in a house where a non-step orgy is about to occur. Her innocent eyes are shocked by the sights she spies but also very, very intrigued. Especially when she sees her old flame and former fiancée, The Randy Duke or Sin, as he prefers to be called, is also milling about and is as handsome as ever.


Oh my. Betcha know where this is heading?


After he broke off his engagement with Portia, the supposed love of his life, for reasons, Sin has spent the past ten years throwing orgies and indulging his darker urges. But alas, when he sees Portia again he wants what he feels he doesn’t deserve because of his oh-so-dark and tainted past. As he struggles with those feelings, he does his best to keep her safe and figure out who kidnapped her and brought her to sex island. And then someone is murdered, smothered by boobs fergodssakes, and a game of super sexy Clue begins.


I’m not going to lie, this book is not going to be to everyone’s taste but I thought it was a joy to read. I’ve always loved the game of Clue and its over the top silly characters and this book seemed to take a lot of inspiration from it. There are greedy women, callous and arrogant men, a few misguided souls, quite a few murderous intentions and there’s a lot of kinky sex going on even as people continue to DIE. I basically loved it all. But I especially loved the complicated sexual tension between Sin and Portia. There was a lot of pain there for the two to wade through and all of it Sin’s fault because he had no willpower, was very broken and had very little self-esteem when they first fell in love. I don’t know if I totally buy into their HEA but I’m okay with that because there were some genuine feelings of love behind the whole mess and I do feel like Portia was a good match for The Randy Duke and went into it with her eyes wide open and well aware of his faults.


If you’re looking for a decadent, erotic read and can suspend your disbelief about, well, about most of the things that happen here, then this one is for you!

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review 2016-10-18 19:14
Devils in Dark Houses by B.E. Scully
Devils In Dark Houses - B. E. Scully

Devils In Dark Houses is a book of short stories that are tied together because they feature the same two investigators on these mysterious cases of murder and general weirdness.


The Eye That Blinds tells the tale of three college friends who are completely messing up their lives. They once had bright futures but now they’ve immersed themselves so deeply in the unreality that invades our current lives; the internet, reality tv, spyware run amok, that they’ve lost touch with the outside world and quite possibly reality. An ugly love triangle brings out the worst in all of them.


Things start out fascinating but I never become completely involved in the outcome because every character in this story was pretty dastardly and far too self-involved. I suppose that was the point though. 3 Stars


Each Castle Its King After an event happens, a couple decides to relocate to the boonies to get a fresh start. They buy an old fixer upper they call “Blood House” because, well, why wouldn’t you? Their neighbor, Old Man Crampus, advises them never, EVER to walk behind his house. All of the neighbors know better but these two are rebels and do it anyway.


This is another that started off awesomely but ultimately left me feeling vaguely disappointed. Pages go by but not a lot happens and I felt it was too long and meandering. The atmosphere is creepy done right, though. 3 Stars


Nostri A bored teen decides to spend her summer dumpster diving for discarded treasure. Why not? I spent most of my summers in a cemetery. Kids are weird (or was it just me?). Anyway, I am not one to judge. One day she meets a fellow dumpster aficionado and they become bff’s. When they find a baby in a dumpster, they decide to test a social justice talking head to see if she’ll actually stand by her commentary and DO something. This sparks a fire in them that leads them to performing increasingly dangerous and potentially murderous “tests” on public figures in the name of “Nostri” based on some old philosopher’s ideals.


The bones of this story are good and quite horrible in the best of ways but there is so much useless stuff jammed in here that I kept losing interest. The little side-stories didn’t add to the plot, they only sucked all of the tension from the story for me. 2 ½ Stars


Devil’s In Dark Houses I had to DNF this story. It has the same issues that kept me from enjoying Nostri. Side stories and flashbacks kept creeping in and boring me. I finally quit and called it a day. My tbr pile is too big for this. 



photo Im done_zpspmfxma09.gif


I can’t deny this collection held promise but I truly struggled with it. I’m thinking this one comes down to a matter of taste and I have been told mine is atrocious. Many of my friends enjoyed it for its complexity and many layered points of views/side stories but nope, it didn’t work for me.

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